Spanked by Grandpa!

I was bored and decided to check out some of Clare Fonda’s casting and spanking model stories site – Spanked Sweeties. Here, the girls usually recall past experiences, even if the girls aren’t hardened spankos, it’s nice to see whatever beautiful porn starlet that Clare has nabbed recall some discipline during her earlier years or recall a fantasy or just cast her for the first time over her knee and then I came across “Cali Couture” – a very well endowed porn actress, very naughty and quite stunning, sat in front of the cams telling us how she was spanked by her grandpa! I was intrigued… and so had to watch and download everything in this section of her and the result is what you see below. I have cut some of the video myself so it’s not as high quality as the original but it’s still good and the images are taken from the members area of – Seriously, if I was her Grandpa, I’d be looking for an excuse to spank that well endowed tushy!!!

Cali recalls the story of her being spanked during a vacation to Disney World!

Check out these images of the spanking she recalls when she was bratting and being pouty until Grandpa sorts her out, just like he did to her mom when she misbehaved! Grandpa is played by Clare’s cameraman (I think that’s Double Dan) – the lucky fella!!! There’s a clip at the bottom and check out cali’s wriggling, gorgeous butt and that amazing womanly heaving bosom of hers! By the beard of Zeus she’d have got it if she was over my lap, I can tell you!





The below scene is a mixture of her films where she gets it for being a brat on holiday!

This is just one of the many 100s of special films and girls recounting their fantasties, true life stories and special castings that makes one of Clare’s best loved sites

This site compliments the excellent ClareFonda Pass network (from 3 to 5 sites of your choice for far less per month with one set of codes!)

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