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Retro Discipline Movies

Fancy some proper British style “Old Skool” discipline videos? Check out these cracking vid previews, the first is from CLASSIC SPANKINGS and it covers many various British Spanking producers from yesteryear, restored for internet download. Check out this total cutie, I’ve got you a special 23Mb preview clip below, this snivelling girl is just what you’d want to punish yourselves, I’d imagine, especially in that uniform!

The story behind “In loco parentis” (which means in place of the parents): Since coporal punishment has been outlawed from his school the headmaster was surprised to receive a phone call from one of his pupils parents to express a desire for their daughter to be disciplined in the old fashioned way. As a stout believer in the rod he is keen to once again free his trusty friend of which every schoolgirl has the greatest respect.

I also found this promotional Trailer page – IN LOCO PARENTIS

More spankings like this are featured at Classic Spankings


Now from the same stable of sites, more classic spankings from SPANKING TV they’ve managed to grab some very old classics from Strictly English (amongst others) you’ll see such Brit favourites as Kara Jane and Rebecca Jordan and blonde Hanne but to name some well known spanking models, click on the images below which lead to some great preview clips!

First, check out the 2 galleries below from the movie “Dressing Down” starring firm favorite Kara Jane – school uniforms, hard strappings and canings guaranteed!


The next 2 galleries are with popular girl Hannah Martin, who many will have seen at some previous Xerotics sites. Hannah always moans about her spankings, always grumbling and complaining which makes watching her punished with her classmate by Miss Bradley all the more satisfying! taken from their famous series of films CANED IN WET PANTIES, this is the third in this great series!


Finally the next 2 galleries are from an old Strictly English classic that I hadn’t seen until recently and it’s called “Dinner of Just Desserts” where the guys turn on their lady partners and spank and cane them in front of each other after a few too many vinos… It features some excellent scenes of a beautiful black girl getting caned to tears and her firm thrashed buttocks are a sight to behold as you’ll see below!



This is the tip of the spanking iceberg at this site.
Check it out for yourself and you’ll see some amazing titles.