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Tabitha gets a Hard OTK Spanking

This spanking presentation is for all those young ladies out there who, nowadays, often have appaling manners and etiquette. This is particuarly apt when they are dealing with the guys at Red Hot Video – aka the Mystery Spankers of Bun Beating Fun



Models who rock up to their location often cause grief with their “Diva” demands and unrealistic expectations of the shoot they are at… of course, it doesn’t take long for them to realize they are in over their heads and learn a valuable lesson… like don’t piss these guys off!


“This cute little Rock & Roll babe has quite the voice! A little off key perhaps but she hits all the high notes and right on cue too! Under the direction of our maestro, Tabitha’s vocals did sound quite angry though… but that’s okay, good singing ain’t always about sweet lullabies.  Clearly, in his role
as percussionist, our always exuberant maestro provided a most effective accompaniment here.”

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Tempting Eve – one of the best ever!

I just HAD to repost this as I checked out some of my older posts on the other blog! Eve is just SO gorgeous!!!

I have also been somewhat distracted by various hoverball cats … viewing this post today may invoke Hoverball Cat outrage!  – but 1st identify what they are!!! Yikes!

OK so where do I start? Well, I had been fortunate enough to view one of the most uber bratty models to get the Mystery Spanker treatment, and she went by the name of Eve… yes “tempting” Eve Blake, is, in my humble opinion one of the most gorgeous model brats so far to get the full Bun Beating Fun treatment and I told our hero so in reply to getting my paws on this 20 minute spanking festival!

Ok, so first of all, I want to show you just how gorgeous this perky model is… even if she did have one hell of a “Potty Mouth” on her when she started not getting her own way! Now as many of you should know by now… The Mystery Spanker lures the girls to a seedy motel location for his “Lingerie Photo & filming Shoot” and it’s not long before all of these girls exhibit their brattiest tendencies which of course means that our man’s knuckles start to tighten in anticipation of giving these most deserving brats something they should have gotten a long… long time ago! A hard uncompromising bare bottom OTK spanking that leaves these girls, many who have never been spanked before, a blubbering submissive pile on the floor! How the uppity fall… indeed! Check out the images of Eve below as you’ll see her arrive and go through the motions of various lingerie poses… looking stunning, I’m sure you will agree.

Ok, so I have established that Eve is indeed a looker and her behavior soon earns her a (what I can imagine) scowl of The Mystery Spanker as he has clearly had enough of her tantrums, demands & belittling his “Shoot” , so he makes her place her arms in the air and she foolishly complies by which time he yanks up her top revealing her very perky tight tits which he gives an obliging tweak to her nipples, yanks down her skirt revealing her trim tuft & Mound of (delightful) Venus then of course takes her over his knee for the start of her spanking with his trademark “ear pull”… Yoink! Check out the scene below!!!

Fans of this site will know what to expect now as her cheeks are patted, prodded and inspected before the full spanking mayhem begins, and boy… does this one kick off as Eve struggles, pleads and begs for him to stop as he begins the delicate act of tanning this very beautiful but extremely bratty young model, still partially restrained by her top, she shouts and screams for the spanking to stop promising that she’ll be good and has learnt her lesson but this is only a few minutes in! Varying cam angles captures the action from the side, her facial reactions and also from above as her tight buns are pounded with the relentless and terrifying hand spanking she is taking! There is some respite for Eve eventually as she is made to do some cornertime, but hoping that it is over… Eve tries to tempt him by offering something sexual if he will stop spanking her! Now… she seems far more compliant as you’ll see from the images below!

Does Eve manage to tempt him from punishing her ripe red bottom anymore? Will she distract him from his cool refreshing beer that he has poured whilst she shows him what he could have if he wanted? I’m not so sure, are you? I don’t think he is called Adam… and she’s offering no forbidden fruit that he’s interested in… having taken her spanking cherry a little earlier, it is safe to assume that he will want some more of this ravishing blonde’s pert warmed bottom and you can see exactly a part of what happens below in my 2nd preview clip from this fantastic new movie which will be available for a full download for lucky members!

You can check out more of this latest fantastic spanking movie only from BunBeatingFun HERE

Don’t forget there are also single pay per download options from some selected movies taken from this fine site and more will be added soon – these classic films are available with great free previews HERE

My Back up NaughtyBottom post

Jeez. This sucks! OK, It’s about a post I wrote for another blog, the reason I backed it up here and at SpankingBlogg and am publishing it at both my own blogs was because from the previous form I should have known that being invited to take over and write there was a mistake. This post proves the point, I’m not going to elaborate, just enjoy what was yet another piece of hard work that I won’t allow to get binned. So here is my back up post, that I kept – once bitten twice shy and all that… eh? Below is what I wrote on that particular blog. *sigh*

(More back up posts to follow – *sighs again*)


It’s been a while since I last advised you about what is on offer at the hugely popular pay per download site NaughtyBottom.com (it’s NOT a streaming site so you get to KEEP the movies on your computer) – I’m sure many of you will know they have a special license for many of the best Xerotics films they hand pick over the years, some that I or others may overlook, but not them… and the films and reviews now are stunning! There’s a few special exclusives and packages too, many are also upgraded or remastered specifically for this site so you get the best quality possible.

Well, they have secured a license agreement with several top spanking producers and will be getting out more hand picked and top quality spanking films quite soon, the sort of films that this commentator loves to see! The latest batch, I have been reliably informed, is just the tip of the spanking iceberg, and when they get a whole load more films coming in soon… there was even talk of a flash new site redesign to reflect this.

the new films come courtesy of renowned spanking producer BunBeatingFun

Anyway, enough of my chattering and on with the news and free reviews I can point you in. This latest batch comes courtesy of renowned spanking site BunBeatingFun.com – the home of Red Hot Video productions and you will probably know by now that  this is where uppity, bratty and of course, very alluring and beautiful models are given the shock of their lives in the seedy motel locations where the film shoots are held (which I love) as many are spanked for the very first time with genuinely hard & severe OTK hand lashings making them scream or cry out in anger as these brats “get what’s coming to them!”

Just click on the larger images below which will take you to a special dedicated model page with a free film preview taken directly from the film… beware, though, these models are damned hot, I won’t give you a description as this is contained on the preview pages! Pick ‘n’ Mix courtesy of NaughtyBottom & BunbeatingFun!

Keli Anderson takes a very hard humiliating spanking… & more!

Stunning actress & model Julian Wells in her very 1st (& last?) spanking film!

Very naughty Hollie is now well known… see her when she 1st started out!

This film shows off her jigglesome bottom beautifully as she takes an OTK pounding

Kelly is the brattiest model with an attitude that needs some serious adjustment!

Barely 20, Brianna got a much deserved spanking for the 1st time in her life!
Check out the entire library of spanking movies HERE

Don’t forget that more new movies are being added all the time!

We suggest if you wanted to view more than a few movies above to purchase a membership from BunBeatingFun.comHave a good time checking out these buntastic spanking films!!!

More tearful & hard spankings

Here is a special reminder about a film I again watched on my hard drive last night, and then I remembered that it could be viewed dirt cheap at NaughtyBottom for those that just want to download it as a one off – and it’s a great film as you’ll see below:

There’s something about this beautiful teenager when she was being punished! You’d have thought she’d try and learn her lesson since she hated the cane, slipper and strap so much, but no…she would end up often in trouble, much to the dismay (or is that really secret joy of her elders?) at the “chore” of having to remove this girl’s underwear to reveal her most wondrous privates and one of the cutest bottoms displayed for an often severe and intimate spanking punishment!

The below film, now available as a special one off full 15 minute download for a paltry $4.75 was probably THE Definitive Film that got her noticed! Katie was only 18 years old when this was filmed and she took a nasty strapping after being first spanked then caned with Miss Bradley’s nasty DRAGON Cane – yes, this dreaded heavy rod was used with devastating effect across her soft cheeks, and she was then strapped to fully bring out those awful welts as a final humiliation! This movie shows it all and if there’s ever one top value movie to download, this is the one! An absolute classic! Enjoy the Special FREE Movie Clip at the image below which also shows you how to view this film in Full!

This specialist pay per download movie is just 1 of dozens you can choose to view and download as you wish. I know this has become very popular, and the full site listings, many with some cracking free preview clips like Katie’s above are available HERE 

This film package also contains a full HQ image set, some examples are below, a superb complimentry photo image set to this great film.




I also really love it when you can really see the reaction of a girl when she is being spanked, especially when it’s a tear stained face and she is blubbing like a real cry baby, begging for the spanking to stop! It’s nice to see uppity models like this gorgeous thing called Rhiannon, who claims NOT to be a porn model (yeah right, darling, ‘course your not!) and this is a typically brilliant spanking epic you can watch over and over (as I had done late last night) these movies are from BunBeatingFun

Here is what the webmaster, Greg, who spanked this brat had to say: “Rhiannon is as arrogant and snooty as she is drop dead gorgeous, which is to say that she’s very snooty and arrogant.  Five minutes alone with this self-important little bitch and the late Mother Theresa would invariably start rolling up her sleeves. I am, of course, the antithesis of Mother Theresa (or any other well meaning creature for that matter) but, I too am put off by the little diva’s airs and now you’ll see me champing at the bit to get to the “MEAT OF THE MATTER”.



Hang onto your hats ladies & gentlemen, this may well be the wildest, woolliest and meanest ass spanking you’ve seen, and to show you just how mean this gets, check out the 2 free spanking preview clips below, enjoy the humor of seeing Rhiannon get her comeuppance, then admire her pleading, screaming and blubbing as the relentless spanking continues…and continues…and you get the idea…right?

To see this and over 80 odd more gorgeous stuck up young madams & very beautiful wannabe teen models who wouldn’t normally “do such a filmshoot” in long play video spankings taken in various seedy motels and the experienced shovel hands of “The Mystery Spanker” CLICK HERE for the full extensive tour!

See the sample clips and decide for yourself, remember all newer films are now encoded at over 3000kbs WMV playback with Real Media Options and a photo gallery of the filmshoot with all older films being upgraded as well making BunBeatingFun a serious site worth reconsidering, especially as their pricing makes adding your valuable spanking collection very affordable! (My theme of the day!)


Hmm, where do I end with some humiliating teen punishments today? Well, if you want to know what i will be watching in a mo, then read on as I am really getting into “tushy merchants” BADTUSHY again and as a rejoined member I am enjoying such naughty movies as this one below from their archives in full! A very teasing and delicious teen called Jamie had invited friends round for a sleepover, but this was just the start of where things went really wrong for this voluptuous blonde teen temptress!

Imagine the shame of having all your friends watch you being treated in this way as your tight panties are pulled down exposing your feminine charms and your bare bottom spanked hard!

Jamie had a sleepover with some of her friends and they were playing truth or dare together. Michelle chose Jamie and her dare was to kiss her. Right as their tongues were swirling around in each other’s mouths, Jamies’ mother’s friend walked in and caught the girls. She thought Jamie was acting like a whore and decided to punish her with a hard bare bottom spanking. While Jamie was getting spanked, she swore rudely in pain. Her friend’s mother was shocked and got a bar of soap to wash her mouth out while continuing to spank her!

See the images below from the movie and check out the really good 10mb spanking clip which is EXCLUSIVE to you lucky people supporting my blog by being here!



Check out the 35-40 second clip below – wmv playback – 10mb

 I just “love” the looks of the girls faces and there are at times some real hard spankings going on in this movie which makes it far more interesting (especially as it’s Ms Law doing the spankings anyway). Jamie more than a few times after this clip started to get REALLY upset!!! So it must have been working, and of course the humiliating soaping of her potty mouth finished off this wonderful movie.



Now if you are into tearful spankings and such, if you haven’t already seen my post yesterday on Micaela, please do go check it out as this was one of the hottest schoolgirl punishments I have seen all year and with these 2 movies I watched yesterday, it’s fair to say that made for some satisfying viewing!!!

See Micaela paddled to very real tears HERE

Hotchpotch Spankings!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re hungry for some interesting updates from around the globe, reinforcing what we all know already, we can not get enough of seeing our ladies taken over our laps and given a damned good thrashing! Well I have news of various sites that might just interest you so lets go see what everyone has at their sites listed here today, I have to say, this is MY collection of what I have been looking at or noticed from various member areas, so not all content here is the latest, I will let you know if it is not!

So let’s start at NorthernSpanking – this is a classic starring Kami Roberston (so NOT a latest update, just me enjoy letting you all know what is available in those locked away member areas!!!) She was featured in many a movie from their archives, and I liked this one from their Short sharp Shock series (I believe this was number 47 and there must be close to about 70 odd now)

Reason I’m showing you this is because I am a lazy so-and-so and saw that there is a really good clip – click on image below, it is nearly 3 mins in length and shows you exactly what is going on, I have to say though that the full length film continues and lingers on Kami’s poor welted caned bottom for a good 5-6 minutes more after this, and of course in a far higher resolution playback!

& if you’re back from watching that clip I have some images taken from this movie (below) which best shows off Kami’s caning for her 3rd school expulsion!



I have just taken a look at the very latest update which appeared there today and it’s the final part of “Snotty Lottie”, an excellent title and a good old fashioned slippering story of a brat in much need of some severe discipline!

Lottie looking particularly stunning! With thanks to NorthernSpanking.com



When Lottie’s dinner arrives in her lap she begins to realise that her attitude towards Lucy the waitress may have serious consequences! The customer, it seems, is in fact not always right as a disappointed Lucy is transformed into a very, very irate Lucy with a hard hand to spank Lottie’s bottom… and when that becomes too sore, she resorts to her footwear!


Another movie inspired by viewing the Teen spanking Tube made me realise that there has since been am amazing re-edit update as part of an upgrade to BunBeatingFun – and the generous webmaster hasn’t even made it known – but I am, as this is possibly one of the sexiest sassiest models he had ever spanked hard over his knee! Ladies and gents, I present to you, Monica, one of the 1st models to get the full butt blistering BBF treatment!

Check out the clip below, and then a short clip of the REMASTER from later on in the film, you’ll see what I mean, this is a very generous update and the full file download in the remastered format is something like 340Mb for 15 minutes and this movie lives up to the site title BunBeatingFun!

Click image for the special preview clip

 – then check back here for more info –



& here is the mouth watering description of Monica! She’s a dancer! This jewelry laden five-foot princess has one of those sweet little bodies that simply oozes with sexuality. Monica told us that she had never been spanked and anticipated that the experience might prove “interesting”. For the next twelve minutes this minx’s tight little ass cheeks are made to dance under a steady, burning rain of resounding spanks. Through screams, threats, and finally tears, the relentless stinging rhythm continues unabated. This is one long overdue red assed lap dance Monica never fully anticipated!

& check out part of her relentless spanking as BunBeatingFun MEMBERS can now view it in Hi Res Wmv playback!

I think you get the idea, members can also get to watch plenty more angles of her most wrigglesome OTK spanking! For your info Monica is one of around 80 models that can be downloaded, most of the girls here have not been spanked at any other site and most kick up and bitch as much as bratty Monica did – very satisfying viewing!!!

See the extensive tour pages below at the banner & decide for yourself!

X Factor Stylee Spankings

Well, I lead such an exciting life… that this past weekend, I attended our local village Pantomime (Dick Whittington) where there wasn’t much thigh slapping from Dick (always played by females) but I did have a few laughs and managed to heckle them when they forgot their lines… I’m so cruel, LOL! & so to Saturday evening, spent in front of a log fire cos it’s so damned cold and the X Factor (then Sunday evening to watch the results). Wowee!

I know my American readers will be like, who cares about “your” X Factor… WTF? But this year we have had the power of the internet keep in a truly woeful singer of Brazilian origin called “Wagner” thanks to us Brits who don’t always like to see smug self righteous gits like Simon Cowell think he can tell us what he wants… I do admire the guy, he has had a lot of success with his various formats and fair play to the fella, but he should have remembered it’s “panto season” here in the UK…and until Wagner was finally voted off last night by falling into the bottom 2… we had a real panto villain spoiling the vote every week thanks to the various internet campaigns to keep him in…but remember, all those telephone votes are megabucks in Mr Cowell’s generously lined pockets, but you could see the relief of Simon Cowell and the “interesting and fascinating” journey that Wagner had led! Check out one of my fave “performances” of wagner below… O-M-G!!!!

This was taken from the Halloween “Special”
& I have to say Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell” rendition was priceless!!!

OK, why am I wittering on about X Factor and suchlike? Well, it’s a slow waffling build up to the spankumentary update over at NorthernSpanking.com and as you’ll have seen from my previous updates on this, it is starting to build to the epic finale as the spankumentary crew are themselves starting to feel the strains of following these hapless girls around, in the latest installment, all 3 girls are very severely caned, one of the camera crew faint and you get a roaming camera that remains following the action… now as I haven’t featured much of Amy in this, I thought you’d like to see the start of the very latest episode and this long play HD clip is really something Please remember to save the file then use VLAN Player or Real Player (both downloadable from those links) to view the movie clip as it is in their original MP4 high end format!

Ok, if you saw this amazing long play clip you’ll now get the idea of what happens to Leia and Nicole who are next up to receive the hard cane strokes and of course the girls bottoms are on full display  – unsurprisingly the girls are becoming more subdued… ah, the effects of cold hard rattan on a girl’s bare bum, eh?




Want to see the Hot Fuzz girls group  “Shakey Ass” single release? CLICK HERE 😀

“Now *that* is what it’s all about, we’ve been waiting for you girls to take it like that because you so deserved it!” Imagine having an X Factor spanking judge’s panel – I’d expect them to talk like that… heh heh! You can, of course, see this latest update and all previous episode of this amazing “spankumentary” only from NorthernSpanking.com

Oh, before I move on, remember Leia-Ann Woods in her sailor pants image set I had featured previously? Now you just *know* it’s good when Leia really loved the results of this set too, (hardly surprising since she looks an absolute peach in this series!) and check out 4 more choice pics I’ve got for you from the latest updates… if that doesn’t get you thinking about this fine site then “I fear ye be dead from the neck down” 🙁




Crossing over The Atlantic to New Jersey and it’s time to let you all in on a brand new and, I have to say… amazing full movie release from BunBeatingFun.com

This month we are introduced to a thieving model tart by the name of “Monet” who, it seems, is lacking in manners and “money” judging from her attempted thievery!!! Models bitching and bratting, that’s bad enough, but stealing? You can imagine He won’t be going lightly in this butt blistering OTK movie – and I can tell you it’s a winner!!! Monet’s pleading, whining and very real tear stained face tells its own story but if you don’t believe me then check out some choice images below and a couple of free clips including the Special Intro Preview Clip and my own special scene I took from this new update where she is getting spanked and starts to blub (the tears are present in the scene)


The below scene is a special clip I made myself so it’s totally exclusive to my blogs – Enjoy!

The full movie, as are ALL the movies are of course far better than what I can show here, and feel free to check out all the free previews of the latest model brats getting their most welcome come-uppance only from the wocked minds of those at BunbeatingFun.com

Now I hope these latest updates have the X Factor appeal! Back soon!!!
Regards, Chief

Models & Wannabes in need of a spanking!

I have 2 excellent movie reviews for you to take a look at from 2 very different websites! First today is from OTKspank and stars Ashleigh McKenzie, a broke very pretty 19 year old who hears there’s money to be made at her local lap dancing club! What she doesn’t know is there’s a hidden agenda with any girl working at this joint…as it’s a Mecca for spankos who enjoy getting more from their lapdances and pay extra to spank the girls…now that’s my sort of club!!!

There are some images of the pretty Ashleigh taken from the movie where she undergoes an audition on the pole then when she is stripped she is ordered over his knee to see if she has what it takes! Remember, there’s big money she can make from this, so Asheligh stoically takes an ever harder spanking! Check out her jiggling bottom as it is turned a gorgeous shade of red over the club owner’s knee! I would, of course, be wearing cast iron underpants to protect me and poor Ashleigh from any further embarrassing “trouser bumpage” that would naturally occur from spanking and groping this fine piece of ass!

There is an awesome exclusive spanking clip you can view below of Ashleigh as she takes the plunge over his knee and she starts to feel the burn of his hands across her bare pert backside! A most satisfying movie for those who prefer to see the more traditional OTK spankings of girls unsure as to how behave! What I particularly liked about this film is it was one of Ashleigh’s earliest, the poor girl really did look as naive as she was, apparently!



I promised you another review and as  was checking out some of my archives from BunBeatingFun and came across Keli Anderson again, oh boy, am I glad I played this back, it’s an awesome film, it’s around 25-30 minutes in length and this model brat gets everything coming her way as she bitches about the Lingerie Shoot, pissing off TMS’s assistant, Terry, that she calls him to bring some order to the proceedings…yup, that means OTK order and this girl is a screamer! What’s worse, in a rare moment of madness, Keli, a rather slutty girl gives our man a Blowjob in the hope that her punishment won’t last, but it seems to only make things worse as he paddles her then takes her over his knee again for a blistering finale as she kicks screams and blubs like a baby – all the while being spanked hard on her bare bum! Seriously, I have to rate this as one of the best movies at this site and I could even put this in my TOP 10 of spanking films I’ve watched…I really loved this, I didn’t fast forward it, I wanted to watch everything that was coming to this bitch, and I got to see her properly punished! Along with Ashleigh’s punishment at OTKspank (featured above) this movie is a MUST SEE and of course it compliments the excellent OTK spanking movies from BUN BEATING FUN!

Click on the image below for a FREE Clip of a screaming Keli given a good spanking!

I hope these 2 movies have whetted your appetites for good old fashioned OTK – when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like it!

Download Keli’s film & scores more model brats getting what they deserve!


Finally, for those who admire the stunning fresh beauty of teens and the most spankable girls, check out these amazing galleries below and a chance to just sign up to the Net’s BEST teen model site on the planet (access to this offer is from the gallery page sign ups and you can access MET-Art from just $9.95!!!

Click any image of these stunning girls below and it will take you to the latest gallery portals!

Jeez, I got severe “wood” now *sigh* Back soon…Chief