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Remembering Annabelle Vanderwood

I was checking over some of my archived content from my memberships and came across this film I hadn’t watched in a while. It was filmed in Las Vegas (you get to see the distinctive skyline from the stunning shoot location from time to time in this series of films she starred in. Annabelle was a beautiful girl that played a spoilt rich brat given into care of Ralph Marvell (or Lifestyle coach Frank Reed in this series) in the absence of her parents.

I can assure you the photosets and films of Annabelle in all the series at are amazing and she only worked with this website so take a look and if you like the look of Annabelle, then you know EXACTLY where to find more of her.





















Firm Hand Spanking

A Special Firm Hand Feature

I wanted to post something from one of my fave sites that I love being a member of… as you’ll see, the reason I like this site is because on a weekly basis, they post lots of small films with some of the most stunning girls around! The variety of girls (spankers and spankees) and also the most excellent images that always accompany the short films means there’s always a lot of things to catch up on… as this post will demonstrate when I show you what has been uploaded to the site within the past few weeks (there’s much more, so I just cherry picked my faves otherwise I’d be here all day). I will start with leggy stunner, Adrienne Black, in her latest “High Flier” series, this time punished by another stalwart of the site, flamed haired switch and possessor of one of the spankiest and most spankable bubble butts out there… Miss Alison “schwiiing” Miller!

Long-legged flight attendant Adrienne Black bends over for dishonesty


Stealing a security tape of a an earlier spanking wasn’t a wise move, as flight attendant Adrienne Black learns in High Fliers. Alison Miller has Adrienne stick out her bare bottom for 20 swats before ordering her to remove her thong for 15 more. This films also includes a “Hot Reaction Cam” for your continued viewing pleasure. View the freeview clip HERE

highfliers_m006 highfliers_m007

highfliers_m008 highfliers_m011

highfliers_m019 highfliers_m023


75 with a leather paddle for beautiful sports student Ashley Thomas


“A very stern lesson about time management and responsibility,” Patrick Bateman tells tardy Ashley Thomas in Life Coach. She nervously lies flat on a pool table for a 75-swat paddling on shorts, panties and red, bare bottom. Hot Reaction Cam, with some slow-mo replays of her jiggling thrashed butt! You can see the limited time freeview clip of this HERE

lifecoach_cd004 lifecoach_cd010

lifecoach_cd014 lifecoach_cd016

lifecoach_cd018 lifecoach_cd023


Sasha Harding’s 156 with a ping-pong bat for house party damage


Sasha Harding’s round, juicy globes jiggle and bounce as Patrick Bateman teaches her a lesson with a ping-pong paddle in Rich Brat. Having friends round to party hard earns her a red bottom after 156 swats, 120 of them on bare cheeks. That booty is sore and this rich little brat begins to learn her lesson… you can view a special freeview clip of Sasha’s punishment HERE

richbrat_d006 richbrat_d007

richbrat_d013 richbrat_d017

richbrat_d023 richbrat_d024


Finally, like Sasha featured above, there is yet another new girl and she is called Tiffany Bennett


Keeping neighbours awake with 3am parties means tears and emotion for pert Brat in the House Tiffany Bennett. Mr Reed straps her for it, but poor Tiffany is in tears before 10 licks are over. There’s another 12 to go on her panties, and she’s jumping already!










There is a brand new girl coming out this week… and my only minor bugbear with this site is the naming of the girls… do they do it to throw the competition off pace? God knows, of course it doesn’t work… but this latest girl is already very well known in the UK and has produced content for at least 3 companies that I can think of (I was going to use her myself) but as she is starting to get already over exposed in such a short time… I might well refrain from that for the moment… but she is great looking and can take a good hard spanking and I really look forward to her films coming out from Firm Hand Spanking – she is also known as Bow Jangles (but wanted to change her online name to Kissie) and of course Firm Hand have their own made up name for her (sigh, lol) which will be: “Camilla Scott”



Impossibly cute spankings

Just a couple of updates but these needed posting as Adrienne Black is back at Firm Hand Spanking and in possibly her sexiest brattiest role yet, she is spanked and paddled with a wooden spoon completely in the buff, the added bonus of this is she is spanked in front of strategically placed bathroom mirrors giving us a glimpse of her trim body and tight buttocks with 3 angles shown at once! I have a short clip below which I implore you to check out and some HQ images that members can download now! Enough of my waffle, just enjoy this amazing new update!

The final part of this movie contains a great scene of the camera following young college brat, Adrienne, back to her bedroom as you can see her sore, red jiggling cheeks – it’s a great end to this most painful of short sharp shock punishments for the beyond cute Adrienne Black!

FULL Movie & full archives of Adrienne Black available HERE


BadTushy has been updating some really HOT F/f spanking movies recently and this recent Mom/Daughter spanking is no exception as slutty Jennifer is caught red handed flirting with boys on a webcam (the beginning of the movie you get the webcam perspective!) and there’s no escape or explanation that Jennifer can make – so she is taken over the knee for a hard embarrassing spanking to teach her a lesson and when she complains that this isn’t right & “she’s too old for this shit” she’s placed over the table and her bare bottom is reddened further with more stern spanking. Jennifer is wonderfully sexy, the sort of daughter you’d be dead scared to leave out of your sight if she was under your roof… there are plenty of nasty men out there (yeah, like me) that would *love* to show them what happens when you flirt online!!!

Oh my goodness, Jennifer’s bottom really does turn a beautiful shade of red by the end of this!

You can also check out all the most recent movie updates at the extensive tour pages HERE


Finally today a couple of updates from NorthernSpanking – I was going to do a classic with Kami Robertson which I’m sure you’ll all enjoy, but when I went into the members area I see the pesky folk of Northern have been messing with me with a brand new update today starring the gorgeous Irelynn Logeen and lovers of naughty girls wearing skimpy dresses and tights/stockings (getting spanked over these first then having them and the knickers yanked down… well, you’re in for a treat with Miss Irelynn!)

But 1st… to Kami who is simply “oh so cute” in this classic, an inspiration to the title of today’s post… enough of me gushing on, please see what I mean below!  I wish I had a little “treat” like this today! (England easily beating Wales in the Euro qualifiers today doesn’t count!)

Kami presented herself to boyfriend Stephen in this movie as his “Birthday Treat” – If you haven’t seen this before then you are yourselves in for a treat as she dressed up in his favorite fantasy uniform as a nurse and allowed him to spank and caress her warmed bare bottom before allowing him to strap and crop her delicious tushy! This is NOT a punishment spanking, of course… so contains plenty of gratuitous scenes of bottom rubbing and a huge smug grin across the face of Stephen Lewis! Trouser arousal settings are, naturally, at maximum!

OK, if that wasn’t hot & cute enough from the vast NorthernSpanking archives… then the very latest update which again has lucky Mr Lewis this time paired with the adorable Irelynn Logeen who caters to gentlemen like myself who like seeing girls punished for staying out waaaaaay too late in their clubbing gear… Irelynn’s short dress, stockings and panties are no match for Stephen as he confronts her over her unavailability when he wondered where the hell she was! She’s drunk and abusive and past caring… but I think she’ll have other things on her mind in a few moments to worry about! See the 1st teaser images I have for you… members will be able to see much more of this unfold over the coming days!

Yikes! That telltale redness is creeping through her frilly knickers! Want to see more?

Have a good rest of weekend – don’t go far as I have news more updates coming and a great new blog which I aim to update daily to get the content posts up and make it a worthwhile place to visit for FemDom lovers (it’s open but I’m just finishing off the boring crap to make it look nicer, like the sidebars and stuff – as these are a pain and I’d rather make some of my own banners to make it a little more unique, something which I will be doing here soon as well… ok, I’m waffling… yadda yadda yadda!)

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