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Schpaaankings & Naughty Callgirls!

Hello everyone, sorry I have neglected this blog but it’s a good time for you to come as I have a couple of great updates to share with you exclusively here in my own rambling fashion… so let’s all get off to a fantastic spanky start to the year as I give you a double helping of a 2 parter from Spanked in Uniform with nurses (yay!) and lots of “schpaaaankings” (yes, that’s Dutch for “spankings” courtesy of my friend Mike from Holland!)

The following scenes are from a 2 parter called “Mrs Bouquet” now available to view in full

ep37_2 ep37_5

elizabeth37_1 ep37_3

ep37_10 elizabeth37_2

ep37_13 ep37_14


A patient called Mrs Bouquet had been ringing for the nurses 4 or 5 times but no one came to her room. Dr Johnson went to investigate and found out that nurses Kathy and Sammie were having coffee and had ignored her alarms. Mrs Bouquet suggested an old school punishment and that meant that the two giggling, naughty, cheeky little madams were bent over the end of the bed and had their bottoms soundly spanked!

…the concluding part to this nurse spanking tale is below!

elizabeth38_1 ep38_3

ep38_13 ep38_9

ep38_8 ep38_6

ep38_10 ep38_17

ep38_11 elizabeth38_2

When Mrs Bouquet wanted to check out, she noticed her shoes were missing. She went to Dr Johnson’s office and it was obvious who took her shoes. Nurses Sammie and Kathy as a revenge for the spankings they had received previously. They were soon found, dragged back to Mrs Bouquet and after they confessed they had thrown them in the dumpster, they both were told to lay on the bed and they both got a long hard strapping until Mrs Bouquet herself was satisfied that they had been punished enough!

You can see more of this uniform punishment special and all the other wonderful sub niches HERE


Finally… here’s a fantastic new movie from Spankedcallgirls.com that has 2 girls fighting and spanking each other when things turn nasty as they discover they are both competing for the same job! there is a lot of wrestling and cat fighting, but also some nice ass shots as you’ll discover in the images below from this awesome new movie OUT NOW!

007 008

010 015

017 025


029 033


049 053

Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reece have been to the same job. They fight over who should stay – wrestling and then spanking each other a bright shade of red. See who will win the spank-off!!!


You can MORE of these 2 girls scrapping it out HERE


Spanked Callgirls is also part of the excellent value CLARE FONDA PASS :)

Schpaaanking Updates!

As I did a little homage to all things American at SpankingBlogg earlier today, I thought I’d even it up with this little “Euro schpaaanking” update that had caught my eye early on!

Let’s start at one of my hang outs, seeing girls spanked in their various uniforms and I have the 2 most recent updates for you from St Catherines Girls School and the Southport Naval Academy series.


Check out schoolgirls Leandra & Clover as they face another punishment in part 2 of this film (below)






Later that day when the Headmaster was doing his rounds, he heard giggling coming from one of the classrooms. He found Clover and Leandra fooling around with their Blackberries which were forbidden on school grounds. After confiscating the mobile phones, he told them both to bend over their desks and they got a sound spanking over their white cotton knickers, then a sound bare bottom tawsing and caning which they didn’t find so amusing and they were put in the corner until their teacher returned.

What’s there not to like about schoolgirl punishments? Well, I love the naval uniforms too, and thankfully, the most recent starred one of my fave spankees, Miss Kami Robertson, who looks so damned cute in just about anything as you’ll see in this movie!





There was a fight in the mess hall kitchen involving 3 cadets and Kami Robertson was caught out. The next morning she had to report to her commanding officer. After a good scolding he took her across his knee and gave her a special naval spanking with a stinging wooden spatula. She then refused to give the names of the other cadets so she was bent over the back of a chair for a sound bare bottom birching. Kami was stubborn and defiant and only after her thighs were birched, did she reveal the names of the other cadets involved!


Nurses & Army Cadets get a “schpaaanking!”

Girls spanked in their gorgeous uniforms? Oh yes! It’s been a while since I reviewed some of the latest updates shown here, but when you see Clover (and Leandra) featuring in some of these films, then the wait will have been well worth it… and members of this great site can view the films in full, includng the new “Secretarial” uniform section which I heartily approve of!

Officer Johnson picked senior cadet Clover to clean his staff car as he had an important meeting that afternoon. When he went to check her progress, he was not satisfied and gave her a special academy caning on the spot and she was forced to clean the rest of the car with her bottom bare. When he returned from his meeting, Cadet Clover was called to his office and she got a hard bare bottom military style spanking  to tears for not cleaning the front bumper properly. A well deserved punishment as I am sure you will agree from the images (below):





The film can be viewed in full right here!

Clover and Leandra star in one of my fave uniform niches, and that is the nurses section which I have often written about and seeing these 2 gilrs in and out of the uniform with their reddened butts on display is something I just *had* to share with you!

Naughty nurse Leandra is at it again! Nurse Clover was getting a spanking from Dr. Johnson for not keeping her nurse’s station tidy and Leandra heard the spanking outside in the corridor. She enjoyed listening to Clover getting her bottom spanked and when she was put in the corridor afterwards, nose against the wall, bottom bare, leandra couldn’t resist taunting and spanking her some more. Unlucky for her Dr. Johnson caught her and he gave Clover permission to spank Leandra which she did. Then both of them were put out in the corridor, bottoms bare, noses against the glass, for all to see.






& of course don’t forget that these girls have started the secretarial scenes, and these are equally hot as you will see below!

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