Marie – Teenager spanked at Amberspanks

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a real teen brat like 19 year old cheerleader Marie getting a good old fashioned hand spanking over the knees of a delightfully stern looking and super sexy Amber Dawn at

In this latest bumper update, if you check out the image below it leads to a very special gallery I have had hosted that shows a ton of screen grabs from this very latest movie. You’ll see Amber tell off this pot smoking teen dope head in her sexy tight cheergirl uniform and haul her over her knees for a delicious and hard hand spanking!

Her curvacious body and bouncy tits pop out as she is spanked for the very first time by Amber! There are also some higher resolution images I have obtained which are available below, tell me you wouldn’t melt looking deep into Marie’s blue eyes! Mmmm!


& don’t forget that Amber has thoughtfully rewarded us if we sign up to both her sites, getting $10 off the membership using your same codes for both her sites, seriously, this lady, who has the body most teenagers would be jealous of still knows how to delight us spankos with some amazing and rare films that you just don’t get anywhere else! Bravo Amber!!
Um, I need a cold shower to calm down after updating this… 😀

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