A Young Wife given a Humiliating Spanking

As you know, I love seeing Stacy Stockton in the current series of Truly Madly Deeply at FirmhandSpanking.com – so it’s even better when there’s a crossover from the series with the Au Pair (Kylee Anders) she & hubby, Jonny, employ…. however, this punishment you see here is about Stacy getting one from her hubby for trying to fire the Au Pair without telling him first! Personally, I think Jonny enjoys spanking his wife AND Kylee Anders (and who can blame him?) They are both gorgeous young ladies!

Stacy Stockton spanked long and hard for trying to fire their au pair, Kylee

stacy stockton

Bent over in the kitchen, breasts tumbling out of her top, pretty Stacy Stockton knows better than to protest when her husband Jonny decides to spank her bare bottom in Truly Madly Deeply. She tried to fire cute au pair Kylee, but Jonny is enjoying spanking Kylee too much to let her go. Enjoy butt-rippling slow-mo replays!

tmd_w002 hand spanking spanked quickly and hard on her butttmd_w005 tmd_w008 a man spanking tmd_w015 tmd_w017 Stacy Stockton spankedtmd_w020 tmd_w021 tmd_w022 tmd_w024 spanking


Firm Hand Spanking

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