Madison Martin – from Top to Bottom

There are some girls I love seeing spanked and also give it out if they switch well and one such lovely, who is one of my faves, is Madison Martin! What’s more, I have rarely seen her cry despite taking some pretty severe tharshings over the years, but in one episode after another I get to see my dreams fulsilled… Madison giving it good to her equally stunning girlies…then in a (now rarer M/F scene) madison’s limits are broken as she is paddled to real tears – some girls need that from time to time, i guess…as you’ll discover in the 2 latest episodes from the continuing spanking soap opera from clare Fonda that is

You’ll remember that Madison helped sexy porn star Ashli Orion get her taz affairs in order with Chloeto help her fill in her Tax Return? – I particularly related to this film watching it as I had to spend most of yesterday morning with my accountant sorting out my tax issues to be filed. However, judging from my explanations, I think he finally understood my messy paperwork, thankfully no spankings were involved, or me being ordered to remove my pants in the office, I am relieved to inform you all – and hopefully Mr Taxman will also leave me be… but Madison, in the last episode confronts Chloe when she informs her that Ashli (in red) has been penalized for her improper paperwork!

Oops indeed! That’s the last thing Chloe needs – a pissed off Miss Martin beckoning you over her knee for what proves to be a very humiliating OTK spanking especially as mad bad sexy Ashli Orion (God that girl is sex on a stick, isn’t she?) gets her own back by watching goading and helping to hold down Chloe until her bottom quickly marks up and she admits it was all her fault! (Remember… it’s a spanking soap opera, so in all of this OTK and paddling mayhem, there is an ongoing story…kind of! LOL)




As you can see ashli gets it too, but, if you download the movie you’ll also get the full photoset which features far more intimate images than i’ve shown here, and of course the movie is great. Download the Episode HERE

Remember I told you about Madison’s real tears? Well I’ll show you some images but only as a guide as this is only fair that members get to really appreciate what is going on and I’d have Miss fonda on my case saying WTF are you whoring out all my stuff for free for? (etc etc) but I promise you this episode is worth every Dime you might sometimes begrudge paying, but thsi si the quality way to get the very cream of the spanking content…by all means get off to my clips and images that I carefully prepare, I like to share and incolve my readers in our fascinating little kink…but ultimately, down the line somewhere, the easiest safest route to sitting there, virtually comatose with sheers joy at watching any of these movies I often showcase on any of my blogs are to check them out inside the member areas and fully appreciate some of the spanko works of art that are going on…

& no, I haven’t taken speed balls (whatever the f*ck they are) I am well aware I am rambling inanaely now, so I’ll let the following images do all my talking. WARNING: The sight of Madison’s bared bottom and her tear stained face caused severe bonerage in my trouser department… so gentlemen, you may well experience similar issues, ladies, feel free to also loosen garments and send in your pictures for your own comfort – and my enjoyment, thank you.



Dammit, just posting those tear stained images means I gotta take a cold shower now!

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