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Spanked for oversleeping


My favourite uniform niche of spanking useless and naughty air stewardesses continues to be fulfilled today with the news that there is a brand new update at – this stars a new girl, young Vanessa, who oversleeps and is caught out as you’ll see below:


europe_ep33_3 europe_ep33_4

 europe_ep33_8 europe_ep33_9

europe_ep33_10 europe_ep33_11

europe_ep33_12 europe_ep33_6


18 year old Vanessa missed her flight to Hong Kong because she overslept. Mr. Johnson went to her house and pulled her out of her bed straight over his knee for a good spanking. Then he told her to get dressed and when she was, he pulled her back over his knee and finished the spanking good and proper.

You can see MORE of this new film and the other uniform spanking movies HERE

Naughty Maids & Schoolgirls

It’s been a short while since I last advised you on the goings on over at – and there are some quite cute updates out right now featuring some very naughty and hot Dutch girls that are exclusive to this network of sites. This is by far my fave of them, I love seeing girls spanked in uniforms (hence the name of the site) and it would appear that many others do too! So as the title of this post suggests, check out the very lovely sexy French maids battling it out between them in a 2 parter which you can now see in full.

Taken from the Sexy French maid Agency section of the site:


The Mobile – part 1 stars regular favourites, Scarlett & Monique

ep6_3 ep6_4


ep6_5 ep6_6 ep6_7


ep6_8 ep6_9

Scarlett and Monique were sent out to clean an office and Monique caught Scarlett texting on her mobile instead of cleaning. Little Monique took matters into her own hands and gave Scarlett a sound OTK spanking followed by a nasty slippering using her own shoe. Then she put Scarlett in the corner for a while before they got back to work! This is one of a few special F/F films that you can see at the site!

The Mobile – part 2

ep7_3 ep7_4


ep7_5 ep7_6 ep7_7


ep7_9 ep7_10

Not long after Scarlett was spanked by Monique, she then caught Monique in the Recreation Room taking a break whilst the place was a mess. Time for revenge! She took little Monique over her knee and spanked her tight bottom thoroughly. Then Monique was bent over and she got a sound bare bottom slippering followed by humiliating cornertime.


You might also be interested to know that there was also a cracking cheergirl style movie that I have not featured (until now)… please read on! This site comes with it’s own dance school punishments section, no self respecting spanking site would dare miss out on thrashing girls in school uniforms or dressed up in such sexy dancing outfits, right? I don’t think I have met one person yet in our niche that does not enjoy the sight of a girl, half undressed… in her uniform getting a spanking she so deserves!

ep25_2 ep25_3


ep25_5 ep25_7 ep25_9


 ep25_10 ep25_11

No Slacking: Samantha joined the Rockford Cheerleading Class and Coach Johnson told Betty to teach her the routines. Samantha didn’t do her best and Betty decided to spank her. Coach caught her and he gave Samantha a sound leather paddling for not doing her best and then he paddled Betty too for spanking Samantha without his permission!

Check out these films and so much more on the extensive tour pages HERE

Schoolgirls in Trouble

I can never pass up a good hard discipline film of schoolgirls… so here is the latest double installment, available for memebrs at and it stars 2 very naughty Dutch girls, Monique and Julie… at the St Catherine’s girls School.

Below is what Headmaster Johnson had to say about the 1st part of the film… “Knicker Inspection”

Winter is upon us and the St. Catherines girls are allowed to wear black tights. Now for some girls this is an excuse to wear all sorts of non regulation knickers under their tights and that is why the Headmaster has random knicker inspections. Monique and Julie were called to the office for an inspection and they had sexy non regulation knickers on. In part one, both are bent over a chair and their bare bottoms got a sound tawsing. In part two they will be spanked and caned. 



ep69_8 ep69_9

ep69_10 ep69_12


In part 2… he continues: “After some lengthy cornertime the two girls were taken over the Headmaster’s knee for a good bare bottom spanking. Then he gave them both six of the best of the cane on their already stinging sore bottoms. They left the office regretting putting on those non regulation knickers under their winter tights.”

ep70_1 ep70_2

ep70_4 ep70_5

ep70_6 ep70_7


ep70_11 ep70_12


See the full schoolgirl punishment HERE


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