The Minamalist

A spanking movie is a spanking movie and its connection to reality is never that important, to be honest, is it? Nevertheless, there are times when spanking producers base events on some real life occurance such as this which the folks at Lupus-Spanking have produced, called “the Minimalist”. It’s a real story, picture by picture and word by word and when you see what happened, you’ll be shocked and will have a giggle as well as enjoy some fantastic punishments of 2 teen sisters.

The Strange family together…

 Katerina (left) & Renata (right) on their Recorders…


It’s the 1970’s at a prudish but otherwsie fairly normal Czech family. The father, mum, 2 daughters and their granny, a jolly, wordly lady all living under the same roof. It’s a regualr boring family with some traditional habits such as the daughters get spanked from time to time, a common thing in those rigid days. This story starts with blonde Renata coming home 4 hours late from her date, the youngest daughter endures a proper beating with a horrible wooden spoon (see below).

1girl101 1girl102 1girl103

1girl104 1girl105 1girl106

With real tears, tis teen’ bottom trembles with the biting blows of the spoon, but worse was to come as in this family if the girls are punished, they must then kneel naked on the grater, how humiliating!!!


In the 2nd part of the film, we see what happens when the elder daughter brings a rather unconventional rocker boyfriend to such an ordered, restricted and prudish family!

boyfriend1 boyfriend2 boyfriend3

Yup, he gets kicked out for his boorish yob behaviour,a total disgrace, and what happens next is that the wrath of the family is taken out on poor 19 yr old Katerina! See the FREE Preview clip from the site… it shows both Katerina’s caning and Renata’s horrible wooden spoon punishment!


So poor Katerina gets the cane as you saw in the clip and also has to kneel, sobbing and completely ashamed, onto the cheese grater as her 18 yr old sister had done previously! Check out some more pics below of this girl’s plump bottom getting a good thrashing!!!

girl201 girl202 girl203

girl204 girl205 girl206

This film, called “The Minimalist” is a classic wich members can easily download in FULL at Lupus Spanking- along with the 100s of other titles, with swift and severe punishments with realistic settings costumes, very pretty girls and of course, those hard punishments, this site is a MUSt for teen spanking erotica collectors! Check out their extensive TOUR PAGES HERE

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Daddy’s Girl Spankings #4

Like a good girl, she presents herself as instructed for her bedtime punishment!


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Carolyn Reese at Shadowlane have been known for a few sex and spanking style movies, they are all awesome pieces of work, if you are into that sort of thing. Carolyn Reese starred in a few excellent films of this genre and you will be able to see for yourself how got spanked and then fucked hard afterwards, her bottom still visibly red and a little sore… this is such a turn on and Carolyn is super sexy…


carolynreeceThis is the description that Shadow Lane have for Carolyn on their home page… explaining who she is and why they filmed her:

Leggy blonde California girl Carolyn Reese didn’t hit the adult video scene until her late twenties, but made up for lost time quickly, filming a variety of hardcore features with prominent studios.

She came to our attention through our friend and model Chelsea Pfeiffer, who had shot a number of spanking videos with Carolyn and felt she’d be a great match for Shadow Lane. We immediately cast her opposite legendary porn star and spanking enthusiast Tom Bryon, in “Paddled and Possessed” , a lovely sex and spanking video about a restless beauty and her strict life coach. One of our best selling titles ever, this video features vigorous and skillful spanking being followed by sex between two attractive people who have great chemistry.

Carolyn Reese is slender with a mouthwatering bosom, tiny waist and perfect bottom. She takes a hard spanking and excels at oral sex. Carolyn is the kind of girl that men into spanking want to have and women into spanking want to be. She’s relatable and real, while still being glamorous enough to embody a fantasy.

The action portrayed in “Paddled and Possessed” is thrillingly explicit but also warmly affectionate, making for a true couples’ video that possesses an innocent charm in spite of its x-rated content. If you’ve never seen a sex and spanking video from Shadow Lane, then this would be a wonderful title to start with!

Here is that film, with some video clips for your perusal:


Tom Byron plays a life coach who remonstrates with his client, Carolyn Reese, for doing herself out of a promotion, as well as getting fired, by pissing off her boss. Reminding Carolyn that she has signed a contract to submit to correction from her life coach whenever he decides she’s gone off course, Tom insists that she must now go over his knee for a spanking. Tom tells Carolyn that she must attempt to get her job back by humbling herself to her boss and apologizing for her arrogant behavior. But Carolyn stubbornly vows never to “kiss up” to management. Tom patiently points out the she agreed, in writing, to heed his wise counsel and paid him in advance to enforce the many clauses of their contract, all in the interest of advancing her career. Therefore, he must do his duty as he sees fit and discipline her until she begins to see what is really in her own best interest to do.


A long, sound spanking is then expertly administered, interspersed with a good paddling. In the process, Carolyn not only becomes compliant to her coach’s will, but frankly aroused by his masterful attitude. The heat of the spanking melts the beautiful blonde into a conformable lover, who yields to her disciplinarian’s skillful advances with exquisitely feminine grace and classically submissive allure.

sp03 sp08


Check out the free clip of the spanking and paddling scene from this film (below)

& then below are the sexual scenes from this wonderful film…


After Carolyn’s over the knee spanking, a highly explicit scene of lust follows, including oral sex going both ways and numerous, well exposed positions of penetration, culminating in a dazzling effusion showered over Carolyn’s rosy, upturned bottom. This is a hardcore love scene, which goes from hugs and kisses to pulsating orgasms, with everything passionate and delightful in between. Carolyn Reese is a spanking dream girl, shyly charming and tenderly responsive to both discipline and love. Light and lithe, with lusciously womanly curves, perfect legs and a superlatively spankable bottom, Carolyn is a sweet, hot, endearingly submissive fantasy come true. Tom Byron is a life long spanking enthusiast who is not only a strict and quietly irresistible dominant, but also one of the legendary cocksmen of adult video for the past two decades. Excellently well endowed and still in full command of a virility that has made him one of the world’s most sought after screen Casanovas, Tom delivers a superb performance both as a spanking top and as a lover. The sex in this film is explicitly erotic but also warmly affectionate, making for a true spanking couples video that has an innocent charm in spite of its X-rated content

sex00 sex01 sex01a

sex02 sex03


sex07 sex08 sex09

Below is a scene from the more sexual part of the movie… warning, this couple are HOT!

You can see much more of Carolyn and the many other naughty films with drop dead gorgeous spanking models like her who are not afraid to show off their most intimate feminine parts in this hot genre at the newly designed membership site:

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