Spanking Bailey

This isn’t a site review, but a reminder of just what you can expect to see at one of the most overlooked websites around featuring a real life spankee. Much of the content at this site has been revamped and the images shown , like the ones below, depict exactly what happens in the films! As an aside… Paul from Northern Spanking was lucky enough to get Bailey on an impromptu film shoot at the Shadowlane Vegas Party a few years ago and you might want to recall these amazing scenes alongside Zille Defeu, probably one of the stand out films of that year for me (the 2 paired together were just perfect). 

If you want to see the FULL film (and I suggest you do, it’s fantastic) CLICK HERE

Anyway, I am digressing, back on track with bailey’s own branded site – There you will find all manner of typical teen girl punishments, in the Dean’s Office, the Dorm rooms, at home, spanked by Auntie and so on… Bailey also wears pyjamas rather well and has a very seductive and spankable bottom… this is not a dead site, far from it, updates still come out and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the films… see for yourself and decide! I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t get off on and expect you ladies and gents not to either! 🙂






Check out MORE of Bailey Sullivan for yourselves – CLICK HERE

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