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Today’s Featured Site – FirmHandSpanking.com

Sorry about not updating this blog as often as I wished, I had been very busy elsewhere but in an effort to bring you something new and interesting I decided to post something here I was about to at SpankingBlogg so you will know this is gonna be a quality update post!

I have to say, recently, the girls at FirmHandSpanking.com have been outstanding, a perfect mix of quality assured girls we all know and love such as Samantha Woodley, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Alison Miller as well as some of the new girls like the Berkeley twins, or as I am starting with today, pretty Kelly Morgan in the blue Firm Hand school uniform – and in this latest movie of hers, she gets a hard wooden paddling that brings her close to tears… I winced as she took the paddle, easily her hardest scene to date!





Sloppy work costs pretty senior Kelly Morgan a serious spanking in school uniform. A drilled wooden paddle smacked across her bare cheeks for 21 swats brings her to tears in The Intern. Bent over a table, skirt up and panties down, the marks on her bottom tell the story. Ouch!


Next up is  super sexy girl on girl spanking from Alison Miller to pouty brat Allaura Shane *mmm!*





She’s back! In the latest “Houseguest from Hell” series: Yes, motor-mouth Allaura Shane tries to move back into Alison Miller’s home after being kicked out by her boyfriend in Houseguest from Hell. Alison wants her out, but first a sound 250-smack bare spanking is needed. After all, she slept on her sofa without asking!


Check out AJR’s latest Marriage Guidance series!
Easily one of the sexiest domestic OTK paddlings I’ve seen in a long… long time!





After flying off the handle at her husband Richard, Amelia Rutherford tries to make peace with a leather paddle she’s bought. It stings rather more than she expects, especially bare bottom and with Richard’s tough 125 smacks. Hot domestic discipline series in Marriage Guidance.


Yet another new girl! – Stunning Melanie Taylor’s bouncing booty spanked… panties down, of course.





With eyes and a smile to melt the heart of any disciplinarian, Vegas casino dealer Melanie Taylor tells Earl Grey: “I’ll take the spanking.” Fraud has a price. Panties down, she’s held in place for 170 smacks as she yells and struggles. Gorgeous Reaction Cam and slow-mo replays!


Alison Miller next – with probably the most mesmerising cheeks spanked… EVER!



The exceptional jiggle of Alison Miller’s bubble-butt is simply spectacular as she’s spanked hard and bare-bottomed in Keep it in The Family. 240 smacks from Eric Strickman are well deserved for failing to do any of the chores around the house. Enjoy the hot, slow-motion, bouncing replay!

& Finally today, Sabrina Scott… or as she is called here “Valerie Bryant”
She is an absolute peach and I can’t wait to see MORE of her spankings!





& it goes without saying you can see her spanking HERE

Hope you enjoyed my catch up preview of this fine site, amazing girls and lots of decent hand and otk spankings as well as some of the best paddlings I’ve seen of girls anywhere! Definitely worth a punt if you have not been a member of this site for a while. Go check it out HERE

Alison Miller receives a hard paddling

I am fast appreciating the brute force and ultimate sanction that a hard wooden paddle can bring across a young woman’s backside, having just purchased a new paddle myself recently, I tested it out on my missus and she was close to tears after 5 swats!

The paddle, like the cane, should be the last sanction of punishment or used as it is here – as a fearful initiation rite, like sororiety sister Alison Miller who undergoes the test of 10 bare butt blistering whacks of this evil wooden instrument at the hands of Allaura Shane! Alison’s bottom is already recovering from her last thrashing and you just know that this ceremony will leave further bruising and a fear of sitting down for at least a few hours after this! I have got some HQ images and cut a clip of the facial reactions of Alison, I feel it only fair that members of FirmHandSpanking only should be able to see the full force of Alison’s jiggling butt under extreme duress! (but I think you’ll get the message from the images and clip below)




You can see sororiety sister Allaura Shane dish out the punishment to Alison Miller below:

I’m sure you will realize by now that Alison Miller is heavily featured at FirmHandSpanking and has been one of their top rated models since she appeared in 2008! Another excuse to check out the latest movie updates featuring this extremely addictive Californian chick getting her just bare bottom desserts!

Cold Misery & Californian Warmth

2 Extremes of weather today as I vaguely remember the first film below, now a remastered and very welcome movie from FETISHFLIXX starring 2 of my favourite English schoolgirls with a very stern and nasty Miss Hastings in this film “Out of Bounds” . Follow that with the sunny climes of California and the Lindsay Lohan lookalike (Alison Miller) getting the same treatment indoors to change her disappointing attitude at FirmHandSpanking.com

So 1st, I have cut a special OTK clip, in fact, this whole movie is a homage to good old fashioned OTK, it’s set in the depressing class room of years gone by and you can tell both girls can’t wait to leave! Well, these 2 idiots should have learnt their lesson, Miss Hastings’ cutting tongue and put downs are followed with some excellent and very hard hand strokes across their bare bottoms!

See the images from the movie I have made available below, 2 VERY RED BOTTOMS – imagine trying to walk home when it’s lashing with rain outside, snivelling as you feel your regulation knickers cutting into your burning shamed cheeks!

FETISHFLIXX has this NEW movie out now, but if you want to see my own OTK preview, enjoy blonde Emily’s thrashing below, please check out the sly slap that Miss Hastings does across Emily’s lower thigh, it’s just what I’d do…LOL!


For your information – this movie is part of a schoolgirl package as a one off PPV download
Click HERE for the preview page (taken from NaughtyBottom.com)


Contrast the utter depression above to the sunny climate that breeds arrogance in the teens of America. Alison Miller, at first when I started seeing her with her red dyed hair and eyebrows, her tatts etc, this girl just angered me, as I’m an old fashioned type of guy, not as tolerant as I once was… but she has a beauty and a gorgeous ass to die for, which just grows and grows on you the more you see of her and this classic punishment from the “Attitude Correction” series is a real corker! I hope you agree!

Yep, she may look like Lindsay Lohan, (IMHO) – that talentless partying bint or whatever she is making herself famous for now Stateside – but there’s the promise that, like Lindsay, she is a strawb-blonde haired girl, so all is forgiven! So, imagine if you will! Stare her down, look deep into her freckled face, her deep blue green eyes, and then tell her she is going to have to remove her bikini bottoms and show you her pert teen ass and get a paddling off you! Oh boy! I’m there already!!

Check out that rear of hers in that bikini, what a heavenly sight! Now *that* is serious trouser arousal material!!!

OK, Alison Miller, she of that cracking butt is featured in many recent movie updates at FIRM HAND SPANKING
See the Movie HERE

I gotta stop writing now, whenever I write about schoolgirl spankings and bratty teens that needs a damn hard punishment, I get cramp somewhere down below… strange, eh?
Back soon when I find out what the source of this “problem” is