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Spanking the Inconvenient Houseguest

Today’s featurette is provided courtesy of the “Producer’s Choice” winners (2nd year running) from the recent Spanking Awards for 2016 – NorthernSpanking.com run by Paul Kennedy
& Alex Reynolds

Inconvenient Houseguest

northern spanking

Starring: Apricot Carson & Harley Havik

OTK Spanking over panties/bare bottom & the Bathbrush on an already sore red bare bottom

“Having her cousin Apricot staying with the family is an unendurable trial for Harley. How dare she still have her bed out when Harley wants to watch TV? How dare she take Harley’s place on the volleyball team and HOW DARE SHE talk to the boy Harley has a crush on?! How dare she even breathe Harley’s air? Something has to be done and poor Apricot is not gonna like it!”

OTK spanking  spanked over panties pulling down her cousin's panties  bare bottom spanking bathbrush spanking hairbrush spanking spanking her cousin spanked cousin


northern spanking

Young Female Prisoner Spanking Punishments

Bars-and-Stripes.com features Ella Hughes getting her first taste of Solitary Confinement. This included the many spanking punishments she would endure when blessed with the presence of another person. She would soon dread the door opening as it always meant that something unpleasant was going to happen to her.


Here are a few tales of how Ella was treated on her first couple of days in “Solitary”:


Ella Hughes was sent to solitary for a few days. Solitary in the “Bars” prison for young female offenders meant that not only were they left totally isolated from all the other inmates, but they got a harsh punishment each and every day. On Ella’s first day the Governor came to spank her personally. He put her over his lap for an old fashioned OTK brat spanking as he used his hand to give her an embarrassing and humiliating discipline session.

spanking ella_sol2 otk spanking ella_sol4

On Ella’s second day Officer Zoe Page came to thrash her bare bottom with her special vintage stinging Riding Crop. She took great delight in inflicting many marks and red welts on Ella’s jiggling cheeks.

spanking with a riding crop ella_sol6 ella_sol7 ella_sol8 ella_sol9 Ella given the riding crop ella_sol11 ella_sol12


spanking and cropping

Bars and Stripes spanking site - click here

Animated Spanking GIFS

Hello… here’s just a few images I found whilst Googling and playing around, I found all these from a site called Juicy Gif and I typed in “spanking” in the search box – as to the original uploaders of copyright, I have no idea but if the copyright holder comes along and shows me where these originated from… then I would be happy to credit their work.

Example, the first few are from the same person and these are computer generated… the last is from a site I know well… AAAspanking,com which was shown at Juicy Gifs with some other random watermark on it, which isn’t kinda cool, but hey ho… that’s how it goes.

sexy computer generated spanking girl girl spanking spanking gif OTK spanking spanking couple gif6 gif7

This last image (below) has been all over Tumblr too and I do think it is good, whoever made it in the first place… as I didn’t. Would be nice to credit the original creator too, I guess! This was from the “Daddy’s Ransom” film starring Jenna Jay!

spanking and strapping

Back soon with more spanking updates and wotnot! 😉