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Villa de Bootie – Film Spanking Review

Here is a dilemma – what would you do to 2 very naughty girls that would not behave or take your advice? Check out what Kyle Johnson had to face in this latest new film out now from Shadowlane.com when he had the task of spanking precocious, gorgeous Casey Calvert & Amy Faye. It was a tough job, but someone *had* to do it!


OTK spanking

Kyle Johnson invites his two best friends, Amy and Casey, to keep him company in his uncle’s stunning mansion, in return for helping him keep it in order. But naturally, the girls let Kyle down. He had given them fair warning of what would happen, so they are not surprised when they are told they will both be spanked. The chief instigator of mischief is beautiful Casey, who admits, under the duress of a stinging hand spanking, to borrowing money from Kyle’s wallet without permission the previous night, to finance her partying with Amy. Though firmly smacked, the unrepentant brunette aims several pointed insults at Kyle, reminding him of how she used to bully him in high school, before they were friends. Naturally, this earns Casey a much sounder punishment, during which she is made to bend over and touch her toes to present her flawless upthrust bottom for additional discipline. Next, little Amy comes in her for share of stern, over the knee spanking from Kyle, first over her skimpy pink pajama bottoms and then across her delectable bare cheeks. Amy Faye makes her Shadow Lane debut in Villa de Bootie. This extra-petite dark eyed nymph radiates adorable, girl- next-door realness as she kicks her shapely legs and wriggles on Kyle’s lap.

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Then there is the second part outside where you can now download this in full as a member… Kyle spanks both girls on their wet bottoms which as we all know, stings even more so! Take a look at the free trailer clip as Casey is caught and spanked in front of Amy.

There are also some low res screen images to show you… this is a great summertime spanking film from Shadowlane.com

pool001 pool002 pool spankings pool003

Instead of seeing to their chores, Kyle’s naughty house guests agree to skinny dip in the gorgeous swimming pool. Taking off their clothes, they both jump in, only to be caught and scolded roundly by their host, who reminds them that security cameras around the back yard are recording their mischief for his uncle to eventually see. The girls don’t seem to care and defy Kyle when he orders them out of the pool. So in he jumps, to swim after the brats and drag them back, one in his hand and one over his shoulder, to the edge of the pool, for more spanking. First Amy’s wet bottom is soundly spanked. Then Casey is told it’s her turn. Once again, Kyle has to jump in the water, chase his quarry and drag her back to the pool’s edge for a wet bottomed spanking. After both bad girls are thoroughly spanked, they are told to stand with their bottoms on display. But sticking their tongues out at Kyle earns them extra hard swats.

spanked outside

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