Spankings so hot, only frozen peas will do!

OMG! This is just a quick update but Chloe Elise is back at the spanking soap opera that is MY SPANKING ROOM MATE… and what’s more, she is starring alongside Madison & perky Nicole… Trouser Arousal Alert, gentlemen…. watch out!!!




Madison and Nicole try to sneak Chloe’s car keys. She catches them and allows them to borrow her car if they will submit to a spanking. They do, so Chloe first puts them over her knee for a hand spanking, then bends them over to take some hard whacks with a wooden spoon. Nicole puts frozen pees on her tender bottom, but Madison and Nicole will still have trouble sitting as they drive away with their delicious bums aching and so sore!


See MORE of Nicole and Madison taking what’s coming to them with the hand and wooden spoon from their very sexy girlfriend Chloe Elise!

Chloe teaches these 2 naughty girls a lesson with the kitchen wooden spoon! Chloe swats their burning red hand spanked asses till she knows both girls will be feeling very sorry! Nicole’s thrashed butt is so flaming hot she grabs something out of the freezer… ANYTHING to soothe her scorching red hot sizzling butt! Ouch!

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