Dave Mire’s Lita at Deviantart

A nice distraction for you, I have been admiring this guy’s artwork for sometime now and when you take a look you’ll understand why his character Lita has such a following with her adventures and scrapes from her put upon dad, mother or teachers who have the duty of thrashing this naughty girl! The brief storylines are fun and contains some real hard whackings! Just click on the images for the larger sizes so you can  read the cartoons! I’ll provide a link to where you can find more of his artwork should you wish to see more!

Dad’s been itchin’ to try out his new belt. especially on his smart mouthed daughter’s rear quarters.


Lita learns mathematics the hard way.


Lita in trouble again. This time a slip of the tongue gets her in double trouble!


another punishment & this one briefly features Lita’s mom at the end filling an ice pack.


Lita has been caught defacing furniture with crude graffiti.
She gets a paddling at school, or what the teacher calls an “attitude adjustment.”


Lita_gets_a_spanking__xtra_red_by_peskinhead Lita_gets_a_spanking_2_by_peskinhead

Lita does not like cheerleaders and pays the price for fighting with Josie Kramer. Twice.




See MORE of Dave Mire’s work HERE

5 thoughts on “Dave Mire’s Lita at Deviantart

  1. Chief Post author

    Aren’t they adorable? I love the freedom that artists and cartoonists can express without physical constraints of, say, us filming scenes like that 🙂

  2. Pandora

    I know, I’ve always loved spanking art. You can use any location you want, physical flexibility of performers is no longer a factor (says the totally inflexible one) AND you can be as severe as you like!

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