Amazing Mix of Teen Spankings

I have an amazing set of images and galleries/video from some of the HOTTEST teen spankings and punishments around including a VERY Filthy set of a naughty tart called Emma brewster!

OK, fresh out today from BRITSPANK is one of the UK’s HOTTEST spanking starlets, Jodie Carnell – and in this film she thinks it’s Ok to go out in a very sexy paid of bright red skin tight leggings but ol’ “Pops” collars her before she can disappear for the evening and become another sad teen statistic on the streets of britain…drinking to excess and playing with uncouth boys! WARNING: Viewing Jodie with her pants down will have you stroking yourself silly wanting to see this naughty girl thrashed HARD!!!

You can check out all the great FREE Clips from the HOME PAGE HERE

Now out at DIVINECATS is an old UK Spanking Starlet from many years ago, and this very filthy teenager was really into spanking punishments along with some very dirty masturbation play! Emma had done a few films about 8 years ago then left the scene, but I had NEVER seen this naughty movie til now and you can view some of the smut she filmed EXCLUSIVELY at Divinecats!

Addicted to continually touching herself and bringing herself to Multiple levels of Orgasm, she truly cannot stop. Things go from bad to worse and the only solution seems to be a Good Old Fashioned Spanking on her already welted bottom.



You can see MORE of Emma and other extremely naughty spanking sluts HERE

and finally today from CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS (I love this site)

An early remastered classic of Erica Delemar, yes, also known as Leia-Ann Wood…this was one of her earliest and most severe films she had shot and this caning film is excellent as you’d have seen from the FREE Presentation above! Filmed when she was just 19, I think…it’s sure to be an absolute classic now that it’s in this High End WMV Format!

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