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Caned & Crying teenager

This is the sort of film from CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS I enjoy seeing so it is with great pleasure (literally) that I bring you this sordid schoolgirl punishment story with some nice freeview images and a free clip for you to peruse over whilst wondering if the film is worth the effort. OK, I have seen it before, this site does deal with remastered content, but it’s never been re edited with some scene stealing extras or in this playback quality before and is basically a shiny new (and very rude hard caning film) – oh, and really….the pissing Polish schoolgirl (Sabrina) gets a right caning, bringing her to very real tears!!!! Interested? I thought you would be…please read on!


Sabrina was hauled into the Head’s office after being caught disgracing herself on school grounds. She pleaded with him to be let off but the HeadMaster was having none of it! She was told to lower her knickers lift her skirt & bend over. Then her full broad wobbling teen bottom was given a severe caning. Real tears flowed & loud cries filled the room as she was thrashed again and again with that nasty rattan rod!

“Ye that defileth in manner most foul, prepare ye thy loins & buttocks for The Rod!”
Book of Harika (chapter 3 verse 6)

Seriously! Don’t miss this fantastic movie – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IN FULL!


Beautiful Spankings

What can I say? Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker, probably 2 of the sexiest young madams to ever bare their bottoms, and what’s more, at FIRM HAND SPANKING they are regularly featured TOGETHER! Serious stuff for lovers of soft female flesh spanked red…this was taken from Firm Hand’s Discipline Series


Check out the series of images below FROM THIS SERIES starring Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker
WARNING: will also cause severe trouser movements (hence I’ve kept the best pics to m’self…heh heh)

fhs01 fhs02 fhs03

fhs07 fhs08 fhs09

fhs10 fhs11 fhs12

fhs13 fhs14 fhs15


2 of the hottest girls to appear together on any spank site!!! Phew!

Caned Teenager

I love this movie, the teen in this movie which was filmed years ago is no longer working on any spanking productions, I was witness omce to seeing her in the flesh getting spanked and caned and it was at this film shoot below which i remember well, if you check out this remaster you’ll understand just how exciting it was to see this snivelling brat het a darned good punishment across her incolent red cheeks!

Below is the Free Spanking & Caning Gallery with a really good clip from this full movie out EXCLUSIVELY at SpankingMAGS
Katie is one of those precocious teens we all love to see thrashed and I promise that you will love seeing this arrogant teen shown that she is NOT TOO OLD for an old fashioned punishment with good ol’ Rattan!


This is just 1 of 100s of excellent and often EXCLUSIVE updates and ezines as all movies at this site are remastered, with many extras never seen before, such as this movie which, I believe, if it was ever shown, would only be at a humble 360 kbs in Real Player format.

So if you check out SpankingMAGS for the recent updates you’ll also see a chance to get SpankingOnline for just 10 Bucks a month if you purchase a membership via their site AT THIS LINK!

Carla – A Prefect’s Caning

Some of you might recognize this guy below, I’m sure those of you in South America (Hola!) know him all too well, yes it’s “zany” madcap Hugo Chavez, self styled dictator of Venezuela – and apart from his usual ranting and war mongering rhetoric against anything “Western”…he understood the value of sending any stroppy teen madam off to English Finishing School was an important part of any young lady’s continuing education – His brother had sought his advice and he suggested sending Carla, his neice, to tough St Dunstan’s All Girls Private Reformatory in Britain’s rural North Derbyshire. Now I believe that permission was given for the school masters to be tough on the girls – so it looks as if he was dumbfounded when a recent punishment of previously good prefect Carla was filmed and posted onto Spankedschoolgirl.com

Hugo Chavez – A loyal member of Spankedschoolgirl.com since 2008

Shocked? You bet, wait til you see what happened to poor Carla below, as she is caned, and caned SEVERELY across her lithe teen buttocks, you’ll see them fully exposed, and welted heavily across her soft white cheeks…now Mr Chavez might have been surprised and quickly moved onto viewing Ashleigh (I checked his download logs), but for the rest of us…I seem to be in a state of trouserly undress (ahem, how the hell did that happen?) as I was viewing the movie – images from this are shown below which I have cut for you…I think you’ll get the idea of just how this punishment went! Enjoy!

Teen-Spankings disclaimer: In case of Venezuelan death squads approaching T-Spank Towers, “whoah…take it easy, it’s just a nice story!”

Or is it? *titter*

Gorgeous Teen Spankings

All the below galleries are from GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL

Check out the fantastic teenage girls getting some serious punishments across their naughty bare red bottoms! Seriously good stuff and highly recommended for lovers of the teenage ass – THRASHED!

As well as the very alluring Irrelyn featured above, check out these girls below from the same site, all sign ups now are far cheaper, thanks to the cheaper Euro! make the most of this unique site!!!





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