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Hello, as I had promised inside the members area of AAA Spanking I linked to this blog and said there would be a full explanation of the next film coming out later this week! Well, I hope these (reduced size) images do more than I could waffling away, I’ll add some commentary and explain what it’s about, but as you will see, it stars Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson as 2 very naughty girls who get up to no good after another punishment session from their Mistress… Emma Watchful! the girls fool around with each other and with some floggers that they find under the bed until their Mistress returns – outraged… and decides to give both girls anohter punishment side by side!

This features some lovely lingerie, sore red bottoms, cream rubbed into soft sore cheeks (well, why not, eh?) and use of hand, crop, flogger and paddle on their upturned asses… F/F lovers will love this new film coming out later this week! Enjoy!

Jenna and Taylor discuss their recent punishment and make out under the bed sheets!








See 2 very naughty sexy girls get a bottom reddening punishment this week at


Just for your info, members will also be able to download a HQ image gallery as well as 110 video images (in full size) which will accompany this spanking movie, so this new update will be something special that caters to many of you F/F lovers out there, I hope you will like it, I enjoyed watching it… and just look at their glowing red bottoms! mmm! Toasty!

Oh, and of course, for new members – you WILL get to see this movie in full and a whole load of other films that these girls have made together, don’t miss both Taylor and Jenna getting more spankings HERE

2 thoughts on “Coming Next at AAA Spanking!

  1. tim

    John this is a very enjoyable vid ,look forward to part 2 when the girls get big spanks from Miss ,best,Tim.

  2. Chief Post author

    I have just uploaded a really nice HQ photoset that accompanies this vid, the final part to the film will be out on Monday as I am uploading a new film to come out later this week.

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