Paid to Peep & Spank her Teen Daughter

A twisted step mother has discovered a way to make a lot of money off her daughter when she has deviased a system where dirty old men can peep at her taking a shower. This old witch is something of a disciplinarian and isn’t afraid to show her the basck of her hand if needed. This is the basic story of this movie from Lupus Spanking – but with an added twist I’ll get to.


Take a look at the images and 2 free clips from this awesome movie and see for yourself what a truly twisted film this is and the punishment of this fresh faced girl that happens twice in the film. the first set of images shows you a client peeing at her through the 2 way mirror set up , catching her on the toilet and taking a shower…this pervert is so struck with her he wants to come back again…

lup00 lup01 lup02

lup03 lup04 lup05

OK, what you see in the last 2 pics above is a spanking scene in the daughter’s bedroom as the nosey step mother has caught her masturbating, it’s a natural thing for teens to relieve themselves, but not in this household! She is mercilessly spanked and whipped, leaving some very visable marks on her bottom, something which the same client will see the next day he comes back to watch her naked in the bathroom again…and this time what he’ll see will blow him away, as this is what he really gets off on…spanking and punishing fresh faced teens like this madam. He will pay anything to get his mitts on her ass!!!

lup06 lup07 lup08

lup09 lup10 lup12

Check out the free clips below in the larger images, the first shows him watching her shower from his 2 way mirror and the second sees the poor girl punished on a lame excuse over her masturbating with this fellow taking a very active role in her bare bottom chastisement!!!

Both these free clips are in MPG format (play on WM or VLAN Players)

click here to view

click here to view her punishment

lup11 lup13 lup14

This Movie Clip is in Real Media format

As you will have seen this is a great 30 minute spanking film, with some particularly cruel spanking scenes and a twisted theme which should really appeal to you perverts out there, and remember this is just one of many similar films from established spanking producers LUPUS SPANKING


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One thought on “Paid to Peep & Spank her Teen Daughter

  1. Jackson

    What an amazing film, this fresh faced teen really does get totally abused by those that should know better, eh? Thanks for pointing this out and I am now signing up to lupus because of this one film, I want to see it all. Thanks!

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