Cute girls spanked in pyjammas

Seeing teen girls spanked in their pyjammas on their bed is a very sexy sight and seeing them with their pyjamma bottoms pulled down, bottom exposed and ripe for a spanking is a wonderful vision. Well, I have just found 2 such updates and they are both very alluring, the first is from Japanese spanking site Cutiespankee

spanked for being lazy

Mother has tried to wake up this lazy teeneager and eventually she is so fed up that she drags the teen out of bed! Whilst she is crying and sobbing, the girl is spanked, now if that doesn’t wake her up, nothing will!!!

jap2 jap3 jap4

jap5 jap6 jap7

Check out this special promotional clip below, a beautiful soft teen bottom, as only these pert Japanese girls possess..and sobbing, pleading in their whiny voice…what a turn on!

free movie clip


Now there is also another spanking site that has just released a double pyjamma spanking and this is at OTKspank and it stars the beautiful brat Rosaleen Young and the equally adorable Niki Flynn, 2 massive spanking stars together.

They are having a pillow fight before bedtime and make such a noise that they disturb the Dorm Mistress who is far from amused and she really gives both girls HELL! See the images below and if you check out the home page HERE you’ll get to see a FREE SAMPLE SPANKING CLIP!


pillow5 pillow7 pillow8


OTKspank has a very low price sign up of just $14.95 and some of the best long term deals online! See more at their extensive tour area and decide for yourself, there’s nothing wrong with teen spankings when it’s OTK!!!

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One thought on “Cute girls spanked in pyjammas

  1. the bulb

    the desire of most men love this type of pornography is to see these women receives a enema upside down on the legs of the mother, aunt, grandmother or another.

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