Severely slippered buttocks!

Coming out from TheBareBottom this weekend is a most powerful and nasty slippering film starring Lottie Kinsade! Fortunately, Lottie’s bottom is able to take such severe punishments, but from what you are about to see, let this be a warning to the naughty teenagers out there that keep their rooms in a filthy state….beware the wrath of The Slipper!

Below are some special early exclusive preview pics and a special SLO- MO slipper scene and I promise you the sight of Lottie’s poor battered bottom jiggling in this slow motion impact will have you off the edge of your armchairs…OK, take a look below and marvel at her wobblesome buttocks!

There are several scenes of slo mo action so we all get to see exactly what happens to a young madam’s cheeks when they are spanked or slippered, a most enjoyable and fasciating movie which should be out to view in full later today! has a very special promotional offer  – You can view the full exclusive content site from just $9.75 Click HERE or the banner below for more details. Have a great weekend! Chief

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