Newbies, Spankings & Embarrassing Positions

I love seeing newbies… who doesn’t? I can’t wait to get one of our latest girls at my own site shown very soon, a genuine 1st time girl to spanking who took a hell of a thrashing throughout the day and still kept smiling and re assuring me she “was OK” – bless, I loved her to bits! Which is why, until I get that intro film shown… I am checking out other auditions and castings and where better to start then with Mr Stern who likes his new girls too – over his lap… and why not? Especially when he has Scarlot and blondie Paris to spank! The images below mainly feature Scarlot – and doesn’t she look fantastic?

Paris and Scarlet fancy that they will make good spanking models, they both love showing off their very pretty bodies and they certainly have enough plain cheek to warrant a good spanking. They came along to see Mr. Stern at English Spankers and why not, this has been the way many of our now much loved spanking models have started. It is decided that Scarlot will take the first spanking whilst Paris sits and watches. She gets the start of her spanking over her blue denim shorts and then these are removed for the spanking to rally be felt on her panties and then her bare bottom.






Here’s something a little different, it doesn’t feature spanking as such, just incredible teen girls from Russia put through a variety of embarrassing medical examinations, many of these girls are 1st timers and I have always enjoyed the humiliation and shame aspect of such an intrusive medical examination might have from the doctors in their masks and the girls legs are held apart, a speculum inserted, perhaps a thermometer taking a girl’s rectal temperature or an enema given instead… the girls are all so damned cute… which just makes it a little pervy and rather addictive to watch! See for yourself in some choice galleries I have below, just click on the image and decide for yourselves:


You can see many more free specialist galleries HERE

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