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Catie Minx – in dire need of something!

Whilst I was uploading data and deciding what to write on my other blog – spankingblogg.com – I thought you good folk should check out a very sexy girl next door site featuring this ever so hot pretty thing called Catie Minx… she is my dream girl next door that I’d love to get over my knee and find an excuse to spank her perfect tight ass… as well as maybe f*ck her brains out afterwards… I’d blame it on her, of course, lol! This is a stunning girl who I love to see get up to all sorts of naughtiness… there’s no nasty hairy guys or older men or studs playing with her, oh no… it’s a solo teen girl next door type site and she will play with herself, show you her perfect body and more… she might tease… but in the end, she ALWAYS puts out and gives you the solo money shots making this a great site for a little vanilla diversion and fuelling all our spanko fantasies… go ahead, check out the images below (imagine what you’d like to do to her, OMG!) and check out the site for yourselves! HOT, isn’t she?




catie-minx-4 catie-minx-5




catie-minx-9 catie-minx-10


catie-minx-12 catie-minx-13