Lottie made to reflect on her Punishment!

There is a brand new movie just released at SpankedSchoolgirl and I have to say that it has Lottie Kinsade looking like the teen temptress schoolgirl that she is. She’s been sent upstairs to wait for her punishment, witht he leather strap in her hand, she’ll get to feel that far more intimately across her fleshy bottom and if you click on my special intro clip below, all will become VERY clear! It’s a special 1 minute introduction, check out Lottie’s reactions and she’s still wearing a brace for her teeth, which I have to say I find rather cute! The camera pans in on her and I never realised until now how striking she was. I was always more used to seeing her, regulation knickers removed…with her amazing bottom high in the air ready for whatever punishment she was given!

Schoolgirl punishment lovers – this is a MUST SEE!!! Check out the intro clip and then continue to some early exclusive first show images courtesy of SpankedSchoolgirl.com

You can see the FULL Teenage Chastisement movie out now HERE


If you haven’t already, please check out today’s mega update at My SpankingBlogg!
I promise it’s worth it 😉

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