Jasmine wets herself before her spanking!

Waiting for any punishment is worrying enough, but in this classic movie which is only available from SPANKINGONLINE beautiful and very naughty teenager Jasmine has been waiting, scared, on the stairs for her nasty Uncle to come home and spank her, and she knows he likes to spank her wobbling cheeks hard!
The last time she was late for a punishment he thrashed her so severely with the old family Lochelly Tawse she cried herself to sleep and she didn’t want to move, so much so that she actually peed her pants, afraid to leave the stairway in case he returned whilst she was on the toilet.

So she hopes that when he’s back he won’t notice the soaking wet panties and hopes he just gets on with it when he’ll ask her to remove her knickers and get the wretched spanking over with! WRONG!!! This girl is even MORE foolish than we all suspected as he’ll no doubt feel her damp cheeks and then investigate, but she’s desperate and hopes aginst hope she can get away with it! Check out the images from this full length movie below.


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