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Spanking a Sleepy Schoolgirl

The latest schoolgirl spanking punishment video from RealSpankingsInstitute.com has just been released featuring one of my favorites on the site, Kajira (or KJ)

In the classroom the requirements are very strict. Study hard, pay attention, and do well on all of your assignments or your bottom will pay the price.

Discipline is administered in the classroom on the spot, regardless of who is present. The cane, yardstick, hand, strap, and wooden paddles are used liberally. In the classroom you will witness very real punishments and see girls struggle to finish the day, sitting on the hard wood desks, with their sore and bruised bottoms.

A hard hand spanking punishment – Woken up by The Dean


The Dean finds KJ fast asleep in study hall, so he decides to wake her up with a bare bottom hand spanking. NEW at RealSpankingsInstitute.com

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Real Spankings Institute is a site featuring real discipline & corporal punishments. In addition to punishment pictures, this site also contains videos of very real spankings and discipline.


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Paddling when the chores are not done!

At the Real Spankings Institute – You better be prepared for a spanking & paddling punishment if you are a resident student and don’t do your chores on time – you can see precisely what happened to Jordyn when Miss Betty Blaze caught up with her recently at the Institute’s Laundry Room and Bathroom!

Schoolgirl OTK spanking

Betty confronted Jordyn about her laundry that was supposed to have been done earlier that morning. Jordyn had been dropping the ball on getting all of her chores done in the allotted time. So Betty took Jordyn OTK and spanked her bare bottom.

Jordyn is paddled hard on her bare sore ass

Later… Betty dragged Jordyn into the bathroom she was also supposed to have cleaned. Betty used the boudoir paddle on Jordyn’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore, to remind her to complete her chores on time.

panties down spanking schoolgirl spanking Jordyn at RSI bare bottom thrashing close up bare teen's bare bottom ass paddling leather paddle punishment Jordyn is paddled hard on her bare bottom red sore schoolgirl butt


Jordyn feels her sore red bottom

Real Spankings Institute

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Real Schoolgirl Spanking & Paddling

Sorry it has been a while since I last updated here… As I will soon explain on my other blog HERE – I have been helping with the very first Lone star Spanking Party in Houston, TX (which was a HUGE success) and I’ll be covering more on that as I can… I’m currently burned out after such an event and have found it really hard to bring myself to look at a laptop screen, preferring pooltime and doing nothing… but in the interests of you lovely readers, I have managed to get this together as I had a little “internet perving” downtime and started deciding what to write about from my current memberships (some have lapsed so I have to decide which ones to look at… this site gets my instant vote for a rebill – RealSpankingsIntitute.com

So here’s an easy start on this blog to ease myself back into the routine with one of my fave models from the RS Network  (Monica) getting a good hard F/F spankingpaddling punishment from another fave female top of mine… Betty Blaze!

Monica at Real Spankings Institute 13000_002 about to be spanked

Monica is caught in the teacher’s lounge after hours with a cell phone. Miss Betty wastes no time in applying her boudoir paddle to Monica’s bottom.

spanking painful spanking leather paddle result of the hard spanking punishment

Betty discovers the Dean has gone home for the day, and decides to call him to find out how to further proceed. She is instructed to use a cheek to cheek paddle on Monica’s bare bottom.

tearful punishment schoolgirl paddling 13001_007 thrashed with a hard paddle spanking realspankingsinstitute wooden paddle

Do not miss Monica’s latest leather and wooden paddle spanking punishment here

spanked and paddled

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