Kylee Anders latest Spanking

Kylee Anders suggests a spanking then bares her bottom for a ping pong paddle!


“I really think I deserve a spanking,” says cute blonde Au Pair Kylee Anders, passing Jonny Stockton a ping pong paddle. Lying over a stool she decides to bare that gorgeous bottom, telling him “Go for it!” Her reactions show she regrets the offer to be spanked bare, after one of his kids grazed their knee on a bike ride.

au_pair_h003 panties down spanking paddled on her bare bottom au_pair_h008 au_pair_h010 au_pair_h012 au_pair_h016 au_pair_h017 otk spanking au_pair_h022 spanked ass au_pair_h024


Firm Hand Spanking

3 thoughts on “Kylee Anders latest Spanking

  1. Eric

    Have just purchased a 2 month membership with Firm Hand. IMMEDIATELY following clearance of my payment their server apparently went offline! This was several days ago, and it remains offline. Not a good confident feeling about this – what gives??

  2. Chief Post author

    Contact their customer support, I can’t help you, unfortunately.
    I am associated with help for AAA and the Sarah Gregory sites (naturally it is pretty darned good, ahem)

    Anyway, the site is active my end: Write to them at the link below and try to give them as much info as poss to help them identify you, I hate it when I get an email just saying “can’t get in” with nothing more than that. It will only prompt me to ask for your codes or correct email address used etc and delay help as some people write in with a different email, believe it or not.

    Go to the Firm Hand link below, good luck, I am sure they will assist you in a timely manner!

  3. Jim

    Following up Eric’s issue. I too experienced the same problem. As far as their support, my first inquiry was met with the same SMUG ATTITUDE I previously received several years ago. Fortunately, until now I thankfully have not had reason to contact them again. My inquiry was responded to as such: I was just in there~not down at all. No greeting, no sorry to hear you are having difficulties, no suggested remedies. Just the attitude of It’s not our problem, don’t bother us; we’re busy taking your money for nothing in return. …DISGRACEFUL

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