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Special Exclusive Sign Up Offer

As the title says, this is a totally exclusive offer only available from this blog or the SpankingBlogg (find the banners like the one below and it leads directly to a special sign up page)

This page is only around temporarily and is a little experiment of mine – so if this tempts you to sign up and take a peek (there’s at least one new movie with images added every week with 3 regular updates EVERY week for members) – then click on the sign up banner below. We are doing this as I know full well just how tight things are for many people, but of course, my generosity won’t be around for long as if it gets over subscribed quickly then I will remove the Trial – so seriously, get it quick whilst I decide if what I’ve done is wise or not! ūüėČ


If you’d like to know more about the very latest movie just released earlier today then read on, and of course you can check out the rest of the site offerings and then if you want to take advantage of this unique offer then come back here and click on the link banner above as this offer is not available on the regular sign up pages.

This was actually one of Jasmine’s last films that she filmed with us and she had taken some quite hard canings and strappings earlier during the day so this film was an excuse to show off the beauty of her warmed, rounded bottom and a chance for an old perv like me to indulge myself in much bottom rubbing! However, we also liked the fact that Jasmine had a nice tight pair of denim shorts (almost Daisy Duke-esque) and I can tell you feeling her warmed up bum, the heat through the denim material was quite addictive and revealing her bottom to spank, pat and stroke was…ahem, a rather erotic exercise (seriously her soft skin is softer than a 1000 softest fluffiest cute puppies you’d all love to stroke!) and fortunately I was wearing my infamous “Protective Cast Iron Undergarments” ‚ĄĘ Chief – thus avoiding the dreaded effects and consequences of any unwanted “Trouser Arousal” ¬ģ Chief. (LOL).

Click image below that leads to the latest free preview on the Tour pages

I have also got you some images from the film so you can admire Jasmine’s magnificent bottom in and out of her “Daisy Duke” shorts ( I won’t bother with the storyline as it is explained fully on the tour pages).

I can tell you that there are more films of Jasmine to come but for now, I hope you enjoy this latest offering! & of course if you’re tempted by the sight of Jasmine’s pert bottom then for a brief period only you can purchase a membership to AAAspanking HERE for far less at this blog or my other networks!

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I will be back later with more updates from around the wonderful world of the spanking on t’internet!
Regards, Chief.

Porn Stars that are spanked!

I was going through SpankingServer earlier today and remember being told of their use of well known porn stars (usually international stars who hail from Eastern Europe) and came across Cynthia Vellons (below)

cynthia vellons

Nice, eh? Now she is featured in the second part of this update today as I had intended to do a post on a new girl at SpankingServer, a naughty 20something redhead called Genny(OK sue me, she’s not a teen, but she’s gorgeous!)¬†who, as many of you know, I have a genuine thing for, especially in spanking‚ĶI don‚Äôt know if it‚Äôs their pale skin that marks beautifully, the freckles, the red hair (nicer if also shown below,even the colour of their pale pink nips, but¬†it does it for me everytime seeing a cute Redhead naked and punished and that just gives me a raging hard on so much so that it could break a pretty filly in two!!!)

So here’s Genny, one of the sexiest redheads at SpankingServer…enjoy! I have!

genny2 genny3 genny4

genny5 genny6 genny7

Now as I was saying earlier, Cynthia Vellons is a very naughty model, it’s her stage name obviously and I think she is originally from Hungary. Having spent some time in the past in Budapest I can confirm that Hungarian girls are amongst the most beautiful and horny anywhere on the planet *sigh* Girls like Cynthia embrace their online slutty life and I have included a few images any of us could easily find thanks to Google, but fortunately Peter & Co at SpankingServer employed Cynthia for some good old fashioned HARD punishments.

Cynthia Vellons

This beauty didn’t need to do it, which to me, suggests she is a secret pain slut/spanko, and that makes seeing this horny thing all the more interesting!!! Check out the welts on her fabulous derriere in the images from the movie shoots below!

cynthia02 cynthia03 cynthia04

cynthia05 cynthia06 cynthia07

As I said Cynthia features all over the net getting up to real filth as you’d expect in Vanilla Porn-land, proof of this is below, I won’t bother posting loads of pics as Google will easily help! But you’ll get the idea that SpankingServer successfully employ porn stars and beautiful unknowns from Eastern Europe making this a highly addictive site with amazing looking girls getting disciplined and punished across their bare bottoms severely!

cynthia08 cynthia11 cynthia13

Oh, & Happy 4th July Weekend to my American readership (my last stats I checked showed that 70% of my readership are from there), so have a nice weekend!

Classic Punishment – 4 Teens Punished Outdoors

This is a great movie that is found inside the Schoolgirl Archives of FetishFlixx.com that sees 4 girls spanked and caned across their bare bottoms at a rural countryside cottage where absolutely no one will be able to hear these girls crying out loud and snivelling as they take their turns getting thrashed across the 5 bar country gate! This is a visual feast of bared teenage globes getting some wicked cane strokes as you can see by their reactions that the rod is doing its job!

How did they end up getting thrashed? Well, if you must trespass on another’s property, be prepared for the consequences!

Walking up a lonely country lane the girls are only passing time hanging out at an isolated cottage admiring the views, but the owner guards his privacy jealously, no doubt one of those that cares for his elderly parents so is naturally touchy when he catches these unwanted girls hanging around!


You’ll see him lecture the girls then give them the choice of him calling the police or being able to thrash their bared backsides. Now if you knew these girls, you’d understand they wouldn’t want the police involved at all, even if they think the guy is a¬†pervert for suggesting such a twisted course of punishment having them bend over his 5 bar gate – pull down their knickers and allow him to cane their bottoms! Check out the images taken from the full movie (click on thumbnails to enlarge) and I have also included a small free caning scene so you can enjoy seeing what happens!





The wmv file below shows part of the caning scene as each girl is caned on her bared bottom. Hannah and Paige on the far right really struggle when the rod crashes onto their buttocks whilst their friends to the left middle (Kat) grits and bears it…sadly for KJ on the far left, she hardly reacts, already broken by the rod and quietly snivelling to herself!

As an added humiliation, the land owner sends the girls packing, but tells them they must leave with their knickers down and their bottoms on full display (no doubt so her can admire the fine glowing view). This is just 1 of 100s of Fetishflixx movies that can be downloaded and is a personal favourite of mine, I hope you understand why after this film review.

The girls are sent packing, the final humiliation with their knickers hanging down

Choirgirl Gets it Good!

A striking image of a choirgirl in her red cape, brought to the office for a bare bottom spanking punishment across the stern Scottish verger’s knee is what is in store for this disruptive hussy as she is somewhat nervous at allowing her very plump teenage cheeks to be spanked. You’ll get to see this girl spanked, and her mesmerising buttocks turning red before your eyes. Warning, the flesh on display can only be viewed in WIDE-SCREEN!!! Luckily for us, the movie was filmed in 16:9 HQ-WMV format. Check out the image below from the movie and then the ways you can view this cracking film just released within the last couple of days.





There are 2 exciting ways to view this movie right now, I have discovered. It is the latest schoolgirl movie update at the revamped and amazing looking SpankedSchoolgirl.com which has always been one of my favourite spanking websites. If you are already a member then you can start to download this movie there.

Alternatively, there is also the chance to see the film as a very cheap PPV (pay per view – but you get to download and KEEP the film in HQ-wmv format on your PC/laptop) and there’s also the image set that accompanies this – this is all available RIGHT NOW¬†– no waiting, just download and keep the film and the image set for¬†just $6.25!!! Check out the direct link HERE

This PPV movie is one of many now being constantly updated, including the brand new Miss Hastings Trilogy which was from member requests, so I hear it’s very popular, if you also take a look at that on the top of the front page HERE you’ll see that most of these movies have FREE movie previews, so well worth taking a well deserved peek at this site if you’ve never seen it before!

OK, enough of my “hard sell”, I sound like some sort of cheap car salesman, but take a look – these 2 sites are well worth visiting!!! Have a great Bank Holiday, wherever you may be!