Alison Miller receives a hard paddling

I am fast appreciating the brute force and ultimate sanction that a hard wooden paddle can bring across a young woman’s backside, having just purchased a new paddle myself recently, I tested it out on my missus and she was close to tears after 5 swats!

The paddle, like the cane, should be the last sanction of punishment or used as it is here – as a fearful initiation rite, like sororiety sister Alison Miller who undergoes the test of 10 bare butt blistering whacks of this evil wooden instrument at the hands of Allaura Shane! Alison’s bottom is already recovering from her last thrashing and you just know that this ceremony will leave further bruising and a fear of sitting down for at least a few hours after this! I have got some HQ images and cut a clip of the facial reactions of Alison, I feel it only fair that members of FirmHandSpanking only should be able to see the full force of Alison’s jiggling butt under extreme duress! (but I think you’ll get the message from the images and clip below)




You can see sororiety sister Allaura Shane dish out the punishment to Alison Miller below:

I’m sure you will realize by now that Alison Miller is heavily featured at FirmHandSpanking and has been one of their top rated models since she appeared in 2008! Another excuse to check out the latest movie updates featuring this extremely addictive Californian chick getting her just bare bottom desserts!

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