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Friday Fun!

You might have heard that I had been having some issues on one of my other blogs (SpankingBlogg) but the server transfer seems complete – I did a nice update of Amber Dawn *swoon* – so if you haven’t checked it out PLEASE DO SO HERE AFTER reading my post here today. So it is nice to get back to updating “The Net” with some of the hottest spankings I’ve seen of some tasty minxes around and this one below stars a new girl and my current girl I am raving about, the cutie Leandra, who is one hot naughty Dutch babette!

Description of what these 2 girls get up to (including another blonde naughty girl called Bianca!)




More on this movie update at

A new rebelious little maid Bianca was sent to the Birchrod Inn by the club she works at because she is not submissive, has a big mouth so she needs extra training. After a sound spanking she is gagged and cuffed to a pole to teach her manners but our horny little maid Leandra couldn’t keep her hands of her in that vulnerable position so she spanked her as well! They were caught and Leandra got a hard bare bottom OTK spanking leaving her bottom throbbing and red. Later that day both little minxes were caught drinking beer so Mr Johnson treated their bottoms to yet another hard punishment as he gave them a sound strapping over the dining room table. Seeing them punished and hearing their yelps is an unforgettable experience and easily one of the best visual treats I’ve seen at Spanked-In-Uniform in a while! This earns my Cream Horn Award along with the following update I have just viewed!

Cream Horn Awards for Spanked-in-Uniform & AAAspanking


Keeping to the uniform theme, what happens when a naughty schoolgirl sneaks out in the dark to meet boys when she should be in her Dorm? Well, when teachers like Mr Osborne patrol the corridors, then schoolgirls, even those in their final year like 19 year old Sara should know better when he catches her awake, obviously been out as she is still in her uniform, out of bed and chatting on her phone… this isn’t going to go well for her, especially as he takes various implements with him including a cane along with his nice cup of tea on his “duties”! Check out this film preview from




Sara Winter is given a hard spanking, and her bare bottom paddled with the hairbrush before being caned in a variety of revealing and humiliating positions to teach this arrogant “know it all” schoolgirl a lesson that she is never too old, even at 19 when in the specialist Boarding School to abide by their strict rules – after all, in not many months she will have the rest of her life to make her many foolish mistakes! There’s a free promo clip of this schoolgirl punishment movie on the tour pages of

(Edit: I watched this film and there’s an hilarious scene where you can hear the other teachers in other rooms thrashing girls too!)

Also don’t miss out on all the latest additions recently added at Teen Spanking Tube – see all the latest hot new movies which have been added in the last few days on the banner below! Have a great weekend and take it easy! Chief.

Thursday Tempters

I’ve been incredibly busy recently so wasn’t able to update my blogs as often as I wanted, which is a shame but that should all change soon enough and to make amends here is a nice round up of some of the latest stuff out and about the spanking world incluidng some links to older stuff that I have been looking at too!

1st up from Holland is the latest excellent update from Spanked in Uniform - and boy do these 2 girls, Angel and Chervana, look HOT in their maids uniforms (in and out of them – as you’ll see!) Check out the images taken from this movie and in particular the scene where Angel gets a sexy spanking punishment over delicious Chervana’s lap! these 2 girls are amongst my top rated girls from Mike’s site, as I have raved about them both seperately in the past, so together… oh wow!





Angel was sent to the Birchrod Inn for 3 days and she was forced to watch Chervana get spanked for being late with the coffee that morning. During cleaning Chervana noticed Angel’s delightful spankable bottom so instead of reporting Angel’s bad cleaning to Mr Johnson, she took matters into her own hands and put Angel over her knee instead! That evening Mr Johnson was to paddle Angel for not cleaning the ashtrays in the bar but as he took her panties down, he saw that her bottom was already red and sore. Chervana was called and both girls got a sound leather paddling side by side after she admitted spanking Angel. Soon after that both girls dashed outside and sat in the snow to cool down their two hot bottoms! *sizzle*

CLICK HERE To see this full film and all the very latest movies of girls spanked in their uniforms!

If you liked the above, I won’t be held responsible for the “Trouser Arousal” events caused by viewing both girls again seen spanked and spanking each other in their nurses uniforms, understandably, I’ll only post 6 choice images, but you’ll get the idea! *phew*



“Nurse! Nurse? Can you help me with a slight problem in my trouser dept?”


I’m aware that this may be shown elsewhere but it needs showing as it’s a good movie and has a girl I am fast aching to see more of, especially inb that cute school uniform, that is Charlie, the blonde bratty bombshell exclusive to and I love it when Beverly reprises her Domme roles as she takes no crap from her girls… as you’ll see below!



Charlie is at first very glad to see Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school. Charlie is certain she will take her straight home and she’ll be spared any corporal punishment. But to her surprise, Beverly asks to use the Headmaster’s Office and gives the mischievous brat a thorough hairbrush spanking herself!



Since I seem to be focussing on seeing girls spanked in various uniforms today, the above reminded me of something from my huge Japanese Spanking Collection from Cutiespankee and I delved back looking for the waitress series with cute Mitsuki shown below! What I liked about this was the stern restaurant manageress who looked damned cute in her tight fitting skirt dishing out a spanking & paddling to the cocktail waitress!




Restaurant waitress Mitsuki had beed trained well, and had become better through her spankings. This day during morning preparation she dropped an expensive glass which shattered on the hard wooden floor and it attracted the attention of her manageress! Mitsuki knew what was coming and accepted her punishment as she was spanked then paddled across one of the tables on her full rounded buttocks!

You can see a ton more authentic Japanese uniform punishments of the cutest tearful girls HERE


& Finally today another new update from movie site out just hours ago which stars another girl with a pair of very spankable cheeks in this interesting domestic discipline OTK spanking film between a spanko Husband and his young wife. You know the type, one of those “internet brides” you hear so much of that chaps who are unwilling or unable to go find a member of the opposite sex for companionship so they go get them from an agency from some backwater of the Ukraine or Southern Russia… bet she didn’t expect to be thrashed on her bare bottom so much, eh? LOL!



Check out other domestic discipline & spanking updates from this site HERE


Oh, before I go, in case you haven’t seen this gallery, I did it the other day after being impressed by the film that I hadn’t seen in ages and saw it advertised at - it features some movies taken from Strictly English as well as some old English Discipline Classics from the Jardale Group including all the Ivor Jones British classic movies at RedStripeSpanking

If you click on the banners of these sites they will take you to the tour pages where you can view an awful lot of streaming promo and preview clips – well worth a few minutes of your time :D

The below gallery is taken from – “American Girl English Cane!” 
Click on the image for the Special Gallery & WMV Clips

Spanked in their Uniforms & MORE!

Seeing girls spanked in and out of various uniforms is always a fave little fetish of mine along with ensuring that said girls are attractive minxes that deserve said spankings and, as I always hope, much worse for their disgraceful behavior… well, one such site has been catering to this for almost a year and continues to update at a frightening pace making this a must see site from the Dutch “Schpannnking Meister”, Mike, from Holland!

However first, I am sorry but … WARNING: I AM ABOUT TO DIGRESS BRIEFLY! OK,  I’m sure he’s not upset that Holland and Belgium will be out for the count in tomorrow’s World Cup bid for 2018, and now, it looks as if England’s bid is scuppered, we are the home of football (soccer), our country could host it tommorow with state of the art facilities, but I’m sure it will go to Russia (bribes and kickbacks anyone?) but I’m actually past caring as I actually hope deep down it DOES go to Russia or the Spanish/Portugeuse bid (which is ludicrous seeing as Spain hosted it in 1982… and England did so in 1966! and both those countries are virtually bankrupt…but I digress as usual). “So why don’t I care?” I hear you ask impatiently…well, the parasites that infest the boardroom at my football club, Plymouth Argyle, are simply property developing scum wanting to profit from building a stadium and facilities if England get the bid and they don’t care a jot about the playing side and name of our club, they have seriously disinvested on the playing side and in over 30 years of me foolishly following my beloved club, this team are by far the worst, most uninterested bunch of overpaid dross and journeymen to ever have shamed our famous green shirts – and my club is now on the brink of liquidation anyway, our fall from grace has been spectacular, seems they will go into Administration at the very least soon or be eound up on Dec 8th, stiffing those who invested in the “schpiel and schmooze” as well as the staff and players not being paid last month, it’s a damned disgrace and of course Administration hurts those foolish enough to be associated with the club at every level and I know damn well how that feels, it sucks BIG time and many will never recover! So come on Russia, force the scumbags out of my club when they see the England bid has failed! Oops, seems to be a soapbox rant again… sorry about that!

& now to the uniform updates – and what updates they are! Do you remember the new girl Chervana who was sent to the Birchrod Inn recently in her gorgeous maid’s outfit? Click the image below for a quick reminder, her update is towards the end of that post! (mmm!)

Wasn’t that simply stunning? Well, I have news for you, she is now in the familiar pink air hostess uniform of Air Europe and stars in the latest episode called “Nuts!” – and I can tell you’ll go “nuts” for her as I have when you check out some of the images below of her punishment at the hands of Mr Johnson!

In this episode Chervana explained what happened to her. It was a painful day for her bottom. She had a party so she decided to take a box of nuts from the airplane’s serving cabin but was caught. Mr Johnson gave her a good hard bare bottom spanking for that but worse was to come! That afternoon on a later flight she was working on, the little madam got hungry so she decided to take MORE nuts and was caught again by Mr Johnson who this time promptly marched her up to his office when the plane returned to base and gave her a sound OTK thrashing with the carpet beater like her dear mother used to give her. To make sure this pouting minx really had learnt her lesson he gave her six of the best with the cane and sent her packing where we could clearly see the damage done to Chervana’s booty-botty!





I am so looking forward to seeing MORE of Chervana very soon – CLICK HERE

As I’m focussing on this site, it would be rude of me not to mention that Ellen May Davis has now also appeared here getting her spankings so far as a police officer and a nurse which I can show you below, some great storylines and of course this girl can take quite a thrashing when required! As you’ll see below!



MIRANDA RIGHTS“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?” (these are the accepted rights that police officers usually read out when arrests are made…fail to read someone their rights and they could get off on technicalities…)

The story of this South West Police station update above: PC Davis caught a young girl Monique drinking beer in public and arrested her. Back at the station she gave Monique the option either go to court and get fined, or get a spanking right there and then. Monique choose the latter and Ellen spanked her soundly. When the Superintendant found out and Ellen May and Monique were in his office, it became apparent that PC Davis forgot the “Miranda Rights” whilst arresting the girl so she was bent over the desk and while she recited the Rights, her bottom got soundly spanked with a long wooden stinging ruler. Monique was also told that her spanking was justified and never to drink in public again … or else!

Nurse fetishists will be happy to see Dr Johnson doing what he does best when not attending to his patients at the spanko hospital St Elizabeth’s! See some choice images from “Sassy Nurse” the latest uniform update at



A new nurse Ellen May Davis from America joined the staff at St Elizabeth. During her first interview with Dr Johnson it became very clear that she was a very sassy young madam with a big mouth and a serious attitude problem! Dr Jonhson got so fed up with her that he promptly grabbed her and gave her a sound spanking. “This is NOT America!” he said!  The next day she was again sassy and dismissive to one of her patients so she was called into the office again when Dr Johnson had heard about it. He decided to give her a nasty birching, over the bed and in the diaper position since she was acting such a brat! Then, to learn humility, she was forced to stand in the hallway for a while, bottom bare, with the dreaded sign pinned on her back that we, and the patients all know and love to see!



From the same network run by Mike & his other fine half, Kelly, I thought I’d mention the latest updates from REAL LIFE SPANKINGS there as it stars one of my favorite Dutch lassies, a real gorgeous brat – the tempting Angel who just never learns and I think this is the third or 4th time she has come back to do a series of films, I really have the hots for this brat and she must be one of the most filmed girls at the site and with reason, as I love her Dutch accent when she speaks English and I love her look, which changes everytime she appears…but her bottom ALWAYS ends up red – which is VERY Reasassuring!!!




In the continuing return of Angel… here is what Mike described from this movie update (available to view in FULL) called “Hamburger Place Twice!”
“As you know Angel is working on her condition after her illness and she has to visit the gym twice a week and eat healthily. This went well for a while until she confessed that last week she had visited a well known hamburger place twice! Time for another sore red bottom so I laid the little madam over my left knee and strapped her over her panties. Then I told her to take down her panties and lay over the chair. Then I strapped her bare bottom soundly and I made her sit on her sore bare bottom for a few hours while we had a drink.”


STOP PRESS, ANOTHER Angel movie has just been released today! However, MEMBERS can view this now – I shall be catching up with this later (descritpion below)

By her own request Mike is now keeping a close eye on Angel when it comes to her gym visits, what food she eats etc. because she wants to get back in shape. (You’ll have seen what happened last time!) Then Mike found out that the little madam forgot to pay her gym fee so…. over his knee she went for a sound spanking! What a way to start December!!! :D


Sunday night scorchers!

Brrr! It’s a tad chilly outside, I’ve got a roaring log fire going and brought the laptop into my Living Room to write this as I watch some lazy crap on the TV… The missus is away and I couldn’t even find solace in sneaking off to watch my football team as they are so dire that I actually resent supporting any of the vastly overpaid players that are shaming my club, Plymouth Argyle – I wish nothing but unemployment and illness on those slacking fuckers many who are just playing down their contracts as they have all the power… just FUCK OFF along with the property developing scum infesting my club who are hoping to profit from England supposedly getting the Soccer World Cup bid for 2018… it won’t happen, I’m actually hoping Spain or Russia get it so the leeches running my beloved club will up sticks. I know the club will fall into Administration, and for the amount of money owed… A Premiership footballer could give up a month’s wages to help out our now utterly shit ridden club…anyway, I am digressing, I am thoroughly depressed following them so I, like many other of my fellow fed up fans, are voting with our feet and not going until the present Board members piss off. I WANT MY CLUB BACK!

Ok, better get off that damned soap box, it was very therapeutic though! & now for some spanking goodness to warm ye all up!!! 

I’m going to start with Amber at her SpankAmber site as she is seriously HOT this week, getting spanked and allowing her “Daddy” to place his excited cock in her mouth aafter has has has spanked and groped her and is so excited he begs her to let him put his stiff cock into her mouth (as you do, of course!) and I know I’d be begging too, just look at the glorious sight of Amber, her red bottom glowing and her mouth full of her man’s salty rod! Yowsers… ! “I haz wood” (again) thinking about being in his position… click on the images below to enlarge the film screens!







Here’s something the guys at Britspank must have been thinking about to warm themselves up too, thinking of the early summer days when both KJ and Paige were frollicking outdoors (do it now and they’d be treated for hypothermia!) – 2 girls thinking about the long sunny days of summer holidays but of course their tomfoolery is noticed  and doesn’t go unpunished!!!

These girls get up to all sorts of naughty fun outdoors before they are caught!





Paige thought it might be good fun to pull down KJ’s panties & slap her on the bare bottom out in the open – after all no-one was watching & both girls had a curiosity about each others bottoms especially when they were bared! Sadly they were being watched & all too soon the indecent fun was over, KJ was caught nursing her sore bottom and given some more for her troubles then he went after Paige who was given the strap in the privacy of indoors for a thrashing with the strap!


The next update comes from another of my fave sites and this week I was pleasantly surprised to see a truly stunning teenage brat get the full French Maid punishment at the hands (and his implements) of Mr Johnson at The Birchrod Inn at Spanked-in-Uniform

Beautiful Chervana arrives at the Birchrod Inn for her training unaware of what was instore!

The absolutely gorgeous Chervana (yes, I had “wood” watching her punishment!) was sent to the Birchrod Inn because in her own hotel she is very lazy and does everything half heartedly, getting away with anything her employers might miss… well at Birchrod they miss nothing! Her first task was to dust and she dusted around everything instead of picking them up. That earned her the first sound OTK spanking from Mr Johnson. Then later that same afternoon the lazy little madam decided to take a break and read a magazine instead of finishing off cleaning the bathrooms. She was laid over the table and got a nasty leather paddling on her cute quivering bared bottom. Mr Johnson didn’t miss a trick and as she liked to sit around so much, he put the special scratchy punishment mat in her panties so every time she sat down, she would feel her sore stinging bottom!!!




This is NOT the only episodes that she will be appearing in at the excellent Spanked-in-Uniform and of course you can get to see all the latest various updates now out with the other uniform punishments, if you like seeing nurses, schoolies, airline stewardesses and policewomen thrashed in and out of their uniforms then THIS is definitely the site to check out!



Finally I just caught the latest PPV movie update just released at which currently is showing the latest series of new movie updates all for just $5 each! This is the 5th film in a series of 10 that are going for that price and if you click here or the large image below the page has a free clip too!

I particularly liked this film as Ashleigh MacKenzie reacted so beautifully to her slippering, you’ll see her wince and clutch at her bared cheeks and of course, she is a stunning girl in that uniform too… if watching this won’t warm you up, I would check your pulse!!! As a bonus treat I have grabbed a few images from this movie (below).




Hope this warmed up your Sunday evening, to those of you, like me, shivering in the northern hemisphere!

Spankings from Holland!

I hope you enjoy this bumper update today from our Dutch Spank Meister, Mike from his 2 excellent sites! He has managed to entice many a Brit girl over to bend and take their punishment but today I’d like to focus on some many recent updates from both his sites that feature girls from his native Holland, for they are very naughty girls in much need of a damned hard “schpannking!” Apart from finding their accents a turn on, seeing these girls get their just desserts is a real treat and today I’ll start with Mike’s Real-Life-Spankings site where the trilogy of bad girl Julie, a well known naughty Dutch girl featured often at both his sites – here you’ll see her over 3 amazing film parts take a long suffering weekend of utter humiliation and spanking punishments in her training to be a better behaved young lady! (Good luck, Mike… you’ll need it!)

Julie gets it from the moment she wakes up late…. see more below



In part one Julie arrives and she has to change into her humiliating little girl punishment outfit. She is inspected, has to remove her make-up and her punishment weekend begins.The next morning she oversleeps and is pulled out of bed for her stinging
morning spanking. She then has to clean the kitchen but after putting 3 dirty mugs into the cupboard, she is bent over the dining room table and her bottom gets a sound spanking with a hard wooden spatula. She is then put into the corner for 1 hour!



In part two Julie gets her 6 stroke Saturday night bedtime caning and is followed by her Sunday morning spanking. Then she is taken out into the garden where she has to do some excersises to wake her up and get her ready for the day’s chores…



In the final part of Julie’s humiliating punishment weekend spanking she earns her sore wobbling butt a blistering strapping! You know that the polo shirted hero, Mike gives Julie’s delicious bottom his best attentions as it quickly turns a glowing shade of burning red! Mike of course shares this knowledge with us about her final strappings!

“Julie gets a sound strapping over the side of the couch after Sunday lunch and then she is ordered to scrub the entire floor. Upon inspection she didn’t clean underneath the tables and couch so she was bent over, skirt up, panties down and she got a sound bare bottom birching. Then she had to scrub the areas she neglected with her bottom bared!”



Now there are some fascinating punishments of girls in various sexy uniforms at the aptly named and today I’m covering the latest updates which cover French maids, Nurses and Airline Attendants! Mmmm!

So to Birchrod Inn – the training hotel for errant hotel workers, waitresses and maids that have a real attitude problem and are sent to this institution for much needed correction and this latest movie is no exception!

Pretty Monique in the film “Attitude Adjustment”

This is the explanation of her discipline program: Young Monique was sent from the Castle Hotel because the little madam had an attitude problem. She felts she was above the menial tasks such as cleaning bathrooms etc. so her manager sent her to the Birchrod Inn for 3 days training. She was told by Mr Johnson to clean the hotel toilets with a toothbrush to teach her humility but she didn’t clean them properly so she was soon over his knee getting a good spanking. She was told  to clean them again but when she tried to run away, she was caught, got a quick over the leg spanking and a good hard birching over the back of the sofa!





Nurse Amy quickly learns that St Elizabeth’s is a Spanko Hospital!

Nurse Donna told the new nurse Amy that the uniform code at St Elizabeth is very strict and that Dr Johnson will spank her if she doesn’t wear her full clean uniform. Amy decided to show up the next day without panties and she even convinced Donna to take her own off as well. Obviously, Dr Johnson saw this disgraceful act and both nurses got a hard spanking then and were told to stand in the corner until he returned. When he came back he found the nurses rubbing lotion on each other’s sore bottoms so they were both laid over the hospital bed and they both got a hard strapping followed by more humiliating cornertime!





Leandra & Stacey’s slouching at Departures earns them “Posture training” discipline

Leandra and Stacey were on duty in Departures and when Mr Johnson went to check on them. He noticed that they were slouching and had shown bad posture bringing the airline’s appearance into disrepute! He took them upstairs for some “posture training”. With books on their heads, their skirts tucked in and their panties mid thigh, they had to learn to walk like proper young ladies. If the books fell, which they did, they were paddled. He then put them both over his knee and gave them both a much needed spanking and sent them back to the Departure Lounge.




To see all the latest punishments of girls in their uniforms – CLICK HERE

A new week and a bad start for some!

An aptly named episode at Spanked-In-Uniform was recently released starring the gorgeous submissive Kami Robertson, and I had also realised that I had not mentioned the fact she was in a another recent release at this fine site so today, you get a double whammy helping of Miss Robertson, first in a Police Uniform getting told off and humiliated, then a humbling experience as a fooilsh maid with Room Service attitude problems! Hold on to your pants, ladies and gents… as Kami is HOT in both these long play films out in full!

Kami’s bad week at the South West Police Station

18 year old Kami got herself into some serious trouble this week. First when she was on Mall duty, she decided to do some shopping while on duty and for that she got a hard strapping from Police Chief Johnson. Then a few days later the little madam let a few hooligans go free who caused a disturbance at a local club instead of arresting them. For that she got a sound caning from the chief and afterwards she had to stand in reception, bottom fully exposed with the cane held against her stinging cheeks for all to see and gawp at! How humiliating! You can see some of the images taken from this movie below!

The shame is complete for all to see – don’t miss this full movie update!

Now remember that I said there was another update I had missed? (or I think I did, I had it prepared before I went away on hols, so apologies if you’ve seen this already, but who can resist looking at Kami in a French maid’s outfit?)

Well done to the folk at Spanked-In-Uniform for these excellent camera angles! If only I could have room service like this and then get away with what is about to follow!!!

The storyline to this movie is explained below:
The new maid at the Birchrod Inn, 18 year old Kami, was told to bring a guest his breakfast in bed and she screwed up the order so the owner Mr Johnson put the little madam over his knee and gave her a sound spanking. Later in the day Kami didn’t clean the barbeque so she was lain over the arm of the sofa and she got a sound birching. During the barbeque that evening Kami was forced to stand against the wall, with her well spanked and birched bottom on display for all the guests to see!

Kami’s fans will be pleased to know she is in every possible scenario at Spanked In Uniform, and you may well remember some of my other features with her as an airline stewardess, a nurse and as a schoolgirl, it’s all there at Spanked In Uniform!


How do I follow that? Hmm, well, I just spied this little gem over at starring one of my all time faves, isis, playing schoolgirl Tara Johnson – or should that be a girl returning to fulfill her long lost fantasy? I remembered this film vividly, and the caning scenes and the look on her face are simply awesome!

19 year old Tara returns to school to fulfill her dream of being properly punished with her knickers down to her favourite teacher she had a crush on! As she’s a fully grown, and very sexy young women, the poor hapless treacher can hardly resist and is only too happy to help her out so he suggests a spelling test and decides to see where her wrong answers get her from there… I can tell you if you take a look at the screen grabs below I think you’ll see she gets a much needed spanking & caning that Tara soaks up with ease! What a naughty naughty girl! Welt-tastic!


As you will have seen, thsi is a very sexy and potent film of a girl that gets my triouser undercarriage in all sorts of mess when I view her shameful punishments, knickers down! What can I say? I’m a spnko perv! See ALL the schoolgirl canings movies and download these Hi Quality films today only at


Finally in a bid to catch up, (there is so much to tell you about!) take a look at the galleries below from Clare Fonda’s group of sites and these are all available individually or, better still, through her excellent package via the CLARE FONDA PASS – choose 3, 4 or 5 of her sites with one set of codes and for a lot less than the combined cost of her premium spanking sites!

Amy Hunter gives and takes as well as new girl Riley and Holly with “Momma” Clare
It can only be

MySpankingRoommate just keeps on giving! Now with Snow Mercy again, (I’m going weak at the knees) as well as Kailee, Chloe and Madison (in tears) in the recent episodes – check out the galleries below for full episode updates and cracking images!

& finally from SpankedSweeties – home of newbies, and spanking starlets sharing their secrets and desires, check out these galleries! the first 2 star newbie Natasha with THE most delicious wobblesome red butt to die for!

All the above (including the infamous Exclusive Education Series of films) from

These are all available individually or as part of the CLARE FONDA PASS

Naughty Girls Spanking Updates

Right you ‘orrible little lot, I have been informed that you have been touching yourselves with excitement viewing some of these recent spanking news and updates provided by Chief, well, as your Drill Sergeant I own your ass and am this stopping RIGHT NOW!

Screw you Hartman, this is MY blog, leave my readers be… we’re gonna get our rocks off to some fine bare bottom spanking erotica whether you like it or not, you dinosaur! So stand by for another rollercoaster ride around the world of spanking and today there are some cracking girls and some seriously good updates out there at the moment which will no doubt occupy your time as much as mine! Here is what I have been mainly, ahem…viewing “sans pantalons” this week! :D

2 glorious new movie updates are out at PunishedBrats this week and the first below has gorgeous stalwarts of the site, Amber Pixie Wells and Lily Anna back together and in deep doo-doo as you’ll see below! This is what happens when bad girls sneak off and cover for each other!!! A double pyjama spanking for the bratty sisters from Michael! Lily Anna is in trouble for sneaking out to see her sleazy boyfriend ( Snake – great name, lol) and Pixie is punished for trying to cover for her.

Seriously, I’m loving these new film supdates from - where the hell do they find some of these girls? They’re just lovely! Case in point below when new this relative online spanking newbie steals from mom!
Ashley didn’t just borrow her mom Veronica’s jewelry without permission, she pawned it for some quick cash!! Veronica is furious and spanks her thieving daughter!

Chief’s fact of the day: I used to work in a Pawnbrokers/Check Cashing establishment, and boy do they rake in the dough now in these times, eh? Should have stuck with it…oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?

You can see some cracking free clips (in lower res – members get better) and more previews of all the most recent updates from Punishedbrats HERE


From Japan, some incredible recent updates have appeared with the schoolgirl and young newbie teachers getting thrashed, seriously,I gotta take a trip to Tokyo before I shuffle off this mortal coil…I’d bust a gut seeing those cute little minxes with their knee length socks and oh so short school skirts!! See what happens to this new teacher below as she is first spanked then paddled AND PADDLED HARD!
I got you a clip from the TEEN SPANKING TUBE as well! (see below)

Japanese girls and their school uniforms are such a temptation, eh? What about seeing them thrashed in their swimming costumes? Well, in a recent movie, that is precisely what happens when a teacher overhears 2 girls cursing and being disrespectful, it’s not long before they are both punished together, sobbing and crying as only these cute chicks know how to…

You can see ALL the very latest updates from CutieSpankee HERE


In Holland, the “schpaannnkings” continue without mercy or rest as I take a quick look at 2 sections of the hugely popular Spanked-In-Uniform website – today we see gorgeous Kami in a school uniform and new girls Leandra and Stacey this time at the Birchrod Inn in their French maid costumes, oh my! “I have wood”…

Kami Robertson learns quickly the “No Alcohol rule”

In this 22 minute full length film which is out now to download in full, little Kami decided to sneak a beer into the school but while she was drinking it in the playground, The Headmaster called her to the punishment room for a knicker inspection (as they do nowadays, heh heh). Whilst he was inspecting her knickers he smelled beer on her breath and this was all the encouragement he needed to give her a  good spanking over his knee. The next day naughty Kami put some Whiskey with her coffee in a flask to not get caught again – but the silly girl forgot that it can still be smelt! Oh dear…back to the Punishment Room this time for 12 of the best with the cane and as a final insuly and humiliation she had to bare her bottom to the whole school during assembly as an example to the other girls! (I so want to be janitor at this school!!!)

I love their little effects, placing girls in assembly halls, and airplane stewardesses in the planes etc…very neat trick! You can view this whole movie only at

I promised I’d show the new French maids Leandra and Stacey, prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, I thought they looked cute in their airline uniforms, but oh my, do they look delicious in and out of these! See more below and you’ll understand why!

“No hanky panky” – the full length 28 minute film from Birchrod Inn at Spanked in Uniform

Stacey and Leandra are lovers. Their boss sent them to the Birchrod Inn because they could not keep their hands of each other during workhours. After the warning lecture they changed into their maid’s uniforms upstairs then were ordered to dust but very soon they were involved in some “hanky schhh-panky”. Stacey was sexily spanking blonde Leandra on the couch when they were caught by Mr Johnson! He turned both girls across his knee and gave them a good “sch-panking”. He then sent them upstairs to clean the bedrooms but they were caught again as stacey was soothing and fondling Leandra’s beautiful bottom! They were dragged downstairs and their bottoms got a sound leather paddling over the table then forced to stand against the wall, sore red bottoms on display, ashamed and had to stay like that until all the guests had checked in! Again…where is this birchrod Inn…do they do super spanking saver weekends?

Check out this and ALL the latest updates only at


Finally today, back in northern England, at things aren’t getting any better for Angelina at her stuffy private school, this latina exchange student needs to learn how to behave and she’s a long way from home! Perhaps she wants to learn how to sit down on very soft cushions for comfort?

Angelina was sent out of class to speak with the Headmaster after she started crying. When asked why she said it was because she missed her home since she had started at the private girls college whilst in England. While the Head was not unsympathetic he did explain that she would have to get used to the idea that she had been sent to England to finish her education & that she would be expected to do her very best in all things. He then said that he would actually now give her something to cry about & that he felt she would benefit from getting her bare bottom soundly thrashed. Loud sobs filled the room as Angelina was bared & then punished! I know there are many of you, like me, addicted to her sobbing and sniffling, she doesn’t let us down in this film!!!


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Latest Flight Attendant Spankings

Bank Holidays at the Airport: Don’t you just love them? I was thinking of going away for a couple of days then remembered this … those insufferable delays at the airport, long queues, paying excess fares on your cheap airline ticket, bratty kids you see queuing up with parents too tired to deal with them, a vague hope your cheapo economy seat will not get you stuck next to them or even worse, the big fat guy you’ve just seen, sweating profusely and you know he’ll steal your arm rest room and invade your personal privacy if you are sat next to him … Ah, the joys of Economy flying in Cattle Class! So I decided to stay home instead, we’re off to our local town to watch a moat boat race at the ancient city of Wells in England (when I say city, it’s the smallest in England as it has a kick ass cathedral, it’s a beautiful day here so I better hurry up and quit my drivel and get you your spanking fix!

Where was I? Ah, bemoaning airlines and those surly stewardesses – well, check out the latest updates I haven’t covered recently from they are awesome and star some well known faces as well as 2 stunning new girls from the latest episode, although fans of Real-Life-spanking will recognize the dusky beauty Stacey as she has featured alot there recently!

Both these girls are stunning and if was the lucky pilot these girls were fighting over, I’d do my best to have my cake and eat it and have both, wouldn’t you? Check out some vid scenes below and decide for yourself!!!


Leandra and Stacey are best friends and they share the same flights frequently. They are also both seeing the same pilot and that leads to a loud disagreement on one of the flights. One of the passengers complained so both girls were told to go and see Mr Johnson. He ordered the girls to paddle each other and if the smacks weren’t hard enough, he would give them himself and they’d be much harder! As they failed, he paddled them both soundly. The girls left embarrassed and punished but a few days later they were at it again in the flight galley. So as soon as they landed,  they were sent to Mr Johnson again and this time had to kneel on a chair in his office getting a nasty bare bottom strapping and had to lift their skirts and allow him to intimately inspect their red sore cheeks and have the indignity of exposing their private parts as part of their humiliation!





My 2nd episode feature stars the wonderful Kami Robertson and she is disciplined for being rude and surly to passengers…uh oh…a short sharp trip to Mr Johnson, I fear!

Mr Johnson got a letter from a businessman who was very unsatisfied with Kami’s performance on the flight to Berlin. He pressed his buzzer quite a few times and Kami ignored him after a while. Kami was summoned to the office and the little madam had quite an attitude with the result that she got a hard long OTK spanking. She was then banned from flying a few days and had to work downstairs at the check-in desks. The next day Kami showed up 15 minutes late and Mr Johnson gave her a real hard strapping over his desk which left her in real floods of tears which you will see in this fantastic full length episode.



Now don’t ask my why, but the image below as part of Kami’s early punishment made me laugh, whether it was the vulnerable position, or the way Mr Johnson is obviously relishing his role with this minx wriggling over his lap, either way it was an image I wanted you to see seperately! (see below)

You can see the full tearful punishment of Kami HERE

Finally from the Airline section of today is a firm fave of mine, Miss Lottie Kinsade, who ruins her position of being chosen to attend to businessmen on a private Lear jet and also her chance to impress Mr Johnson who decides to take the flight personally – she forgets to load the plane with champagne !!!

This is full storyline and you can see some images I have chosen from the movie as well!
As I said, a group of businessmen hired a private jet from Europe Airlines to fly to Paris and and Mr Johnson, being a good pilot himself, decided to fly the jet. Halfway to Paris, and to his horror, Lottie had forgotten the champagne so he gave her a good spanking in front of the businessmen who enjoyed it tremendously. Once back at the airport Lottie was taken back to his office and she got another humiliating OTK spanking and a hard dose of the special punishment hairbrush! This girl can take quite a thrashing, as you’ll see!!!



Click here to see Lottie & all the other girls at Europe Air punished in FULL

Don’t forget to check out the other sections, you should know by now that Spanked-In-Uniform has a specialist French Maid/Hotel skivvy section, a police and naturally a schoolgirl uniform section as well as featuring nurses in uniform getting their just desserts from the stressed out Docs! Go check it out if you haven’t already :)

Back later and I might even bore you with some pics of my day out!
Happy Holidays. Chief

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