Military Spankings

There’s nothing like a girl in uniform, a military uniform… getting a spanking. That is one of my favorite kinks. I love cosplay with my play partners and seeing a girl in a realistic military uniform, in a surrounding I can believe will always get my attention. So it was good to see that the Army Cadet section of was being updated again. There are so many uniform sections that I understand it must be hard to keep tabs on them all… but I wanted to share with you my favorite from this sub section from late last year which I don’t think I’ve showcased on any of my other blogs… and that’s a shame as it’s a cracker! It stars tall 18 year old army cadet, Vanessa… in a 2 part spanking extravaganza called “Writing Home”.

ep19_1  ep19_3 ep19_4 ep19_5 ep19_6 ep19_7 ep19_8 ep19_10 ep19_13 ep19_14 ep19_15  ep19_2

18 year old cadet, Vanessa, is writing a letter home about how she is doing at the Academy. She mentions in the letter that in the morning she was soundly spanked by her commanding officer during inspection for having her toothbrush in the wrong place. During the spanking, he noticed that she was not wearing regulation panties, he told her to wait by her bed, bottom bare, until he had finished the inspection. She then she got a sound paddling.

ep20_2  ep20_3 ep20_4 ep20_5 ep20_7 ep20_8 ep20_10 ep20_11 ep20_12  ep20_6

In part two –  Vanessa writes home what happened to her the previous weekend. She had a day pass to go into town but she was ten minutes late returning to the Academy. Her Commanding Officer decided to give her a traditional salute birching  whilst dressed in her formal uniform she received a hard 12 stroke bare bottom Academy salute birching. This left her bottom very red and sore!

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OK…here are 2 extremes of the military – both have a fearsome reputation yet I think you’ll see one army’s recruits were a little less formal at times! “Oy!”

North Korea – The girls are blindly devoted to the cause and would probably bayonet us first rather than take an OTK spanking… still, wouldn’t you like to try in that uniform?

girlsNorth-Korea northkoreagirlsoldiers

Then there’s the hottest girls in any army uniform: Those of the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) the images below were taken from a Facebook account and the poor girls got a Disciplinary Hearing after these pics were leaked out! I’d like to think they got a spanking punishment too, LOL!

female-israeli-soldiers-2 israeli_soldiers_06 Israeli-soldiers

Such “cheeky” girls :)

St Mackenzies Girls & Teachers

This is a naughty little post about a side core fetish of mine – sexy school uniforms and the girls that wear them in a realistic institutional background. One such website that caters to this little kink of mine… and a bit of a secret to many, is St Mackenzies – this is a website that mainly features glamour models and young stunning wannabe 1st timers that are not too afraid to show off their quite amazing lithe bodies, in and out of uniform.
There is some spanking from time to time, lots of bullying… and strip tease movies with catfighting scenes  – the sort you’d expect from an all girls school when they bitch and pick on each other. This can be during detention, the classroom, or maybe outside when they are going home, or to the Dorms if they reside at the school… maybe even in Physical Ed classes! I will also showcase the fact that the female teachers are pretty damned hot too (more on that later).

You’re going to discover why Roxy looks so shocked at brunette Kayleigh! What happened?


But to start, here is the most recent update which kind of highlights what this site is about and specializes in. 3 stunning girls fight in the hallway after school hours and before you know it, their clothes are being pulled off and one girl is picked on and gets bullied by the others… it’s rather hot as you’ll see!

sa071114-3 sa071114-11 sa071114-16

This is what Headmistress MacKenzie had to say about this update:
“Kayleigh has been stirring things again by wearing her old school tie. She has been fighting in class so has been sent to my office with Roxy & Kym. As they wait outside Roxy is still enraged so starts the fight again. Soon it gets out of hand and as they pull off each other’s uniform, ending up naked, Kayleigh gets a hard slap she wasn’t expecting!”

sa071114-30 sa071114-32 sa071114-34 sa071114-59 sa071114-65 sa071114-80 sa071114-79 sa071114-82

Updates of the girls feature movies and amazing photo sets – CLICK HERE for more info


As promised, I will feature one of the many teachers… suffice to say there are spanking crossovers as some schoolgirls featured there are known spanking models as well as one of the teachers – who is better known to us as… Amelia Jane Rutherford! However, at this school, she is known as Miss du Bois. Anyway, I could easily feature Amelia (I mean Miss du Bois) but you can discover her on the site tour pages HERE – instead, I am showing you just how sexy the current Deputy Headmistress is – the sultry and alluring Miss Drogan.


Miss Drogan enjoys the feel of the cane in her hand (& it turns her on if truth be told!)


Deputy Headmistress Drogan is wearing a tight black suit over black lingerie & lace top holdups. She pretends she doesn’t notice you hiding behind the door as she slips off her suit while playing with her bamboo cane, and she secretly loves the fact you are about to see her naked as she slips off her lingerie too!

sa150713-34 sa150713-74 sa150713-116 sa150713-125 sa150713-176 sa150713-190

There are lots of POV style stories and films like this where you can imagine you are watching the girls or the naughty teachers… and they know YOU ARE WATCHING and get off to it too! I like this sort of voyeurism – see MORE HERE

Want to see Amelia as Miss du Bois? See below!