Animated Spanking GIFS

Hello… here’s just a few images I found whilst Googling and playing around, I found all these from a site called Juicy Gif and I typed in “spanking” in the search box – as to the original uploaders of copyright, I have no idea but if the copyright holder comes along and shows me where these originated from… then I would be happy to credit their work.

Example, the first few are from the same person and these are computer generated… the last is from a site I know well… AAAspanking,com which was shown at Juicy Gifs with some other random watermark on it, which isn’t kinda cool, but hey ho… that’s how it goes.

sexy computer generated spanking girl girl spanking spanking gif OTK spanking spanking couple gif6 gif7

This last image (below) has been all over Tumblr too and I do think it is good, whoever made it in the first place… as I didn’t. Would be nice to credit the original creator too, I guess! This was from the “Daddy’s Ransom” film starring Jenna Jay!

spanking and strapping

Back soon with more spanking updates and wotnot! 😉

Spankings & Canings

2 contrasting punishments from 2 very different sites… the first is a recent update starring Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy – from called “Caned in the Grounds”

School policy explicitly states that students are not allowed to be unsupervised on the grounds during school hours. But Alex has a bad habit of excusing herself to go to the toilet and instead sneaking off into a secluded corner behind an outbuilding for some private time. She likes the fresh air and she very much likes having a chance to slip her hand into her cotton school knickers and play with herself. Today, she really needed a chance to release some tension as she sat in class.

    spanking and caning spanking and caning 

While monitoring to make sure that no students were out-of-bounds, Mr Kennedy heard unusual noises coming from a far corner of the property and went to investigate. There, he found Alex leaned up against the building with her head thrown back as she moaned in pleasure. He was unimpressed with this behavior, which he thought entirely unsuitable for a girl from a school with such a good reputation!

spanking and caning spanking and caning

Unfortunately for Alex, he was patrolling with his cane in hand and, since Alex felt that this spot was a private enough location to touch herself, he deemed it private enough to thrash her on the spot, giving her a hard caning before marching her back to school in disgrace.

spanking and caning

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Northern Spanking


The 2nd update is from and stars Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae… these 2 are extremely naughty together… as you’ll see!

Close Friends – with Adriana Evans & Mandie Rae


Adriana and Mandie had been out for the night. Upon their return home, the two close friends wanted to be even closer and started to explore each other’s bodies. Unexpectedly, Adriana’s husband returned home and found the two in their passionate embrace. He demanded that, as punishment, Adriana give her little friend a hard spanking. If Mandie were to refuse, her father, The Reverend Rae, would get a call. Mandie went over her friends lap as Dominic watched with great satisfaction.

02 03 04northernnorth

After Mandie’s punishment was over, Dominic now commanded that his young spouse go over the reverend’s daughter’s lap for her spanking. As with Adriana, Mandie was at first reluctant to hurt her friend. After the threat of another spanking by him, Mandie took the task with alacrity and found she liked spanking her friend. Once the spankings were over, Dominic placed both girls in the corner with their bare bottoms on display. What he hadn’t counted on was that the sexual desire between the girls had only been heightened from the experience.

05 06 07 1009 11 12 13 14See the full movie only from

Punished brats

Villa de Bootie – Film Spanking Review

Here is a dilemma – what would you do to 2 very naughty girls that would not behave or take your advice? Check out what Kyle Johnson had to face in this latest new film out now from when he had the task of spanking precocious, gorgeous Casey Calvert & Amy Faye. It was a tough job, but someone *had* to do it!


OTK spanking

Kyle Johnson invites his two best friends, Amy and Casey, to keep him company in his uncle’s stunning mansion, in return for helping him keep it in order. But naturally, the girls let Kyle down. He had given them fair warning of what would happen, so they are not surprised when they are told they will both be spanked. The chief instigator of mischief is beautiful Casey, who admits, under the duress of a stinging hand spanking, to borrowing money from Kyle’s wallet without permission the previous night, to finance her partying with Amy. Though firmly smacked, the unrepentant brunette aims several pointed insults at Kyle, reminding him of how she used to bully him in high school, before they were friends. Naturally, this earns Casey a much sounder punishment, during which she is made to bend over and touch her toes to present her flawless upthrust bottom for additional discipline. Next, little Amy comes in her for share of stern, over the knee spanking from Kyle, first over her skimpy pink pajama bottoms and then across her delectable bare cheeks. Amy Faye makes her Shadow Lane debut in Villa de Bootie. This extra-petite dark eyed nymph radiates adorable, girl- next-door realness as she kicks her shapely legs and wriggles on Kyle’s lap.

1 3 bare bottom spanking spanking 6 7 panties down spanking 9 casey calvert OTK spanking 11 12 13 14 Amy Faye spanking OTK 17 18

Then there is the second part outside where you can now download this in full as a member… Kyle spanks both girls on their wet bottoms which as we all know, stings even more so! Take a look at the free trailer clip as Casey is caught and spanked in front of Amy.

There are also some low res screen images to show you… this is a great summertime spanking film from

pool001 pool002 pool spankings pool003

Instead of seeing to their chores, Kyle’s naughty house guests agree to skinny dip in the gorgeous swimming pool. Taking off their clothes, they both jump in, only to be caught and scolded roundly by their host, who reminds them that security cameras around the back yard are recording their mischief for his uncle to eventually see. The girls don’t seem to care and defy Kyle when he orders them out of the pool. So in he jumps, to swim after the brats and drag them back, one in his hand and one over his shoulder, to the edge of the pool, for more spanking. First Amy’s wet bottom is soundly spanked. Then Casey is told it’s her turn. Once again, Kyle has to jump in the water, chase his quarry and drag her back to the pool’s edge for a wet bottomed spanking. After both bad girls are thoroughly spanked, they are told to stand with their bottoms on display. But sticking their tongues out at Kyle earns them extra hard swats.

spanked outside

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