Sorry I haven’t been updating around the blogs as much, there was a reason, setting up this bloody Tube Site, I thought I’d give it a go and what a Royal Pain in the Arse it was to set up, but I am slowly getting there (it’s still a work in progress but at least it’s viewable now)and will add a shedload of clips here if it’s something that people would like to see more of! You can always leave comments here or on the tube if interested.

Here below is my very latest addition of the very beautiful and impossibly long legged teen Adrienne Black as you’ll have seen as this has autoplayed which is what all the movies do on the Tube Site – this amazing film is from Firm Hand Spanking in her very first naked spanking!
WARNING: This girl WILL give you severe wood!!!

As you’ll see, if you check out the TUBE SITE HERE I have added some new clips now that I have got the hang of it! I will be adding stuff from all over the spanking sphere so don’t forget to add this as one of your essential stops! Thanks. Chief

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