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Teen Ass & Feet

Every now and then I come across an image from the plethora of Tumblr blogs that stops me in my tracks… this was one of those today. I reblogged it on my own Tumblr blog that I play around with from time to timeΒ HERE – but I also saved the image for here to make it easier to view without any hassles or image ads/links popping up. I also provided the link to the blog directly below in case you’d like to check out more from this Tumblr site πŸ™‚


Click here to see more Ass n Feet images

Appreciating Ass #1

A new series of 25 stunning images of THE most beautiful and stunning, spankable butts and asses found outside of the spankosphere on the world wide interwebz for your perusal. Today we start with an 2 amazing pairs of bare cheeks from this gorgeous duo (below). This was found on several Tumblr blogs and a webmaster forum arsing about in one of those many “Tits’n’ Ass” picture posts…. but this was outstanding. Just a pity there’s no watermark origin. If anyone knows the source (no doubt some glossy glamour porn site site) then I’d be happy to acknowledge where you could find more stunning images from whoever made this ass-tastic masterpiece!Β 

Click on the image below for the FULL humungous size! πŸ™‚



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