A daughter spanked to tears!

I don’t often feature BadTushy.com much, if at all nowadays – which is a pity, but since they don’t update anymore (despite the fact that they say they do – they don’t which is a bugbear of mine) – However, if you have never visited the site before, it does have a massive archive of spanking data… I prefer most of the newer stuff, especially with Ms Law or Francesca Le doing the topping, they can be quite mean, and the girls they spank and punish, often in a humiliating or sexually themed consequence too, are unmissable! But… there are 2 caveats to this site, the first I have already mentioned: No more updates, so do NOT get a recurring membership! the second is their use of DRM content, I haven’t been inside the site for a long time, but I am still hearing that a lot of their older stuff is DRM protected, meaning once your membership is up you can’t keep the movies (which is shitty) – but the newer ones, in better quality, like the one below, just about make up for this fact as you can download and keep these. When you see these images, then you will understand why today I am vouching for BadTushy.com – especially as Ms Law is simply an awesome and scary female top! You really wouldn’t want to cross her… would you?

Ms Law’s daughter and her friend are caught stealing from her purse before they go out for the night!

Check out the images below that explain part of what happens to her unfortunate daughter, dressed like a tart for her night out… and her friend, scared as heck and close to tears for going along with the idea to steal from Ms Law’s purse!


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Check out MORE of this film and the archives of BadTushy.com


2 thoughts on “A daughter spanked to tears!

  1. Andrew

    Does Bad Tushy still do DRM on their videos? You mentioned there is DRM on the older stuff. What about the newer videos? Do they also have DRM.


  2. Chief Post author

    The last time I had a membership there, the newer films, many now in better 1280×720 quality, did not have DRM. But they haven’t updated anything there in over a year despite what they say on the front. It’s ok if you haven’t seen the newer stuff, which is what is posted on there front tour pages, but don’t expect new stuff so treat it as an archive site to grab what you can.

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