Caned & Crying teenager

This is the sort of film from CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS I enjoy seeing so it is with great pleasure (literally) that I bring you this sordid schoolgirl punishment story with some nice freeview images and a free clip for you to peruse over whilst wondering if the film is worth the effort. OK, I have seen it before, this site does deal with remastered content, but it’s never been re edited with some scene stealing extras or in this playback quality before and is basically a shiny new (and very rude hard caning film) – oh, and really….the pissing Polish schoolgirl (Sabrina) gets a right caning, bringing her to very real tears!!!! Interested? I thought you would be…please read on!


Sabrina was hauled into the Head’s office after being caught disgracing herself on school grounds. She pleaded with him to be let off but the HeadMaster was having none of it! She was told to lower her knickers lift her skirt & bend over. Then her full broad wobbling teen bottom was given a severe caning. Real tears flowed & loud cries filled the room as she was thrashed again and again with that nasty rattan rod!

“Ye that defileth in manner most foul, prepare ye thy loins & buttocks for The Rod!”
Book of Harika (chapter 3 verse 6)

Seriously! Don’t miss this fantastic movie – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IN FULL!


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