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I wanted to post something from one of my fave sites that I love being a member of… as you’ll see, the reason I like this site is because on a weekly basis, they post lots of small films with some of the most stunning girls around! The variety of girls (spankers and spankees) and also the most excellent images that always accompany the short films means there’s always a lot of things to catch up on… as this post will demonstrate when I show you what has been uploaded to the site within the past few weeks (there’s much more, so I just cherry picked my faves otherwise I’d be here all day). I will start with leggy stunner, Adrienne Black, in her latest “High Flier” series, this time punished by another stalwart of the site, flamed haired switch and possessor of one of the spankiest and most spankable bubble butts out there… Miss Alison “schwiiing” Miller!

Long-legged flight attendant Adrienne Black bends over for dishonesty


Stealing a security tape of a an earlier spanking wasn’t a wise move, as flight attendant Adrienne Black learns in High Fliers. Alison Miller has Adrienne stick out her bare bottom for 20 swats before ordering her to remove her thong for 15 more. This films also includes a “Hot Reaction Cam” for your continued viewing pleasure. View the freeview clip HERE

highfliers_m006 highfliers_m007

highfliers_m008 highfliers_m011

highfliers_m019 highfliers_m023


75 with a leather paddle for beautiful sports student Ashley Thomas


“A very stern lesson about time management and responsibility,” Patrick Bateman tells tardy Ashley Thomas in Life Coach. She nervously lies flat on a pool table for a 75-swat paddling on shorts, panties and red, bare bottom. Hot Reaction Cam, with some slow-mo replays of her jiggling thrashed butt! You can see the limited time freeview clip of this HERE

lifecoach_cd004 lifecoach_cd010

lifecoach_cd014 lifecoach_cd016

lifecoach_cd018 lifecoach_cd023


Sasha Harding’s 156 with a ping-pong bat for house party damage


Sasha Harding’s round, juicy globes jiggle and bounce as Patrick Bateman teaches her a lesson with a ping-pong paddle in Rich Brat. Having friends round to party hard earns her a red bottom after 156 swats, 120 of them on bare cheeks. That booty is sore and this rich little brat begins to learn her lesson… you can view a special freeview clip of Sasha’s punishment HERE

richbrat_d006 richbrat_d007

richbrat_d013 richbrat_d017

richbrat_d023 richbrat_d024


Finally, like Sasha featured above, there is yet another new girl and she is called Tiffany Bennett


Keeping neighbours awake with 3am parties means tears and emotion for pert Brat in the House Tiffany Bennett. Mr Reed straps her for it, but poor Tiffany is in tears before 10 licks are over. There’s another 12 to go on her panties, and she’s jumping already!










There is a brand new girl coming out this week… and my only minor bugbear with this site is the naming of the girls… do they do it to throw the competition off pace? God knows, of course it doesn’t work… but this latest girl is already very well known in the UK and has produced content for at least 3 companies that I can think of (I was going to use her myself) but as she is starting to get already over exposed in such a short time… I might well refrain from that for the moment… but she is great looking and can take a good hard spanking and I really look forward to her films coming out from Firm Hand Spanking – she is also known as Bow Jangles (but wanted to change her online name to Kissie) and of course Firm Hand have their own made up name for her (sigh, lol) which will be: “Camilla Scott”



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