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My Back up NaughtyBottom post

Jeez. This sucks! OK, It’s about a post I wrote for another blog, the reason I backed it up here and at SpankingBlogg and am publishing it at both my own blogs was because from the previous form I should have known that being invited to take over and write there was a mistake. This post proves the point, I’m not going to elaborate, just enjoy what was yet another piece of hard work that I won’t allow to get binned. So here is my back up post, that I kept – once bitten twice shy and all that… eh? Below is what I wrote on that particular blog. *sigh*

(More back up posts to follow – *sighs again*)


It’s been a while since I last advised you about what is on offer at the hugely popular pay per download site NaughtyBottom.com (it’s NOT a streaming site so you get to KEEP the movies on your computer) – I’m sure many of you will know they have a special license for many of the best Xerotics films they hand pick over the years, some that I or others may overlook, but not them… and the films and reviews now are stunning! There’s a few special exclusives and packages too, many are also upgraded or remastered specifically for this site so you get the best quality possible.

Well, they have secured a license agreement with several top spanking producers and will be getting out more hand picked and top quality spanking films quite soon, the sort of films that this commentator loves to see! The latest batch, I have been reliably informed, is just the tip of the spanking iceberg, and when they get a whole load more films coming in soon… there was even talk of a flash new site redesign to reflect this.

the new films come courtesy of renowned spanking producer BunBeatingFun

Anyway, enough of my chattering and on with the news and free reviews I can point you in. This latest batch comes courtesy of renowned spanking site BunBeatingFun.com – the home of Red Hot Video productions and you will probably know by now that  this is where uppity, bratty and of course, very alluring and beautiful models are given the shock of their lives in the seedy motel locations where the film shoots are held (which I love) as many are spanked for the very first time with genuinely hard & severe OTK hand lashings making them scream or cry out in anger as these brats “get what’s coming to them!”

Just click on the larger images below which will take you to a special dedicated model page with a free film preview taken directly from the film… beware, though, these models are damned hot, I won’t give you a description as this is contained on the preview pages! Pick ‘n’ Mix courtesy of NaughtyBottom & BunbeatingFun!

Keli Anderson takes a very hard humiliating spanking… & more!

Stunning actress & model Julian Wells in her very 1st (& last?) spanking film!

Very naughty Hollie is now well known… see her when she 1st started out!

This film shows off her jigglesome bottom beautifully as she takes an OTK pounding

Kelly is the brattiest model with an attitude that needs some serious adjustment!

Barely 20, Brianna got a much deserved spanking for the 1st time in her life!
Check out the entire library of spanking movies HERE

Don’t forget that more new movies are being added all the time!

We suggest if you wanted to view more than a few movies above to purchase a membership from BunBeatingFun.comHave a good time checking out these buntastic spanking films!!!

Marie – Teenager spanked at Amberspanks

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a real teen brat like 19 year old cheerleader Marie getting a good old fashioned hand spanking over the knees of a delightfully stern looking and super sexy Amber Dawn at AmberSpanks.com

In this latest bumper update, if you check out the image below it leads to a very special gallery I have had hosted that shows a ton of screen grabs from this very latest movie. You’ll see Amber tell off this pot smoking teen dope head in her sexy tight cheergirl uniform and haul her over her knees for a delicious and hard hand spanking!

Her curvacious body and bouncy tits pop out as she is spanked for the very first time by Amber! There are also some higher resolution images I have obtained which are available below, tell me you wouldn’t melt looking deep into Marie’s blue eyes! Mmmm!


& don’t forget that Amber has thoughtfully rewarded us if we sign up to both her sites, getting $10 off the membership using your same codes for both her sites, seriously, this lady, who has the body most teenagers would be jealous of still knows how to delight us spankos with some amazing and rare films that you just don’t get anywhere else! Bravo Amber!!
Um, I need a cold shower to calm down after updating this… 😀

Beautiful Spankings

What can I say? Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker, probably 2 of the sexiest young madams to ever bare their bottoms, and what’s more, at FIRM HAND SPANKING they are regularly featured TOGETHER! Serious stuff for lovers of soft female flesh spanked red…this was taken from Firm Hand’s Discipline Series


Check out the series of images below FROM THIS SERIES starring Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker
WARNING: will also cause severe trouser movements (hence I’ve kept the best pics to m’self…heh heh)

fhs01 fhs02 fhs03

fhs07 fhs08 fhs09

fhs10 fhs11 fhs12

fhs13 fhs14 fhs15


2 of the hottest girls to appear together on any spank site!!! Phew!