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Girls that should know better!

I love it when a foolish young girl fails to learn from her lesson or gives some stick back to her punisher, as this invariably means the piunishment is upped, as in the case of the giggling Alexandria (featured first below) or in the case on one miss abbie Whittaker, she is spanked for the hell of it as regular “maintenance” to keep her on her toes – naturally she’s pissed off. But First, Russian exchange student Alexandria stars in a great title which is self explanitory…

“Thank you for smacking my bare bottom!”

Bless her, she can hardly pronounce the word “bare” properly and is forced to repeat this phrase whilst stood up receiving the dreaded rubber soled plimsol for her slippering! Click on the image below and it takes you to the full explanation and a free clip as Alexandria is shown how girls in England are chastised & disciplined.

I have got you some video image grabs from this great movie (below) – this is a PPV movie, meaning that you choose to download just this film, no fussy memberships if that’s not your thing (which I know botheres some), so just pay (the films don’t cost much and start from about $4-5!) and download it, play it back, and keep it as long as you want to add to your own spanking library, simples!




Abbie Whittaker is one of the sexiest girls to bare her bottom for a spanking and one site where you can see her man-spanked on a regular basis is Firm Hand Spanking

Anyone not aware of this site by now will therefore be blown away by their fantastic stills photography, amazing girls (of which Abbie is just one beauty) and of course the movies are now all Hi-Res wmv format for clearer playback on large screens ensuring they hook you in and get you addicted to the beautiful girls, like I have been…dammit!!! 😀 Check out the flash movie promo of Abbie’s latest movie where she is spanked and paddled, in her opinion, rather unfairly!

Click image below for the free spanking & paddling clip

I have got you some samples from the full stills photo update and there are also more vid grabs from the movie, this should keep all you fans of Miss Whittaker very happy!




“You spank me for everything I do, and for everything I don’t do?” Abigail asks John Ryan, The Interventionist. Now she’s living under his guidance, she has to abide by his rules. That means a 40-swat OTK spanking with a stinging paddle, 10 on tight shorts and 30 bare bottom, before being instructed to stand in the corner, tight buns glowing red!





Teenagers that need spanking!

Not only do these naughty girls below need a spanking, it’s the manner of the style of their spanking I like, placing girls in various embarrassing positions, like the “Diaper Position” or being punished at home over the sofa when everyone else can hear your cries of pain is a powerful reminder that not just teh actual spanking punishment, but the way in which it is given adds to the utter shame and humiliation that some of these girls deserve nowadays!

Girls Boarding School resident Elin is one such example, legs are at first held up as her bare exposed bottom and teenage privates are fully exposed and she is then given a horrendous paddling across her sore buttocks! Check out the latest images below from this latest movie update OUT NOW for download!



These images above were actually taken from the tour pages, so it shows if you’ve not been there recently that there is some interesting free preview content! Now what we have below is from INSIDE the member area, an old classic of one very well known girl, Kailee Robinson, who did an awful lot of work for GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL.

Now that it’s summertime, we all enjoy seeing a beautiful girl sunbathing, but you’ll also enjoy watching this lovely brat called in for her basement punishment, stripped and humiliated!!!



Beautiful Kailee and all the other unfortunate girls punished by Headmaster Tom can be viewed here – and remember that if you sign up now, the price is in Euros, so this site has become (unwittingly for them) about 30% cheaper over the last few months for all those that have US Dollar accounts!!! AND….they still update DAILY!!! Cool!


Now I have also included a family spanking update below from SPANKING EXPERIENCE where you’ll see cory the babtsitter  (below) given a good hard spanking and slippering across her pert teenage cheeks! Come on, who hasn’t all dreamt of giving your baby sitter a damned good slippering, especially one as sexy as Cory!!!

The images below are screen grans taken from this movie! That is one delicious spankable teen ass!



Oh, did I mention there’s a SPECIAL OFFER to join at HALF PRICE??? Check it out HERE

As an added bonus I have got you a gorgeous filly that is spanked at home, she’s called Lily, and she’s no wothering flower…these teenage girls from Eastern Europe have tight butts, don’t they?



There is no hiding Lily’s modesty, she tries often to cover up her trim pussy and exposed bottom, but he’s having none of it and barks at her to lift her legs higher in that diaper position so her punishment is doubly humiliating! By the end she is suitably subdued and feeling her sore buttocks knows not to cross him again!!!

You can see approx 140 full length films that covers all manner of punishments, teens, schoolgirls, older ladies and some excellent storylines and intimate movies for just $12.95 (over half the usual price!)

Little Darlings – movie review

It’s been a while since I did a proper review of a long play movie and this one starring Amy Hunter and Leia Ann Woods as 2 bratty sisters is a peach of a film from spanking specialists NORTHERN SPANKING! Why? Well, I loved the authentic settings, we even get an opening scene of both girls playing up in the car as Mum drives them home in difficult driving conditions… now I’m sure many of you will be aware of the distractions of annoying brats in the rear seats…play fighting, mucking about, saying they want to go “for a wee” or asking that infernal question “Are we there yet?” See the build up below and you’ll understand why these girls will soon be ending up pants down, crying and humiliated when they get home!!!

Below are some images and of course, you may have realised by now, this movie is one of their special HD spanking versions in MP4 format – all these movie formats are easily played on VIDEOLAN, the best multi platform media player – if you don’t have this, you can download it free HERE. Anyway, the images below show you that both girls are spanked and slippered across their panties, then with them removed as each girl at first is forced to watch the other. Amy takes a spanking whilst Leia pokes her tongue out, hmm, they aren’t taking this seriously, are they?….it’s around this point that both girls are given the slipper as mum is convinced these brats are NOT learning their lesson!



Now the twist happens to these “Little darlings” during their nasty slippering punishment as both bottoms are beginning to turn a shameful red, and both girls are snivelling and starting to feel sorry, so what happens? Stephen Lewis returns to find his “little darlings” being thrashed and having spoilt his girls (rather foolishly) the slippering stops and the arguments about the car journey, the bickering and these brats behaviour comes out but Stephen isn’t listening and ushers the girls away after even giving them pocket money!!! Check out the moment that he returns to find this terrible scene in front of his eyes!


Don’t you hate it when you can see precious little darlings like this wrap their fingers round their adoring dads? Mother here thinks so, she knows the true extent of their nature but he’s blind to it, and now as the girls are away he punishes his wife in the same room that only 5 minutes earlier was filled with the moans and sobbing of Amy and Leia-Ann! What follows is a great domestic discipline scene of a hard spanking followed by a quite severe caning – and I have to say, Andi Switch – who plays the wife is looking MILFtastic – who would have thought she was wearing such erotic lingerie underneath that boring plaid skirt? yet another surprise inthis great movie!!! The end of this film is a great finale as she is caned, stripped down to just her sexy underwear, and I’m always a sucker for women with great legs in dark stockings anyway…check out the caning scene below, you’ll get an idea of what happens at the end! (the full caning scene is fantastic btw!)


This long play HD Spanking movie (and there’s so much more, I have only scratched the surface of what this one film offers) is only available at NORTHERN SPANKING – there are other HD movies which are being uploaded which adds to their vast movie collection, and of course, there are now over 60 of their infamous SSS (Short Sharp Shock) films which caters to those wanting to see punishments quickly without a big build up of storylines etc…


Irelynn Logeen at Girls Boarding School

This gorgeous Irish redhead is the latest HOT spanking update from Girls Boarding School and her poor bottom takes a severe thrashing as we all know and love and expect from this site! I promise you this film, a premium production, is worth the membership alone, let alone then have full access to one of Europe’s largest teen and schoolgirl dedicated severe spanking and punishment website! See more below and decide for yourself!

I love Irish girls, I love redheads too…oh and if they’re intelligent then I’m in heaven (there’s only so many times you can thrash an airhead bimbo’s arse, be nice to talk to them too every now and then, eh?) Miss Logeen ticks every box and what’s more, she can take quite a punishment as you’ll have seen from these images below!


You can see more of Irelynn’s films exclusively produced for this site HERE

 If you haven’t already viewed this, I have another Irelynn update at SpankingBlogg – enjoy!

Spanked & Strapped at Work!

This is a NEW movie out now for members to download at BRITSPANK – this means it’s a new totally exclusive film which you won’t find anywhere else. Now I had chosen to review this film here because it features a new girl, an 18 year old newbie who is a new office temp who falls foul of her more senior colleague and the boss and ends up getting an embarrassing spanking, shocked and ashamed to have her pretty pink knickers pulled down and her plump teenage cheeks smacked and spanked til they turned an angry red!

What you will also see is a free clip of the strapping of her colleague which I have to say, having just seen the movie in full, was a great scene in this movie as the boss really doesn’t hold back! You can tell this office employee has taken a good dose of this before as I can imagine the pretty teenager, Belinda, would be in utter tears and worse…but young ladies nowadays need a firm hand every now and then to bring them back into line, I think her OTK spanking did the job! Check out these images from the movie below which you will see here for the first time!

Here is the story of what happened!
Rebecca was supposed to be making sure new office temp Belinda understood what was required at work. Belinda fresh out of school was under the impression that she could do & act as she pleased! How wrong the stupid girl was! The boss, finding that the office was a total mess, was absolutely livid! First with the arrogant teenager, Belinda, then Rebecca for not doing a better job at training up the new girl.


After a discussion about what their Boss expected – an ultimatum was given. “Bare & bend for a spanking & strapping” or both get fired. Choosing the discipline option (jobs are HARD to come by right now!) they get punished. This movie has scenes of hard strapping & the first ever bare bottom spanking of the teen minx Belinda (just 18 years old)!!!


!!! View this site from just $9.95 !!!

Mischa – HOT New Spankable Teen!!!

This squeaky voiced teenager is HOT, so hot that watching her bare bottom getting spanked and worse should come with a health warning! I have managed to download a really HOT preview for you, it’s in RM format, so those hating Real Media, I’m sorry, it’s my download software. The original films are all in Wmv, as are a couple of sample clips that I have got for you.
However, what you’ll see is an upcoming preview of Mischa that PunishedBrats , in my opinion, are damn lucky to have got hold of her, she is by far the sexiest creature I have seen spanked in a long long time!


Punished brats is the site that has some of the cutest teens getting thrashed on film. Based in Pennsylvania, they are blessed with East Coast girls getting a good hard thrashing along with beautiful resident Pixie who is just adorable with one of the cutest firm rumps that turns a fantastic shade of red when she is punished!

Below I have gathered some upcoming Mischa pics, OMG! Check out her cheer girl outfit, I’m head over heels!!!





The image above is taken from the very latest update out today at Punished Brats called Locker Room Pranks, and poor Mischa is punished by cruel Gym Mistress Veronica, you can check out a couple of sample clips below of the wriggling, squirming Mischa as she is naked over Veronica’s knee getting a good hard hairbrushing across her strangley addictive red cheeks…

previewclip1  previewclip2

Fortunately Punished Brats is one of the most cost effective sites about (with access from just $17 a month with full unrestricted access to their vast growing archives)