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Lone Star Spanking Party 2016

It’s coming! Last year’s inaugural Lone star Spanking Party attracted over 300 fellow spankos to Houston proving that America’s 4th largest city deserves to host such an event! This year’s party will be bigger and better with a new VERY KINK friendly quality hotel conveniently located to George Bush Intl. Airport. the rooms are bigger and better and this is going to be quite a big deal! Book now to avoid disappointment!

The website comes out of hibernation but we are taking bookings already and lots more updates to this site will start to take place… Go check it out! 

Lone Star Spanking Party


Best Spanking News Update Blog Nominations

spanking blog awards

As you may know… the annual Spanking Awards are now in full swing and will have various nominations for all the categories shown below including the early spanking blog nominations.

  • Spanking blog – News style
  • Spanking blog – Creative
  • Best Spankee Facial Expression
  • Best Spankee newcomer
  • Female Spanker
  • Male Spanker
  • Female Spankee
  • Spankee Lifetime Award
  • Producer Lifetime Award
  • Most Improved Spanking Site 2015
  • Best Spanking Site 2015

I am  writing this here as this blog had far too many nominations (yes it is true) for me to ignore this time. Of course I won’t include the main one which I love to bits – as it is hosting the Awards… but I felt this blog deserved some recognition as it has a long history and some impressive archived content, news, clips, pics and now… animated GIFs which will be a feature of this site from now on.
So if you feel it deserves a mention I would be really honored if you placed it in the vote – there are some great choices this year chosen by YOU, and competition, as ever, is tough! Thank you. CLICK HERE to check out all the nominated blogs or click the image below 🙂

vote for best spanking news blog

The top 3 placed blogs will be revealed the day after.

2014 Spanking Awards – The Nominations


I was rather disappointed to see that no spanking awards either side of The Atlantic were made last year for 2013, so I have decided to rekindle that and hopefully you will all like what you see as you vote for your fave categories. I loved seeing the nominations and the anticipation of the voting until we had a result. Now as it seems Gabe’s Spanking Spot is now archived and he has moved on – I am concerned that no one will nominate, or that it will take too much of my time when I make this public, but I am  willing to try, so please bear with me. basically all nominations will be pretty much the same for the categories you remember, however, as people used to vote for theoir favourite sites rather than most improved – I will add a category, is that ok?

Also, since I am running or collating all the info, I have decided in the interests of fairness and nepotism not to include my own site this year – or my blog, feel free to nominate me, lol, but I won’t include it. This is my sacrifice I make! I thought I’d get this out now so you are aware that you should start thinking about nominations on anything you’ve seen, watched or been involved in over this past year!

Right… we can not vote unless we have nominations and that of course is up to you! So for the first time I would like you all to think long and hard for this is a GLOBAL event. I therefore ask you to consider nominations to honour our outstanding fellow spankers/producers/bloggers and such.  However, your favorites can not win unless you nominate them!



The Rules are much the same as I remember them,  I have however added a category as I mentioned on previous awards.


  1. You CAN nominate more than one person, scene, site, blog etc per category. All will be considered but no more than 3 per category or I will go mad collating this information.
  2. You are encouraged and CAN nominate yourself or your site.  To all those amazing Spanking Producers/Sites and bloggers feel free to send me some Xmas money (only kidding!) – Paypal account to follow! tee hee.
  3. I reserve the RIGHT to select which ones will be voted on if there are too many in a category.
  4. DO NOT COMPLAIN if you don’t nominate someone and your favourite is not voted upon.
  5. All scenes, people, sites, blogs etc are eligible if they were RELEASED from December 1 2013 to November 30 2014. (this is the date nominations close)  – So if you find your favuorite retired or semi retired sub/spankee has a long lost video out that was released during this time then they are eligible! (yay)
  6. Nominations are OPEN until the voting begins on that category.
  7. Voting will begin on December 1st 2014 and continue on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the rest of the year.
  8. Winners will be announced after the New Year.
  9. Please do take your time to nominate from both sides of The Atlantic and beyond if you think a spanker/spankee/website or blog is worthy of consideration – the only exception to any spanking site category is that it can not be a solely Clips 4 Sale site – I will not count these and will ignore the nomination.


  • The Categories
  • Most Improved Spanking Site
  • Best Spanking Site
  • Best Facial Expression during a Spanking
  • New Spankee of the Year
  • Spanking Blog of the Year (News)
  • Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative)
  • Full Length Spanking Movie of the Year (40 Mins+)
  • Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/F
  • Hardest/Best Spanking Scene M/F
  • Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/M
  • Spanker/Top of the Year (can be male or female)
  • Spankee /Sub of the Year  (can be male or female)

To nominate for one or all of the Categories

Simply comment on this or any of the other posts that I will tediously remind you of over the next month or so. Or if you are shy and cannot comment feel free to email me (you should know the address by now it is in the about me section) or join thsi together – eubilling (at) – and your selection will be considered.  Good luck to everyone, friends, spankees and spankers.  Remember, your favourite/favorite can not win unless they are nominated!  So get to work – I now need to ask Gabe (if he is still alive) where I can get the coveted Golden Buttocks for the awards, lol! 🙂

Leave comments here and I will add them to the others if you want to, thank you.


Piracy Issues

Well, I took this badly earlier today, when one prolific sharer of content who owns a forum (I’m sure he or his cohorts will be reading or showing this and I don’t care as it has really upset me and I am thinking of not continuing at this rate). Life is too short and I am not here to provide talentless sharers with easy pickings from my hard earned work, they know NOTHING about the hassles of arranging a shoot: The many cancellations, the agony of getting models to commit or turn up, and that is before we start filming, find locations and get everything organised, take time away from my dayjob losing valuable holiday time in the process. The travel, the sometimes shitty locations I have turned up at or travelled back from, sleepless… nearly killing myself once in the process by crashing my car on the motorway last year (remember that?)… nope, and then there’s the full day or 2 filming, it can be fun, of course it is, but it’s very involved and can get quite stressful… then the post shoot editing and planning, updating the site and promoting the content, dealing with hosting companies and of course the endless expenses and checking the balance sheets to see if it’s an operation I can continue with or keep funding out of my own other income (which is kind of what I am doing at the moment). I have a tax return in January I have no idea if i can pay off from this eeither as things have been so tight this year with more expenses such as cameras and laptops/PCs going down on me, not to mention editing and photo softweare packages which are a rip off but necessary in this business! What do pirates and upload monkeys do? Hmmm, precisely that, none of the above, they just take take take and that’s it… then just wait for their quota of hits to earn money ILEGALLY (I won’t bother arguing with them over this, it is illegal and they know that, end of). From 2008 onwards this has become a problem with more and more filelockers getting on the piracy gravytrain, fortunately this model of sharing is starting to get bittem back as their income streams are targetted and I know for a fact it is a short matter of time before VISA and Mastercard close this crappy loophole (there will be others, sure…)

As more people find it harder and harder to justify signing up, that means they start to look for free content, I understand that. But we as producers really try to offer decent value, compare it to the early years of the internet and what you would get price wise compared to now! & look at teh choice out there! However, prolific sharing in our small niche really does kill off future ideas and shoots for me and has once again made me question why I am doing this when I see the “Kami Submissive Maid” film now in the hands of one of the worst spanking site sharers out there. Anyway, I have pleaded with members in my site area not to share content, apart from them being able to be traced, I don’t like getting nasty with people like that but will contact them and then the billing agent and their future sign ups at any site will be locked and that’s it, they would find it harder to sign up themselves to any site I have put the latest stuff into the hands of the companies and sites that deal with this, more expense which I can do without, of course… and it’s a shame that I have to write this first before updating my blog with promotional updates I hope some of you find interesting and perhaps would like to support them by signing up for a membership (my site included).
Why? Because without membership sign ups sites like mine and the other spanking producers can not continue. they think we are all loaded or something, so why am I working my ass off in my other job and neglecting blogging as a consequence? I think that tells it all… every film you download HELPS them achieve their greedy quota. I admit not all pirates and sharers are interested in this, but it also means their behaviour fuels the greed of those who do this for a living in their shitty hovel countries int he east as they will download then UPLOAD their own links making the films more available. I felt like making the fucking film available free as a gesture, but it would get abused, such is the digital life nowadays.

Yours, extremely disappointed and disillusioned.