Amelia Jane Rutherford & Pandora Blake – Rivalry part 1

*Ding! Ding!” – I had been waiting with bated breath over this series to crop up at ever since I had learnt that both girls were to go filming with Mike over in Holland… as I knew that the Dance Class films would be kind of interesting now that this site has the dedicated “Rockford School of Dance”…

I just knew that Amelia would somehow be cast as a ballerina in training and I was wondering what Pandora would be cast in, I’m not sure if she is still keeping up with Pilates and such, I remember her mentioning that she had to get back into that an age ago when we filmed with her, I have a full appreciation of what Pilates is all about having just started classes myself after my missus, “Er Indoors”, took me along to her classes to try it out. I was actually in the remedial… well, the starter class and it was tough! Anyway, I know that Pandora, whatever she says… still looks in fab shape, so was cast as a cracking Cheer Girl… all girls love wearing that outfit… and I can tell you, all the red blooded sane fellas out there love seeing girls in a cheer costume too! This video had the makings of a winning combo… so I was intrigued as to what the film was about…

and of course, very pleasantly surprised and happy to see Mike took advantage of the situation and punished girls very admirably and of course done so in his own strict style! Check out the images taken from the movie and decide for yourself, this is one film you won’t want to miss!

Here is what dance coach Mike, had to say about the latest episode! “Rivalry between the different dance styles is always a problem at a dance school. Amelia who is one of the school’s top ballerinas, got into an argument with one of our cheerleaders Pandora. Coach Johnson interfered and both students were taken over his knee for a sound spanking. Pandora for disturbing Amelia and not practising outside, and Amelia for wearing a see through leotard which she had to take off and do the rest of her warm ups in the nude.”

& what’s more… if this is part 1, then logic dictates that there must be a part 2 coming soon!

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