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4 Spanking Sites you should know about

Today I want top cover 4 sites that are linked together, not many of you may know this… so it’s worth checking out if you fancied something a little different. It has everything you’d enjoy, fantastic looking girls (next door types and thankfully free of unsightly tattoos which make schoolgirl scenarios so much more enjoyable to watch) great spanking punishments and various situations and places to see the girls spanked in!

b ispanking

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This site covers the exploits of a couple of key characters like the gorgeous Jasmine & Claire plus the help of other girls who are spanked alongside this pair from the RSN stable of sites – this site tends to be more sexually orientated and geared towards spanking & humiliation – it’s a potent mix and with this pair of lovelies, you can’t go wrong! CLICK HERE for more info.


Teen Jessica – still updated with some of the best redhead girl punishments – Jess really could take quite a thrashing and is missed but never forgotten thanks to this site, the archives are truly huge and with new updates STILL coming out after her online retirement long ago!

spankingteenjessica_tgp_1229_02 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1229_03 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1229_04 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1229_05 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1229_11 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1229_12 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1241_05 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1241_06 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1241_11 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1241_12 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1241_14 spankingteenjessica_tgp_1241_16

Jessica can play the girl next door, the bratty schoolgirl or the sexual temptress with ease – and is forever immortalized as a “teen” long after her retirement from online spanking exploits! CHECK OUT MORE of this site!


Brandi has always been one of my favorites too – although she has retired too, they filmed so much of her and the other girls that updates still appear regular as clockwork with unseen films and galleries to keep us very much into Brandi!!!

spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_03 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_04 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_05 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_06 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_08 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_10 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_13 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_709_15 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_1214_03 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_1214_05 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_1214_11 spankingteenbrandi_tgp_1214_12

Simply stunning! Brandi has that perfect sexy girl next door look… she regularly appeared alongside Jessica and can be seen doubling up at both sites as well as appearing in other RSN movies. CLICK HERE to see more of teen Brandi.


Finally, the 4th site – Spanking Bailey – Bailey really was that quintessential “girl next door” and looked shy on camera so when she was being punished  her reactions were so genuine (not that the other girls are not) Bailey just had something different, which is what I liked about her! The site, like the others featured here, is updated on a regular basis!

6565_001 6565_002 6565_007 6565_009 6565_010 6565_012 6565_056 6565_057 6565_064 6565_071 6565_075 6565_076

Bailey could take quite a punishment and looked perfect as the naughty schoolgirl or innocent girl next door caught doing something wrong in need of discipline! See her site HERE

Finally, these 4 sites give access to each other’s – yes that’s right… not everyone knows this, so you are effectively getting a 4 SITE PASS to any of these sites, join up at Jessica’s… get access to the others, join up at Bailey’s… get access to the others with the same codes for free and so on. How good is that? Check it out, go to any of the sites featured here and you’ll see you can get a month’s access to the combined sites vast archives and still current updates for under $25!


Don’t forget… the deadline for the cheapest registrations at Lone Star is looming, prices go up $10 across the board from May 1st – see Registration and site details HERE

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Spanking Bailey

This isn’t a site review, but a reminder of just what you can expect to see at one of the most overlooked websites around featuring a real life spankee. Much of the content at this site has been revamped and the images shown , like the ones below, depict exactly what happens in the films! As an aside… Paul from Northern Spanking was lucky enough to get Bailey on an impromptu film shoot at the Shadowlane Vegas Party a few years ago and you might want to recall these amazing scenes alongside Zille Defeu, probably one of the stand out films of that year for me (the 2 paired together were just perfect). 

If you want to see the FULL film (and I suggest you do, it’s fantastic) CLICK HERE

Anyway, I am digressing, back on track with bailey’s own branded site SpankingBailey.com – There you will find all manner of typical teen girl punishments, in the Dean’s Office, the Dorm rooms, at home, spanked by Auntie and so on… Bailey also wears pyjamas rather well and has a very seductive and spankable bottom… this is not a dead site, far from it, updates still come out and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the films… see for yourself and decide! I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t get off on and expect you ladies and gents not to either! 🙂






Check out MORE of Bailey Sullivan for yourselves – CLICK HERE

Bailey Sullivan’s Spanking

I was wondering what to post today and wanted to start with something I know I hadn’t posted before and with a schoolgirl theme, so when I looked up the helpful girls profiles inside the members area of Northern Spanking I came across Bailey Sullivan now of course many of you will be very familiar with her work from the past at the RSN site Spanking Bailey (it’s part of a network including Teen Jessica and Brandi – all for one low fee) – Paul from Northern told me how they were lucky to get hold of her when they did at last year’s Shadowlane Party and so she graciously filmed withthem and this was one of the films that I hadn’t featured… God knows why as it’s a great excuse to see bailey in a uniform getting a good hard spanking and English style slippering across her amazing bottom (as you’ll see below!)

Bailey learns that Shopping instead of Studying has disastrous consequences for her bottom!

“Bailey does The Mall” – Instead of a school trip to the museum to learn about American antiquities, Bailey has skipped school to educate herself on the shopping possibilities of the local mall. Discovered, of course, now its time for Bailey to learn all about being on the receiving end of a hard spanking and slippering by her teacher, Mr Lewis. Check out her sore speckled red bottom which is shown beautifully in these images and also in the HD movie available for members.

Check out this rare full film of Bailey at NorthernSpanking.com HERE!