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Secretary Spanking Updates

Check out the latest 2 part spanking film which is now showing in full length and HD playback from

spanked in uniform

No Smoking Allowed at the Whippingsham Secretarial College

This Spanking features Dutch secretarial student, Sidney


Sidney was ordered to type up a contract but half way through she decided to take a break and light up a cigarette right there. Unfortunately for her 19 year old bottom, Mr. Johnson caught her and bent her over the desk and took out his trusty old leather paddle he always carried with him.

spanking spanking and paddlingep18_6 ep18_7 bare bottom spanking ep18_9 ep18_11 ep18_4



When Mr. Johnson went to check up again on her progress, He was quite amazed that he found the little brat Sidney casually smoking another cigarette indoors!. He dragged her into his office and gave her a hard slippering followed by 6 of the best with his Birch on her bare bottom just to drive the lesson home.

otk paddling birching ep19_3 ep19_4 ep19_5 ep19_6 ep19_7 ep19_8 ep19_9 ep19_10 ep19_12


The Whippingsham Secretarial College is well known throughout the business community as they train the best secretaries in the country. Through a very strict regime the girls are trained to be perfect secretaries. Hard working, dedicated, submissive and an asset to any boss.

The methods used at the Whippingsham College are very old fashioned and include spanking, paddling, caning and other punishments. The dresscode is also very strict and business attire must be worn at all times. The secretaries are also regularly sent out as temps to other businesses so they get work experience while being trained… failure means a return and more spanking punishments.

whippingsham spanking college

spanked in uniform again

Spanking & Flogging Nici Dee

This is another reason some of us might want to relocate to Eastern Europe when Peter and Heidi have this precocious female submissive talent at Spanking Server just begging to be spanked. For example: Look at this amazing Czech girl, Nici Dee, she is breathtaking and takes all manner of spanking punishments including the many restraining implements and benches that are used to great effect at this site!

This is Nici Dee – you’re not likely to forget her!
Nici Dee at Spanking Server

I have a collection of higher res HQ stills of this lovely new addition, plus an action video gallery of one of her most recent films. Be sure to look out for the name Nici Dee at this site, it’s not likely that you will forget her after seeing these amazing images!

Seriously now, how could we not be impressed with Nici’s assets?

NiciDee (2) NiciDee (5) NiciDee2 (5) NiciDee2 (9)

Check out this video gallery of Nici Dee taking a flogging whilst allowing herself to be restrained over the bench. Her tight pert bare bottom got a stinging session with the leather tails as Peter flogged her until we could see those beautiful red lines on her soft unblemished skin!

vlcsnap-00002 vlcsnap-00004 vlcsnap-00007 vlcsnap-00008 vlcsnap-00009 vlcsnap-00012 vlcsnap-00013 vlcsnap-00014 vlcsnap-00015 vlcsnap-00017 vlcsnap-00018

Wow… isn’t she an intense beauty? I have some more sneak preview images of her at this site (below) getting spanked and punished for your viewing pleasure – now.

NiciDee2 (1) NiciDee2 (4) NiciDee2 (7) NiciDee2 (8)


ass spanked and cropped at spankingserver spankingserver

So… who is moving to the Czech Republic?


Spanking the Naughty Nit Nurse

I thought I’d remind you of one of my favorite films from AAA Spanking starring the very lovely Leandra James – she played a provocative “Nit Nurse” – those who don’t know what these nurses were… well, they were specially trained to check the kids hair for lice and nits (the eggs of the headlice). Sounds awful, eh? I think most of us at one point got them during our childhood… this was a trip down Memory Lane for both Dave (who was the teacher spanking Leandra in this video) & I as we made this film with the very sexy Leandra wishing our Nit Nurses from our childhood were as easy on the eye as her! LOL.

A typical scene of how Nit Nurses were shown examing the hair of the school children


Below is the far more sexy version of The Nit Nurse – played by Leandra James

nitnurse01 nitnurse02 nitnurse03 nit1 nurse in uniform is spanked OTK spanked over her panties nit2 panties down spanking spanking spanking her sore red bottom nitnurse09 nitnurse10 nit3 strapping and paddling her bare bottom nitnurse12 nitnurse13 nitnurse14 nitnurse15 nitnurse16

There had been complaints from some parents about the school’s new Nit Nurse wearing highly provocative panties and inappropriate uniform when she was tasked with her duties of delousing their precious ones! It was a delicate matter, as Leandra was sent over from The Netherlands on a nursing exchange program to this quiet English High School establishment. She was brought to the attention of the only teacher that dared bring up the subject, the one they all relied on for some special “in house” discipline… the one person the other teachers called “Dodgy Dave”. His methods were a little offbeat, some would say, perverse, but he got results… and Nurse Leandra soon learnt what she should be doing correctly with the aid of some old fashioned spanking methods when ol’ Dodgy had heard that she got spanked at home in her relationship… this was the perfect ruse for him to carry out his own private Nit Nurse investigation. Enjoy this quirky but severe discipline film that involves the use of hand, leather strap and paddle with unwarranted use of a riding crop!



Or alternatively, you can download this HD version as a one time fee to keep and play back as often as you want in the format of your choice from the AAA Clips Store – click on image below for direct access!

Naughty Nit Nurse given a spanking

Hot Sexy Callgirl Spanking Updates!

Oh my… what a spanking treat you have in store at this site today! This is what is all about! I like to see the very sexy, slutty sleazy side of a site that is perfectly based in Los Angeles to capitalize on this type of girl on girl discipline!
Check out these two GORGEOUS HOT girls smacking each others perfect round rumps and see this ass smacking spectacular with tight shorts and naughty panties squeezed over those jiggling buns!

A stunning double asswhooping between callgirls – OUT NOW HERE!

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 otk spanking 10 11 12 13 14 sexy spanking spanking 17 18 19

Sunny Day and Mary Jane argue over who should be able to take a bath first to get ready for a client. Then end up spanking each other for the right to go first. It is a sexy spanking.

This really is a super hot spanking film that I can’t recommend highly enough! these girls are perfect for this site and i hope that they come back for another round of bitchin’ and spankings!


Hot Booty Spanking


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New Spanked Sweetie

000There’s a brand new “Sweetie” getting intriduced at Spanked Sweeties and her name is Ashley Luvbug. That’s a cute name and she has an even nicer peachy rump that cries out to be spanked, check out what happens to this naughty teenager when she recalls how she was spanked pretty often growing up, by both her mom (played by Lana Miller) and her dad. She has come to enjoy spanking and shares her stories and takes some hard re-enactments. The first of which you can see below… welcome Ashley… she is sure to be a very popular girl from the Clare Fonda Pass network!

spanked by mom 003 003a 004 004a 005 006 006a 006b 007 008 009 010



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Kylee Anders latest Spanking

Kylee Anders suggests a spanking then bares her bottom for a ping pong paddle!


“I really think I deserve a spanking,” says cute blonde Au Pair Kylee Anders, passing Jonny Stockton a ping pong paddle. Lying over a stool she decides to bare that gorgeous bottom, telling him “Go for it!” Her reactions show she regrets the offer to be spanked bare, after one of his kids grazed their knee on a bike ride.

au_pair_h003 panties down spanking paddled on her bare bottom au_pair_h008 au_pair_h010 au_pair_h012 au_pair_h016 au_pair_h017 otk spanking au_pair_h022 spanked ass au_pair_h024


Firm Hand Spanking

Dani Daniels 1st Man Spanking

Dani Daniels super-hot debut spanking:
a Firm Hand Spanking exclusive!

Dani Daniels

You’ve waited expectantly and now we’ve delivered! Top adult star Dani Daniels takes her first spanking from a male, exclusively at Firm Hand. And what a spanking! Dani is a successful, powerful young lawyer who craves just one thing: spanking discipline. Who better to deliver that desire than Richard Anderson? Dramatic Reaction Cam footage in the all-new series Legal Penalties!

legal_ba002 legal_ba005 spanking over her skirt legal_ba009 legal_ba010 legal_ba012 hand spanking legal_ba015 legal_ba017 otk spanking legal_ba020 legal_ba022 legal_ba024


Firm Hand Spanking