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Girls that should know better!

I love it when a foolish young girl fails to learn from her lesson or gives some stick back to her punisher, as this invariably means the piunishment is upped, as in the case of the giggling Alexandria (featured first below) or in the case on one miss abbie Whittaker, she is spanked for the hell of it as regular “maintenance” to keep her on her toes – naturally she’s pissed off. But First, Russian exchange student Alexandria stars in a great title which is self explanitory…

“Thank you for smacking my bare bottom!”

Bless her, she can hardly pronounce the word “bare” properly and is forced to repeat this phrase whilst stood up receiving the dreaded rubber soled plimsol for her slippering! Click on the image below and it takes you to the full explanation and a free clip as Alexandria is shown how girls in England are chastised & disciplined.

I have got you some video image grabs from this great movie (below) – this is a PPV movie, meaning that you choose to download just this film, no fussy memberships if that’s not your thing (which I know botheres some), so just pay (the films don’t cost much and start from about $4-5!) and download it, play it back, and keep it as long as you want to add to your own spanking library, simples!




Abbie Whittaker is one of the sexiest girls to bare her bottom for a spanking and one site where you can see her man-spanked on a regular basis is Firm Hand Spanking

Anyone not aware of this site by now will therefore be blown away by their fantastic stills photography, amazing girls (of which Abbie is just one beauty) and of course the movies are now all Hi-Res wmv format for clearer playback on large screens ensuring they hook you in and get you addicted to the beautiful girls, like I have been…dammit!!! 😀 Check out the flash movie promo of Abbie’s latest movie where she is spanked and paddled, in her opinion, rather unfairly!

Click image below for the free spanking & paddling clip

I have got you some samples from the full stills photo update and there are also more vid grabs from the movie, this should keep all you fans of Miss Whittaker very happy!




“You spank me for everything I do, and for everything I don’t do?” Abigail asks John Ryan, The Interventionist. Now she’s living under his guidance, she has to abide by his rules. That means a 40-swat OTK spanking with a stinging paddle, 10 on tight shorts and 30 bare bottom, before being instructed to stand in the corner, tight buns glowing red!





Beautiful Spankings

What can I say? Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker, probably 2 of the sexiest young madams to ever bare their bottoms, and what’s more, at FIRM HAND SPANKING they are regularly featured TOGETHER! Serious stuff for lovers of soft female flesh spanked red…this was taken from Firm Hand’s Discipline Series


Check out the series of images below FROM THIS SERIES starring Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker
WARNING: will also cause severe trouser movements (hence I’ve kept the best pics to m’self…heh heh)

fhs01 fhs02 fhs03

fhs07 fhs08 fhs09

fhs10 fhs11 fhs12

fhs13 fhs14 fhs15


2 of the hottest girls to appear together on any spank site!!! Phew!