Animated Spanking GIFS

Hello… here’s just a few images I found whilst Googling and playing around, I found all these from a site called Juicy Gif and I typed in “spanking” in the search box – as to the original uploaders of copyright, I have no idea but if the copyright holder comes along and shows me where these originated from… then I would be happy to credit their work.

Example, the first few are from the same person and these are computer generated… the last is from a site I know well… AAAspanking,com which was shown at Juicy Gifs with some other random watermark on it, which isn’t kinda cool, but hey ho… that’s how it goes.

sexy computer generated spanking girl girl spanking spanking gif OTK spanking spanking couple gif6 gif7

This last image (below) has been all over Tumblr too and I do think it is good, whoever made it in the first place… as I didn’t. Would be nice to credit the original creator too, I guess! This was from the “Daddy’s Ransom” film starring Jenna Jay!

spanking and strapping

Back soon with more spanking updates and wotnot! 😉

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