I’m sure you are all aware (all too often) that I regularly feature updates from – Japan’s premier Girl/Girl spanking website and I have decided to feature this at 2 of my blogs today as I really wanted the various readership to catch up on the last few weeks, as an added bonus I have included free movie previews which are in Wmv format, you just need to click where advised and it will play the clips which show  new uber teen babe Azuki both giving and receiving spankings in the Office environment! (Some of you may recall her recently featured in her Sailor schoolgirl suit getting spanked) for that reminder, just CLICK HERE for the streaming clip.

OK, please be prepared to fall in love with this most beautiful Japanese teenager, one Miss Azuki Asagi! *swoon*

This is taken from the movie, “Morning Meeting”
“Good morning, Miss Asagi. May I have today’s discipline?” Imagine being presented withthat option and your underling bowing most deferentially! Imagine no more as this is what Azuki takes advantage of with her junior secretary… she needs to discipline and train this girl as there is a hierarchy in the office!



This clip is taken from the movie: “White Suit, Black Paddle”  – Azuki is summoned to see her stern Boss and you’ll notice that her very short and tight skirt doesn’t hide much and then it is removed revealing her slender legs covered in those very sexy black stockings showing off her cute pert arse as she squirms with the hard spanking and paddling she got! Azuki learns to know her place… (this will not bode well for her underling later!)



This final movie in this series is called “Afternoon Discipline” – Azuki spanks her junior for making a very poor cup of tea! Tea drinking in Japan is taking seriously, like us humble Brits, we both love our cups of tea and Azuki reminds her submissive junior what happens when she displeases her!



If you want to see more of these girls getting punished, and believe me, it’s stunning, then CLICK HERE or check out more below! have a good ‘un… Chief

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