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Latest Updates at PunishedBrats

It’s been a while since I last got you some of the latest and hot updates coming out of the Eastern side of the USA and as you’ll see David, Pixie and co have been very busy!

It’s good to see Pixie looking so much better and here she ensures that the delicious uber-brat babe Juliet Valentina gets a  good old fashioned spanking across her knee (she’s getting good at spanking girls, isn’t she?)

This film is called: “Sick Day” and the storyline of this is explained below and I have images taken from this full movie too! 
Juliet thought she could get her visiting nurse friend Pixie to write her a note excusing her from work, but she is going to get a firm lesson in employee responsibility instead! Pixie agrees to give Juliet a note excusing her from work for the rest of the day since there is no way she’ll be able to sit at her desk (nice one Pixie!)






Also from Punishedbrats.com – I thought you’d like to see the latest update with David Pierson, I assume he is wearing his vitally important protective cast iron underpants for protection against the very lovely wriggling in that Cheer Girl skirt over his lap!

The gorgeous girl over lucky David’s lap is Carissa, and doesn’t she look awesome in her outfit?
The title of this movie (now out in full) is called “Joyride”.
Carissa took the team van out for a beer run while away at a competition. Having been caught, she is spanked with a paddle by David and she is then made to stand in the corner with her red bottom on display until the start of the competition!





Finally, in case you haven’t checked out the HOME PAGE of this great site then check out my fave named model, Ten (was she the 10th child or is it short for something like Tenessee?) Anyhow, this girl can wriggle and squirm and brat with the best of them and she’s a fit little thing. I think you’ll get the idea of what to expect as she is spanked over a very stern no nonsense Cassandra Park (see below)

Ok, that’s enough for me from PunishedBrats as I’m getting damned uncomfortable “wood” recounting these updates… damn you PB people!!! LOL

See why I rate this site HERE and check out all the girls and the most recent updates! There’s plenty more coming as they regularly update with fresh content and new girls (can’t wait!!!) Mmm!

Provocative spankings

Right, as the title suggests, here are some highly erotic and thought provoking movie scenes/clips and images which should get the ol’ spanking juices flowing!!! It’s been too long since I fully featured Miss Samantha Woodley, and in this outfit, I’m surprised no further damage was done other than a good long hard spanking! Click below and see the source of my severe trouser disgruntlement!!!

Now if you thought that was hot from FirmHandSpanking.com – have you seen one of the new girls recently in her “Life coach” series? I present to you Miss Annabelle Vanderwood! This dusky haughty beauty is being taught the meaning of respect and discipline when her parents hire this “Life coach” to sort out their spoiled brat… got to say, this series is damned hot and one of the 1st I now look up, as you’ll see from one of Annabelle’s recent strappings below! *sigh*



Don’t forget this site includes loads of great schoolgirl punishments and I had never showed this before, it’s of a very cocky Susan Gilbert getting a tear jerking paddling, (seriously that wooden paddle was heavy and HUGE!) You’ll see her in that cute uniform with her panties pulled down, the smirk replaced with a real look of regret! If you’re into tearful spankings and suchlike, this is the film for you!!!



For this and all the latest updates with free movie previews, check out FirmHandSpanking.com for more!


Staying in America, there are some exciting girl on girl updates which I am showing here today, but if you’re only into M/F then feel free to check out the tour pages of Punishedbrats.com as I’d say the spanking ratios are about 50/50 – I’m just showing you some good girl on girl action today 😉

What better way to start than choose Pixie and Lily Anna? I love seeing these 2 girls together, and they’re switching more and more as they get more dominant in their roles… it makes this even better to view as you’ll see below when they play Student leaders, caught off campus without permission. When Headmistress Veronica determines it was Pixie’s idea, she orders Lily to administer the punishment to her friend. (images below)



You just know it’s not going to stop there with Headmistress Veronica in charge of this punishment, don’t you? 😀 Likewise, this recent update below with Veronica and Ashley over her knee is typical of the excellent hard punishments and very wrigglesome spankings that I’d definitely need cast iron underpants for protection! Ashley is rightly punished for pawning Veronica’s stuff, I know it’s hard times at the mo, but that’s like stealing FFS! No wonder Ashley got such a thrashing… see images of this punishment below!



There are a ton of free images & movie clip previews you can view from this site HERE


Finally check out this site, 1stChoicespanking.com – it’s had a major revamp and more movies have recently been uploaded, these are old British classics and are remastered for full screen playback! I can safely recommend thsi site now having viewed many a film myself which brings back losts of old and forgotten films – all are long play approx an hour each in length and there’s days worth if you watched them back to back!!! (I haven’t tried that)

Check out the site and you’ll be amazed at the FREE Tours and flash vids that they are showing, you’ll spend an age just viewing the free content before you realize that this site is shit hot and worth checking out! (see below)


Now if you wish, there are 2 choice long play movie clips uploaded at TEEN SPANKING TUBE and here is one of them below that I have linked directly, just click on the image below and there are also some smaller lower resolution images from this…

Click image above to watch this provocative spanking & caning movie




Finally, just to let you know my updates here will be thin over the next week as I will be away and am unsure if internet access is available, and anyway, I’ll be on holiday so plan to enjoy being away from the screen for a bit and for my own sanity. Looking forward to going now and also be refreshed and tanned, ready to carry on when I get back 😉

Regards, Chief.

Naughty Girls Spanking Updates

Right you ‘orrible little lot, I have been informed that you have been touching yourselves with excitement viewing some of these recent spanking news and updates provided by Chief, well, as your Drill Sergeant I own your ass and am this stopping RIGHT NOW!

Screw you Hartman, this is MY blog, leave my readers be… we’re gonna get our rocks off to some fine bare bottom spanking erotica whether you like it or not, you dinosaur! So stand by for another rollercoaster ride around the world of spanking and today there are some cracking girls and some seriously good updates out there at the moment which will no doubt occupy your time as much as mine! Here is what I have been mainly, ahem…viewing “sans pantalons” this week! 😀

2 glorious new movie updates are out at PunishedBrats this week and the first below has gorgeous stalwarts of the site, Amber Pixie Wells and Lily Anna back together and in deep doo-doo as you’ll see below! This is what happens when bad girls sneak off and cover for each other!!! A double pyjama spanking for the bratty sisters from Michael! Lily Anna is in trouble for sneaking out to see her sleazy boyfriend ( Snake – great name, lol) and Pixie is punished for trying to cover for her.

Seriously, I’m loving these new film supdates from Punishedbrats.com – where the hell do they find some of these girls? They’re just lovely! Case in point below when new this relative online spanking newbie steals from mom!
Ashley didn’t just borrow her mom Veronica’s jewelry without permission, she pawned it for some quick cash!! Veronica is furious and spanks her thieving daughter!

Chief’s fact of the day: I used to work in a Pawnbrokers/Check Cashing establishment, and boy do they rake in the dough now in these times, eh? Should have stuck with it…oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?

You can see some cracking free clips (in lower res – members get better) and more previews of all the most recent updates from Punishedbrats HERE


From Japan, some incredible recent updates have appeared with the schoolgirl and young newbie teachers getting thrashed, seriously,I gotta take a trip to Tokyo before I shuffle off this mortal coil…I’d bust a gut seeing those cute little minxes with their knee length socks and oh so short school skirts!! See what happens to this new teacher below as she is first spanked then paddled AND PADDLED HARD!
I got you a clip from the TEEN SPANKING TUBE as well! (see below)

Japanese girls and their school uniforms are such a temptation, eh? What about seeing them thrashed in their swimming costumes? Well, in a recent movie, that is precisely what happens when a teacher overhears 2 girls cursing and being disrespectful, it’s not long before they are both punished together, sobbing and crying as only these cute chicks know how to…

You can see ALL the very latest updates from CutieSpankee HERE


In Holland, the “schpaannnkings” continue without mercy or rest as I take a quick look at 2 sections of the hugely popular Spanked-In-Uniform website – today we see gorgeous Kami in a school uniform and new girls Leandra and Stacey this time at the Birchrod Inn in their French maid costumes, oh my! “I have wood”…

Kami Robertson learns quickly the “No Alcohol rule”

In this 22 minute full length film which is out now to download in full, little Kami decided to sneak a beer into the school but while she was drinking it in the playground, The Headmaster called her to the punishment room for a knicker inspection (as they do nowadays, heh heh). Whilst he was inspecting her knickers he smelled beer on her breath and this was all the encouragement he needed to give her a  good spanking over his knee. The next day naughty Kami put some Whiskey with her coffee in a flask to not get caught again – but the silly girl forgot that it can still be smelt! Oh dear…back to the Punishment Room this time for 12 of the best with the cane and as a final insuly and humiliation she had to bare her bottom to the whole school during assembly as an example to the other girls! (I so want to be janitor at this school!!!)

I love their little effects, placing girls in assembly halls, and airplane stewardesses in the planes etc…very neat trick! You can view this whole movie only at SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM.com

I promised I’d show the new French maids Leandra and Stacey, prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, I thought they looked cute in their airline uniforms, but oh my, do they look delicious in and out of these! See more below and you’ll understand why!

“No hanky panky” – the full length 28 minute film from Birchrod Inn at Spanked in Uniform

Stacey and Leandra are lovers. Their boss sent them to the Birchrod Inn because they could not keep their hands of each other during workhours. After the warning lecture they changed into their maid’s uniforms upstairs then were ordered to dust but very soon they were involved in some “hanky schhh-panky”. Stacey was sexily spanking blonde Leandra on the couch when they were caught by Mr Johnson! He turned both girls across his knee and gave them a good “sch-panking”. He then sent them upstairs to clean the bedrooms but they were caught again as stacey was soothing and fondling Leandra’s beautiful bottom! They were dragged downstairs and their bottoms got a sound leather paddling over the table then forced to stand against the wall, sore red bottoms on display, ashamed and had to stay like that until all the guests had checked in! Again…where is this birchrod Inn…do they do super spanking saver weekends?

Check out this and ALL the latest updates only at Spanked-In-Uniform.com


Finally today, back in northern England, at BritSpank.com things aren’t getting any better for Angelina at her stuffy private school, this latina exchange student needs to learn how to behave and she’s a long way from home! Perhaps she wants to learn how to sit down on very soft cushions for comfort?

Angelina was sent out of class to speak with the Headmaster after she started crying. When asked why she said it was because she missed her home since she had started at the private girls college whilst in England. While the Head was not unsympathetic he did explain that she would have to get used to the idea that she had been sent to England to finish her education & that she would be expected to do her very best in all things. He then said that he would actually now give her something to cry about & that he felt she would benefit from getting her bare bottom soundly thrashed. Loud sobs filled the room as Angelina was bared & then punished! I know there are many of you, like me, addicted to her sobbing and sniffling, she doesn’t let us down in this film!!!


Check out all the latest movies & free previews exclusive to BritSpank & no other site