Real Life Spankings – A Quick Review!

Domestic spankings have never been so good when they feature literally 100’s of exclusive girls never seen elsewhere, and these girls, mainly from Holland are spanked by the very lucky Mike, owner and “schpannnker” of OK, not all the girls featured here today are teens, hell, but we do get to see many 18 and 19 year olds bared and spanked as well as the majority of girls who should know far better in their very early twenties!

Girls are supposed to have matured by then, right? Wrong! We see how Mike tirelessly deals with one brat after another…and in all manner of humiliating positions, from OTK, bent over naked receiving the strap, cane, birch or anything that will mark the girl’s bottom and give her a proper reminder of what punishment is all about! All the girls are gorgeous, of course, and some of these are beyond that, they are stunning, as you’d expect from a nation like the Netherlands! Oh, and as they all speak impeccable English, what makes this more appealing for me is their accemts, the girls especially sound even cuter when they beg Mike to “Schtoppp!” ūüėÄ

Oh God, so where do I begin? Well, there has always been a few girls that stand out for me, and as they are featured in many many movies then these girls should be able to let you gauge what the site is about! Take the very lovely Sofia, below. Here you will see her often in trouble, crying out in pain, never learning her lesson, thankfully, as she appears again and again in some stunning movies! Like the one below, she has been involved with porn in her short life and in this film, though she is being rulered, you will see her tell-tale cum juice seeping out of her pussy despite the punishments, this is one very HOT naughty young lady!


I could be on here all day extolling the virtues of seeing these girls with their knickers removed and their bare bottoms turning very red, so I will let you see another minx that features heavily at Real-Life-Spankings and that is Natalie! This blonde bimbo has an amazing body, and just check out her gorgeous ass to die for!

Natalie – one of her many cornertimes after punishment!

In this punishment below (click images to view fully) Natalie’s bare bottom OTK spanking ends with a really humiliating and very painful time sat on a “stool of shame”…like a bed of hard nasty rubber nails, the last thing you’d want to sit on after a hard sound spanking! Eh?




Just so you are aware, these girls are properly punished as the evidence of seeing the results of a reddened bottom during and after a punishment! Best bent over, bottom bared, about to receive the leather strap or paddle! The below pics are just the tip of the vast archives filmed over 5-6 years!!!


All the movies come with Hi Res photos and capture many a tear stained and blubbing teen like Stacy (below) who you know has had a good hard punishment, I think more girls should wear heavy mascara so we can see more evidence of their tears!


WARNING: Viewing these girls punished WILL cause severe “trouser bumpage”

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