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Double Spanking Punishment for Nikita

A nasty 2 part punishment over 2 days is in store for sexy Secretarial student, Nikita… don’t feel too sorry for her though, she was caught trying to peddle weed to other students so the spanking punishments below were rather severe! (rightly so)

This is the latest 2 part full film release available from Spanked-in-Uniform.comNikita is about to get a spanking

Nikita is caught with the incriminating evidence – should she be expelled or punished?

Day1: The Director found out that Nikita, one of his students, was sharing weed with the others. He summoned her to his office and in her handbag, he found a bag of weed. Instead of expelling her, he decided on using corporal punishment instead and she got a sound hand spanking. Then she had to write punishment lines whilst sitting on the dreaded and uncomfortable punishment stool. She is then told to report back the next day for a severe second punishment. The wait and anticipation will do her good!

ep14_2 ep14_3 spankingep14_7 ep14_8 Dutch girl spankings spanked otk ep14_12 ep14_14 otk spanking ep14_15 ep14_17

Day 2: Nikita reports back for her second punishment

ep15_1 ep15_2  ep15_5 ep15_6 birched ep15_8 ep15_9 birching bare ass birching bare bumresults of a spanking and birching

Day 2: Nikita did as she was told and showed up the next day, went into punishment room 1, bared her bottom and stood in the corner waiting for Mr. Johnson. He told her to lay over the table and he strapped her bare bottom first. Then he birched her thoroughly with a light and heavy birch. Finally after all that, she had to stand in the corner for a while until her next class!

Check out the 2 full HD films of sexy Nikita’s punishments HERE

spanked in uniform

Spanked in their Uniforms & MORE!

Seeing girls spanked in and out of various uniforms is always a fave little fetish of mine along with ensuring that said girls are attractive minxes that deserve said spankings and, as I always hope, much worse for their disgraceful behavior… well, one such site has been catering to this for almost a year and continues to update at a frightening pace making this a must see site from the Dutch “Schpannnking Meister”, Mike, from Holland! Spanked-in-Uniform.com

However first, I am sorry but … WARNING: I AM ABOUT TO DIGRESS BRIEFLY! OK,  I’m sure he’s not upset that Holland and Belgium will be out for the count in tomorrow’s World Cup bid for 2018, and now, it looks as if England’s bid is scuppered, we are the home of football (soccer), our country could host it tommorow with state of the art facilities, but I’m sure it will go to Russia (bribes and kickbacks anyone?) but I’m actually past caring as I actually hope deep down it DOES go to Russia or the Spanish/Portugeuse bid (which is ludicrous seeing as Spain hosted it in 1982… and England did so in 1966! and both those countries are virtually bankrupt…but I digress as usual). “So why don’t I care?” I hear you ask impatiently…well, the parasites that infest the boardroom at my football club, Plymouth Argyle, are simply property developing scum wanting to profit from building a stadium and facilities if England get the bid and they don’t care a jot about the playing side and name of our club, they have seriously disinvested on the playing side and in over 30 years of me foolishly following my beloved club, this team are by far the worst, most uninterested bunch of overpaid dross and journeymen to ever have shamed our famous green shirts – and my club is now on the brink of liquidation anyway, our fall from grace has been spectacular, seems they will go into Administration at the very least soon or be eound up on Dec 8th, stiffing those who invested in the “schpiel and schmooze” as well as the staff and players not being paid last month, it’s a damned disgrace and of course Administration hurts those foolish enough to be associated with the club at every level and I know damn well how that feels, it sucks BIG time and many will never recover! So come on Russia, force the scumbags out of my club when they see the England bid has failed! Oops, seems to be a soapbox rant again… sorry about that!

& now to the uniform updates – and what updates they are! Do you remember the new girl Chervana who was sent to the Birchrod Inn recently in her gorgeous maid’s outfit? Click the image below for a quick reminder, her update is towards the end of that post! (mmm!)

Wasn’t that simply stunning? Well, I have news for you, she is now in the familiar pink air hostess uniform of Air Europe and stars in the latest episode called “Nuts!” – and I can tell you’ll go “nuts” for her as I have when you check out some of the images below of her punishment at the hands of Mr Johnson!

In this episode Chervana explained what happened to her. It was a painful day for her bottom. She had a party so she decided to take a box of nuts from the airplane’s serving cabin but was caught. Mr Johnson gave her a good hard bare bottom spanking for that but worse was to come! That afternoon on a later flight she was working on, the little madam got hungry so she decided to take MORE nuts and was caught again by Mr Johnson who this time promptly marched her up to his office when the plane returned to base and gave her a sound OTK thrashing with the carpet beater like her dear mother used to give her. To make sure this pouting minx really had learnt her lesson he gave her six of the best with the cane and sent her packing where we could clearly see the damage done to Chervana’s booty-botty!





I am so looking forward to seeing MORE of Chervana very soon – CLICK HERE

As I’m focussing on this site, it would be rude of me not to mention that Ellen May Davis has now also appeared here getting her spankings so far as a police officer and a nurse which I can show you below, some great storylines and of course this girl can take quite a thrashing when required! As you’ll see below!



MIRANDA RIGHTS“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?” (these are the accepted rights that police officers usually read out when arrests are made…fail to read someone their rights and they could get off on technicalities…)

The story of this South West Police station update above: PC Davis caught a young girl Monique drinking beer in public and arrested her. Back at the station she gave Monique the option either go to court and get fined, or get a spanking right there and then. Monique choose the latter and Ellen spanked her soundly. When the Superintendant found out and Ellen May and Monique were in his office, it became apparent that PC Davis forgot the “Miranda Rights” whilst arresting the girl so she was bent over the desk and while she recited the Rights, her bottom got soundly spanked with a long wooden stinging ruler. Monique was also told that her spanking was justified and never to drink in public again … or else!

Nurse fetishists will be happy to see Dr Johnson doing what he does best when not attending to his patients at the spanko hospital St Elizabeth’s! See some choice images from “Sassy Nurse” the latest uniform update at Spanked-In-Uniform.com



A new nurse Ellen May Davis from America joined the staff at St Elizabeth. During her first interview with Dr Johnson it became very clear that she was a very sassy young madam with a big mouth and a serious attitude problem! Dr Jonhson got so fed up with her that he promptly grabbed her and gave her a sound spanking. “This is NOT America!” he said!  The next day she was again sassy and dismissive to one of her patients so she was called into the office again when Dr Johnson had heard about it. He decided to give her a nasty birching, over the bed and in the diaper position since she was acting such a brat! Then, to learn humility, she was forced to stand in the hallway for a while, bottom bare, with the dreaded sign pinned on her back that we, and the patients all know and love to see!



From the same network run by Mike & his other fine half, Kelly, I thought I’d mention the latest updates from REAL LIFE SPANKINGS there as it stars one of my favorite Dutch lassies, a real gorgeous brat – the tempting Angel who just never learns and I think this is the third or 4th time she has come back to do a series of films, I really have the hots for this brat and she must be one of the most filmed girls at the site and with reason, as I love her Dutch accent when she speaks English and I love her look, which changes everytime she appears…but her bottom ALWAYS ends up red – which is VERY Reasassuring!!!




In the continuing return of Angel… here is what Mike described from this movie update (available to view in FULL) called “Hamburger Place Twice!”
“As you know Angel is working on her condition after her illness and she has to visit the gym twice a week and eat healthily. This went well for a while until she confessed that last week she had visited a well known hamburger place twice! Time for another sore red bottom so I laid the little madam over my left knee and strapped her over her panties. Then I told her to take down her panties and lay over the chair. Then I strapped her bare bottom soundly and I made her sit on her sore bare bottom for a few hours while we had a drink.”


STOP PRESS, ANOTHER Angel movie has just been released today! However, MEMBERS can view this now – I shall be catching up with this later (descritpion below)

By her own request Mike is now keeping a close eye on Angel when it comes to her gym visits, what food she eats etc. because she wants to get back in shape. (You’ll have seen what happened last time!) Then Mike found out that the little madam forgot to pay her gym fee so…. over his knee she went for a sound spanking! What a way to start December!!! 😀


Spankings from Holland!

I hope you enjoy this bumper update today from our Dutch Spank Meister, Mike from his 2 excellent sites! He has managed to entice many a Brit girl over to bend and take their punishment but today I’d like to focus on some many recent updates from both his sites that feature girls from his native Holland, for they are very naughty girls in much need of a damned hard “schpannking!” Apart from finding their accents a turn on, seeing these girls get their just desserts is a real treat and today I’ll start with Mike’s Real-Life-Spankings site where the trilogy of bad girl Julie, a well known naughty Dutch girl featured often at both his sites – here you’ll see her over 3 amazing film parts take a long suffering weekend of utter humiliation and spanking punishments in her training to be a better behaved young lady! (Good luck, Mike… you’ll need it!)

Julie gets it from the moment she wakes up late…. see more below



In part one Julie arrives and she has to change into her humiliating little girl punishment outfit. She is inspected, has to remove her make-up and her punishment weekend begins.The next morning she oversleeps and is pulled out of bed for her stinging
morning spanking. She then has to clean the kitchen but after putting 3 dirty mugs into the cupboard, she is bent over the dining room table and her bottom gets a sound spanking with a hard wooden spatula. She is then put into the corner for 1 hour!



In part two Julie gets her 6 stroke Saturday night bedtime caning and is followed by her Sunday morning spanking. Then she is taken out into the garden where she has to do some excersises to wake her up and get her ready for the day’s chores…



In the final part of Julie’s humiliating punishment weekend spanking she earns her sore wobbling butt a blistering strapping! You know that the polo shirted hero, Mike gives Julie’s delicious bottom his best attentions as it quickly turns a glowing shade of burning red! Mike of course shares this knowledge with us about her final strappings!

“Julie gets a sound strapping over the side of the couch after Sunday lunch and then she is ordered to scrub the entire floor. Upon inspection she didn’t clean underneath the tables and couch so she was bent over, skirt up, panties down and she got a sound bare bottom birching. Then she had to scrub the areas she neglected with her bottom bared!”



Now there are some fascinating punishments of girls in various sexy uniforms at the aptly named Spanked-in-Uniform.com and today I’m covering the latest updates which cover French maids, Nurses and Airline Attendants! Mmmm!

So to Birchrod Inn – the training hotel for errant hotel workers, waitresses and maids that have a real attitude problem and are sent to this institution for much needed correction and this latest movie is no exception!

Pretty Monique in the film “Attitude Adjustment”

This is the explanation of her discipline program: Young Monique was sent from the Castle Hotel because the little madam had an attitude problem. She felts she was above the menial tasks such as cleaning bathrooms etc. so her manager sent her to the Birchrod Inn for 3 days training. She was told by Mr Johnson to clean the hotel toilets with a toothbrush to teach her humility but she didn’t clean them properly so she was soon over his knee getting a good spanking. She was told  to clean them again but when she tried to run away, she was caught, got a quick over the leg spanking and a good hard birching over the back of the sofa!





Nurse Amy quickly learns that St Elizabeth’s is a Spanko Hospital!

Nurse Donna told the new nurse Amy that the uniform code at St Elizabeth is very strict and that Dr Johnson will spank her if she doesn’t wear her full clean uniform. Amy decided to show up the next day without panties and she even convinced Donna to take her own off as well. Obviously, Dr Johnson saw this disgraceful act and both nurses got a hard spanking then and were told to stand in the corner until he returned. When he came back he found the nurses rubbing lotion on each other’s sore bottoms so they were both laid over the hospital bed and they both got a hard strapping followed by more humiliating cornertime!





Leandra & Stacey’s slouching at Departures earns them “Posture training” discipline

Leandra and Stacey were on duty in Departures and when Mr Johnson went to check on them. He noticed that they were slouching and had shown bad posture bringing the airline’s appearance into disrepute! He took them upstairs for some “posture training”. With books on their heads, their skirts tucked in and their panties mid thigh, they had to learn to walk like proper young ladies. If the books fell, which they did, they were paddled. He then put them both over his knee and gave them both a much needed spanking and sent them back to the Departure Lounge.




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