Beautiful Teens & 1st Punishments

Sometimes, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I think about Russia. First up, for decades, they were part of the USSR, the most fearsome threat to the “lazy, decadent West”, hardened communists intent on purging our wicked capitalist ways… then that all went to shit when half the population were starving, the ridiculous planned economies and rife corruption by those in power ended all that and one by one most hardline communist states disappeared until the demise of the USSR (CCCP) and the rebirth of modern Russia! I remember it was a time of hope, that this great proud nation, with arguably some of the best looking girls in the world would become responsible in the world, a proper foil for those in the West who thought they could have it all their own way. Sadly, it’s still a basket case country, which makes me sad. I hate the way the country had been raped of it’s resources by those in power, the disgusting transfer of wealth OUT of Russia when communisim collapsed. I hate the way that for me to visit beautiful St Petersburg or Moscow would cost me an arm and a leg (literally) in expensive rip off hotels and restaurants, I don’t like vodka all that much either and I certainly don’t like the influence of the gangland/mafia and the constant piracy that threatens anything from flourishing…

However , what I do like is this site HER FIRST PUNISHMENT and for that, I thank Mother Russia and her basket case population and beautiful crying girls as many take the plunge into some more extreme spanking and discipline punishments, literally, for the 1st time with many a red bottom, humiliation and tears as the result! All this for $100 or less, and the girls are stunning…perhaps those Russians aren’t daft after all…see this superb example below of a beautiful religious girl thrashed for a pittance, that alone is worth seeing more of, don’t you think?

Beautiful but naive teen convent girl, Oksana Pelanova, had no idea what she was letting herself in for but she was soon disrobed and tied up then caned til she cried very real tears and much loud sobbing as she pleaded not to be punished again! See some high res images from this movie below and judge for yourself from one of the best recent movie updates I’ve seen at Her First Punishment




To see more of this unfortunate naive girl and her many 1st time initiates – check out Russia’s premier spanking & hard discipline site with a vast archive of movies and 1000s of images you’d expect at HerFirstPunishment

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