Spanked & thrashed with the Belt

If wanting to see Kami Robertson appear in brand new unseen movies is your thing, then check out the new spanking website which I featured very recently. I have downloaded this fine movie and knowing Kami, this is a hard movie with some good scenes of a leather belt used hard and furiously against her exposed cheeks! Check out the free clip I have made (from teen spankings tube website) below and you’ll see what I mean. If you then want to check out the quality of the actual Wmv movie then I have some screen images taken directly from the HD movie download… then decide for yourself!

The storyline description is given below (with screen images):
BROKEN GLASS: Kami is employed by the Osborne Family to clean their old house, she has been in the employ of these old school disciplinarians for some time but she sticks with it because they pay her well for her services so when she accidentally breaks a large glass she knows she’s in trouble but not as much as she thought she’d be. John is devastated that an old family heirloom is shattered in pieces and he takes it out on Kami’s perky behind! See her spanked in her sexy Maid outfit and frilly knickers but then John removes his belt and she feels the leather stinging across her bared cheeks from a severe thrashing until they are molten red and she’s in real tears!

Check out these hot images of delightful Kami Robertson
( who stars in a shed load of new films like this cracker!)






Check out more previews including this wonderful movie HERE

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