Spanking & Flogging Nici Dee

This is another reason some of us might want to relocate to Eastern Europe when Peter and Heidi have this precocious female submissive talent at Spanking Server just begging to be spanked. For example: Look at this amazing Czech girl, Nici Dee, she is breathtaking and takes all manner of spanking punishments including the many restraining implements and benches that are used to great effect at this site!

This is Nici Dee – you’re not likely to forget her!
Nici Dee at Spanking Server

I have a collection of higher res HQ stills of this lovely new addition, plus an action video gallery of one of her most recent films. Be sure to look out for the name Nici Dee at this site, it’s not likely that you will forget her after seeing these amazing images!

Seriously now, how could we not be impressed with Nici’s assets?

NiciDee (2) NiciDee (5) NiciDee2 (5) NiciDee2 (9)

Check out this video gallery of Nici Dee taking a flogging whilst allowing herself to be restrained over the bench. Her tight pert bare bottom got a stinging session with the leather tails as Peter flogged her until we could see those beautiful red lines on her soft unblemished skin!

vlcsnap-00002 vlcsnap-00004 vlcsnap-00007 vlcsnap-00008 vlcsnap-00009 vlcsnap-00012 vlcsnap-00013 vlcsnap-00014 vlcsnap-00015 vlcsnap-00017 vlcsnap-00018

Wow… isn’t she an intense beauty? I have some more sneak preview images of her at this site (below) getting spanked and punished for your viewing pleasure – now.

NiciDee2 (1) NiciDee2 (4) NiciDee2 (7) NiciDee2 (8)


ass spanked and cropped at spankingserver spankingserver

So… who is moving to the Czech Republic?


Northern Spanking intro for Christy Cutie

There’s a lovely new spanking update out at – The below introduction from Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy sums up just how much we all love Christy Cutie!

Introducing Christy CutieChristy Cutie & Alex Reynolds in their panties

This is what Alex & Paul had to say about Christy Cutie: She does not need much introduction, really, does she? This popular American spanking model is easily recognized with her adorable round bottom, cute curly pigtails and cheeky (loveable sassy) personality. Christy is one of our closest friends, and we are glad to have her on the site.

Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie

This is their 1st spanking story together at the site: Christy and Alex have been naughty girls, and were sent to get ready for an early bedtime and soundly spanked. We join them after their punishment when, instead of going directly to bed, the two girls inspect one anothers spanked bottoms. Alex feels that Christy has not been spanked nearly hard enough, and Christy feels the same way about Alex, so they begin to take matters into their own hands. They cannot help but explore a few other feelings that strangely seem to come along with having their adorable bottoms smacked, either. There really is no containing these two!

Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie Spanking Christy Cutie

Look forward to seeing more from Christy on the site soon! She really does live up to her name.


Northern Spanking

Young Female Prisoner Spanking Punishments features Ella Hughes getting her first taste of Solitary Confinement. This included the many spanking punishments she would endure when blessed with the presence of another person. She would soon dread the door opening as it always meant that something unpleasant was going to happen to her.


Here are a few tales of how Ella was treated on her first couple of days in “Solitary”:


Ella Hughes was sent to solitary for a few days. Solitary in the “Bars” prison for young female offenders meant that not only were they left totally isolated from all the other inmates, but they got a harsh punishment each and every day. On Ella’s first day the Governor came to spank her personally. He put her over his lap for an old fashioned OTK brat spanking as he used his hand to give her an embarrassing and humiliating discipline session.

spanking ella_sol2 otk spanking ella_sol4

On Ella’s second day Officer Zoe Page came to thrash her bare bottom with her special vintage stinging Riding Crop. She took great delight in inflicting many marks and red welts on Ella’s jiggling cheeks.

spanking with a riding crop ella_sol6 ella_sol7 ella_sol8 ella_sol9 Ella given the riding crop ella_sol11 ella_sol12


spanking and cropping

Bars and Stripes spanking site - click here

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