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By the time Lila finished the 2nd part of her Gym instructor’s punishment, her bottom was a glowing dark red due to the excessive use of the paddle! You can see this in the special 2 minute clip and I’m sure many of you are very familiar with pale skinned Lila and her ability to take a severe punishment. This movie clip highlights just exactly how much punishment she can take…and it would make most girls cry off in shame – perhaps this is why she is so addictive to watch getting thrashed – you decide below. Clip courtesy of

You can view the FULL movie – 1 of many starring Lila at


From SpankingServer this last week comes these 2 hotties who take on Peter & co with 2 signature punishments that SpankingServer are so well known for and  why they keep me going back for more….

1st up is the latest ASSHOLE CANING – this is a feature that webmaster Peter has perfected over the years and I have never seen it done anywhere else. I’m not sure if it ever came from a member request after their hugely popular pussy strappings (which still take part – I’m just not showingthat today) What you will see of course is the vast beautiful talent that can be called on from Eastern Europe – just click on the image below and it will take you to a special free asshole caning presentation! Enjoy!!


below are some additional images from the above movie:

There is another clip I’d like to share with you from SpankingServer that highlights their other expertise and that is their various contraptions and restraints, you’d have already seen Nolly B restrained (above), well here you’ll see this blonde beauty (below) strapped into the cross bench and then leathered…these devices make the girls look even more submissive and only adds to their humiliating discipline!

Click on image below for the 2nd free clip of the day! 😀

Images of the above movie are available for your viewing pleasure below:

Check out the latest updates with some of the hottest girls punished HERE

3 thoughts on “RealSpankingsInstitute & SpankingServer updates

  1. SG

    Again and again Spankingserver takes a pretty girl, binds her in a wonderfully humiliating position, then canes her directly on her helplessly exposed asshole. This is just not done enough.

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